Monday, 23 May 2011

A Matter Of National Importance

It's about time a subject of national importance was discussed rather than the playing away of some grossly overpaid man who can't be faithful to his wife and is stupid enough to think money can buy anything. I've never heard of the person yet he thinks he's important enough to pay for the law to keep his infidelity secret.  It's unheard of in the Scottish rugby world.

So let's discuss a matter of national importance.

Alex Salmond is seeking a national anthem for Scotland.  He doesn't seem too keen on 'Flower of Scotland' and I have to admit it's a bit of a dirge.

His choice is 'Scotland Will Flourish' sung here by the Corries with lyrics by Ian Richardson. The words are more appropriate to a forward thinking Scotland and I would like to hear it accompanied by a pipe band before I make a decision.

A spokesman for Alex Salmond suggests there should be a competition to choose a new anthem: "... it would get Scotland talking - and singing".  An idea which will be welcomed by many.

Maybe Alex Salmond could arrange a competition using our schools' pipe bands - there are quite a few including the truly excellent Queen Victoria School Pipes and Drums - and some of our top singers such as Julie Fowlis.

Edinburgh Castle esplanade would be a superb setting for the event.  The acoustics are breathtaking.



Nikostratos said...


Any National anthem for Scotland would best be chosen by the Queen of scots and not by a here today gone tomorrow Politician.

Alex Salmond in reality is just using this latest prank to cause
dissension between the Unionists
and the Separatists.

The National Anthem should be able to encompass all of the Scottish society and be acceptable across the political spectrum.
Alex being on the extremes of political nationalism is not suitable for this task.

what is needed is someone to create a bridge between those on the different divide in Scottish society to bring people together
Alex only wants to build a boat so they can sail away on their separate paths.

Alex is at heart a divider and not a uniter its in his nature.

Simonp said...

Neither Alex the rest of the SNP Labour , Tory Libdem, Green SSP or indie and the Queen will not be responsible for the national anthem, it will be up to the people of Scotland to decide

Nikostratos said...


wot you mean X Factor?

wisnaeme said...

erm no Nikostratos. It's called let the people decide. Something that Westmidden is strangely rather reluctant to let Scots do.

I wonder why.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Why not have three or four of the favourites played at the festival and gauge the reaction of the spectators.

Would be quite an honour for the visitors (Guests) to feel they were playing a part in the choice of a nations anthem.

Simonp said...


I'd imagine not , although plenty of people watch crap factor, but the idea of voting was not invented by x factor so I would abide by that format.
I see it more of an invitation , could encourage music students , professionals, schools etc and anyone else for that matter I would hate to think some committee would be set up to vette who they thought should have a go.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Well, you can't expect Nikos to know about that strange permutation of government known as democracy and sovereignty of the people. Don't be mean.

I never thought Flower of Scotland was dirge sounding as the Corries sing it. Not that my opinion matters. (I realize that, just throwing in a few thoughts)

My OWN favorite which no one has heard of is another Corries song called Liberty. It is absolutely NOT dirge-like.

I love that one, but it doesn't have a chance. :-)

Good luck choosing and I know you will ignore the nay-sayers and we foreigners as you should. It is the choice of the PEOPLE of Scotland.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Another song that would make a great national anthem is Dawning of the Day:

Jim said...

My vote would be for the Billy Connolly's 'If it Wisnae fer yer Wellies'.

subrosa said...

You wish Eck was a here today gone tomorrow politician Niko. :)

You didn't mention a song you'd like as the new anthem.

subrosa said...

Exactly Simonp. I'll bet you're a 'Man's A Man Fur A' That' person. :)

subrosa said...

I thought about that Crinkly but doubt if the Festival organisers would take it on board. Their seating etc could be used for an 'anthem' concert though.

subrosa said...

Of course your opinion matters Jeanne.

Someone mentioned 'Liberty' to me today.

Like you, I think a few of the Corries' renditions would be suitable.

subrosa said...

Well it has a catchy tune Cheryl.

J. R. Tomlin said...

I like A Man's A Man also. Paolini does an absolutely rocking version by the way. And there is a LOT to be said for Scots Wha Hae.

However, I understand Salmond's preference for Scotland Will Flourish. It is a very forward-looking song that kind of puts behind it the old hatred and anger between the Scots and the English. It emphasizes the desire for independence as a desire to be the most one can be, not a reaction AGAINST someone else. That is the real basis for a desire for independence. So... it has a case.

I'm not sure that would overcome what seems to be a strong fondness for Flower of Scotland (and who can blame people for that?)

But I do think although I may poke my nose in and give a few thoughts, it's important for we outsiders to have a respect for the fact that these decisions are for Scots to make. Believe me, that isn't something I say as a negative. That's how it should be. You may listen to someone's opinion, but it's the feelings of Scots that matter.

subrosa said...

Jeanne, I don't mind a Man's a Man at Burns' Suppers but not as an anthem.

We need a big competition to make the country sing.

Simonp said...

weird I was just listening to some tracks on my daughters old ipod and this popped up, this would be a good tune to host the competition

Simonp said...

ahhh video didnt imbed

its here now

subrosa said...

Jings Simon, that took me back to happy days. Great idea btw.

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