Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Poll Results

Make of it what you will but I know my own thoughts. Voters are not all Scottish but, thanks to Ms Raccoon, I managed to stimulate interest from those who live south of the border.

However the percentages haven't changed radically since our English friends contributed.

Will the powers that be taken note of such a poll?  No, they're driven by their own narrow ideals. The people's opinions don't matter when big sums of public money are available for public art.  Shame it's not so available for those who will be in fuel poverty this winter.


cynicalHighlander said...

You obviously have 22 very strange followers SB.

apt WV: fabati

subrosa said...

A diversity of tastes CH. :)

Administrator said...

It's a pity none of the readers engaged with the issue of what marks a border. My problem is with the actual design and the process of selection, not with the need for a Border Landmark.

The moment we start going down the route of 'the money would be better spent elsewhere' is when we wade into the murky waters of philistinism and abject failure to recognise the regenerative economic impact of art in our society.

Derek said...

I am always bemused why 'Art' is placed in public places. Cartoons on Billboards and statues aside, they are largely derided by the public at large. Let them be paid for privately, and hung in a gallery or livin room, viewed at leisure and pleasure. Architecture has in the past been 'artistic' in style, but that seemed to have ended some time in the early twentieth century.

So, a 'monstrosity' and 'waste of money' add to 69%. Who will care - save the 'artist'?

subrosa said...

I'd agree with you the border needs to be marked - both on the east and west - Mark but this style of art isn't the way to do it. This object could be placed anywhere in the world and not seem out of place because it's so anonymous.

Perhaps I'm a traditionalist and think a massive lump of granite with Scotland carved on it would be far more acceptable to the eye and distinguished.

subrosa said...

That's the problem, nobody will care Derek. The Landmark Trust - funded mainly by public money as far as I can discover - will go ahead.

Administrator said...

Subrosa, read my comment, I'm not endorsing the 'star' as art. I personally think it would be best suited to the entrance of a provincial business centre rather than as a gateway to a country.

Scotland and Dumfries & Galloway in particular, have some outstanding environmental land artists, like Jim Buchanan, Dalziell+Scullion, Matt Baker and Andy Goldsworth. Bringing in Cecil Belmond on the strength of his work with Anish Kapoor is weak and has nothing to say about Scotland, its people, history, traditions or future.

It's a particularly disappointing choice, as this year has already seen a mixture of contemporary build and reinvention in our built environment notably in our museums, the Riverside, the NMS and the Burns birthplace. With the Portrait Gallery ready to open in November and the V&A hopefully in the next few years, Scotland is recognising culture and 'art' and taking a huge step forward from the the backwards, inward looking legacy of Union.

My point is, that Art in the landscape is vital, decry the choice but not the ambition.

subrosa said...

Sorry Mark, I didn't express myself too well obviously. I agree with you about something to denote the boundary with Scotland and England and certainly agree with your sentiments about the present chosen structure.

Locally here we have a structure by the Ericht called Gargills Leap. Very difficult to describe really and just a 5ft stack of metal without any specific shape. It wasn't even a nine day wonder yet it cost thousands.

I agree with your point of course and unfortunately I'm not aware of the works of all you mention, although I do know some of today's master stonemasons design superb works compared to what I suggested - a lump of granite saying Scotland. I was being devil's advocate there - or trying to be.

Administrator said...

No probs Rosa. As it stands Andrew Dixon head of Creative Scotland has backed the project, he also sat on the selection panel. It'll be interesting to see what he cuts in order to meet the budget. As things stand CS do not fund any arts organisation south of Lanark, hopefully our funds don't go into this big shiny thing.

subrosa said...

Mark, I know you'll do your best down there to influence those who are centred on this work of 'art'. I could suggest it would be better labelled as a work of light engineering but I won't.

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