Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It's All About Balance

Balance and muscle control I'm told. Those of us of a certain age couldn't have helped being in awe of the young Romanian athlete Nadia Comaneci's performance in the 1976 Olympics.  A perfect 10 all round.  She took my breath away, not only for her performance but her interpretation of the music.

Will this young lady, Angelova Boyanka from Bulgaria, be the next to gain the perfect score?

The London Olympic prices for this event will be beyond my means and I don't think I could tolerate the travel arrangements, but it's one event I may watch on television.


Brian said...

I remember Olga Korbut at Munich 72.

subrosa said...

So do I Brian. She had quite a sad later life I think.

Thanks for that link. Brings back happy memories.

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