Sunday, 5 June 2011

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

One more family received a very unwelcome knock at their door in the past 48 hours.  I expect two members of the Highlanders, 4th Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland (4 Scots) were standing on their doorstep to convey the heartbreaking news that their family member had been shot dead by insurgent gunfire in the Lashkar Gah District of Helmand Province on Friday.

It is believed that the soldier was on a partnered patrol with the Afghan National Police to reassure the local population when his unit came under attack by rifle, rocket propelled grenade and indirect fire from insurgents.

His death brings the total number of UK military personnel who have died in the Afghan war to 369.

May he rest in peace and to those who loved him I offer my condolences.

The talk of war brings me to the recent arrest of Mladic. Edward sent the following letter to his local paper. Reputedly the EU and NATO have the most professional PR departments in the whole of the West. As ever, the information relayed to the masses is not necessarily accurate. 


    The capture of General Ratko Mladic has brought the Balkan situation to the fore again. Very successful EU and NATO propaganda has created an impression in the public mind which is at considerable variance from the facts.

    Readers might like to guess which Balkan leaders said or wrote the following:

A. "Genocide is a natural phenomenon in keeping with the human-social and mythological divine nature. It is not only commended but commanded by the Almighty..."

B."Protect brotherhood and unity...nationalism always means isolation from others, being locked in a closed circle and stopping growth..."

C."There can be no peace or coexistence between the Islamic faith and non Islamic institutions. The Islamic movement can and must take power as soon as it is morally strong enough, not only to destroy the non Islamic power but to build a new one...."

    The answers may surprise. They are:

A. Franjo Tudjman - leader of Croatia, backed by EU/NATO
B. Slobodan Milosevic - Serbian leader branded as "the butcher of the
Balkans" by EU/NATO
C. Alia Izetbegovic - Muslim leader of Bosnia, backed by EU/NATO

    So it is no surprise that things are not quite as portrayed with General Mladic. Atrocities there certainly were at Srebrenica but on both sides, as testified by the Canadian UN Commander, General Lewis Mackenzie. He states that the Muslim forces used the UN "safe haven" at Srebrenica as a base for murderous attacks against surrounding Serb villages in which thousands of civilians were killed.

    So when the Bosnian Serb forces arrived in the town, they were not in a forgiving mood and many murders undoubtedly took place but, as for the claim of 8,000 killed, "the math just doesn't add up". Neither does anyone committing genocide allow women and children safe passage - as Mladic's forces did.

    Whilst saying that two wrongs don't make a right, General MacKenzie believes that the Serbs were fooled into their attack to provide a pretext for NATO air strikes, rather like those in Libya today.

    I received corroboration of General Mackenzie's view in discussion with James Bissett who was Canadian Ambassador in Yugoslavia at the time.

    The Muslim Commander, General Nasir Oric, got off at the Hague tribunal but I doubt whether General Mladic will.

Yours faithfully,
Edward Spalton


Joe Public said...

Thank goodness we have the Blogosphere to further-disseminate information that the MSM can't / don't / or won't publicise.

Jacobite said...

It guts me every time I hear of a soldier being killed in these pointless wars to have their lives stolen from them in pursuit of the ruling elites domination of the area that they fight and that from me a former soldier although from a different generation. As for the war in the balkans I always felt we were not being told the truth we were somehow being spoon fed propaganda.

rob bollixed said...

I was going to post a comment but having read Google's terms and conditions I decided not to. Shame there is no anonymous posting function here and that I have to have my details recorded by those trustworthy US corporate drones in Google. I can only have freedom of speech if I provide my details first? Nah, don't fink so, matey...

Sue said...

I have no idea of the genocidal figures involved so I'm happy to keep an open mind. Seems to me that many "terrorist" leaders have been hailed as heroes in the past, depending on what side of the fence you are on.

Murder is never right but we are only human and retribution is a powerful emotion, especially when your whole family has been killed.

This is just a continuation of the EU's apparent support of Islam. What their motives are, escapes me to be honest unless they're hoping by encouraging this faith, it relieves them of the burden of controlling the masses.

Demetrius said...

Many thanks for the link. Just how little of the truth are we being told about Afghanistan? We were certainly not told much about the Balkan conflicts. It is not new, I have just read "Operation Mincemeat" by Ben Macintyre, that came out in 2010. It took decades for the story to come out in full and fifty years before a key fact was discovered.

subrosa said...

It's hard work finding it though Joe.

subrosa said...

Our politicians have to fight wars Jacobite. They've to keep their arms industry pals in business. Where else would they get money to support their parties?

subrosa said...

oetrbr, I don't allow anonymous comments because of spam, but if you email me we can perhaps discuss it.

petem130 said...

These trials all face the same problem. People who were there and saw it. With their own eyes have a different account of what happened which differs from the prosecutors. Some of those people will testify for the defence such as the Canadian military chap.

Let's hope the outcome is not politically motivated. I also have no idea why the powers that be are so pro Muslim?

subrosa said...

Accurate numbers are impossible to find Sue.

You may well be right. Remember when Sadam Hussein was feted? It wasn't many years before he was the most evil man in the world.

Even more recent is Tony Blair's love-in with Gadaffi.

No, we'll never be told the truth my the MSM. It's experiences like Edward had face to face in which truth is stated.

subrosa said...

A pleasure Demetrius. We're being told little and the little we're being told in mainly spin.

This war is about oil - again. Quite possibly in the UK the terrorist threat is here rather than Afghanistan.

I must have a look at the previews of that book. Looking forward to Richard North's next publication too.

subrosa said...

Very true petem. But our elite want us to believe that Mladic is evil. I don't have a clue if he is or not except for what I read on the internet.

Of course it's politically motivated. The Magrahi trial was too. They are are. Nobody wants the plebs to find out how they accumulate their billions.

What a cynic I am.

Dave H said...

Always remember that history is written by the winning side.

Jo G said...

I'm not sure about this so I'm reluctant to say too much.

Is the message being conveyed that Srebrenica, and the death toll there, was a lie?

Are we saying Mladic has been unfairly detained? That he was just in a bad mood at that time because Serbs had been murdered and gave orders to remove male children and adult men (but not 8000 cos "the math doesn't add up").

I think the thing I'm most concerned about is, are we saying Islam itself is a form of terrorism and a source of evil?

And what's the "pro-muslim" view about? What authorities are "pro-muslim" today? This was the group who were demonised after the Twin Towers atrocity. This was the group whose members, if they were taken into custody, could look forward, in Guantamo Bay, could look forward to no trial, no legal representation, no human rights whatsoever?

Meanwhile the magnificent West can practise state-sponsored terrorism as and when it likes: oh and let's not forget Israel either, a veritable law unto itself whom no one dares to censure. Afghanistan, Iraq, now Libya. It seems to me the real terrorists are those educated white politician guys in the snazzy suits. They personally have caused chaos throughout the natural world.

subrosa said...

Jo, I think Edward will respond to you.

Jo G said...

I'm troubled by sentences like this:

"Neither does anyone committing genocide allow women and children safe passage - as Mladic's forces did."

Well of course they don't: the defnition of genocide is the wiping out of an entire race but the sentence above has this underlying suggestion that Mladic wasn't that bad and I just find that quite shocking.

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