Sunday, 29 May 2011

Another Two Fatalities And A Tenacious Mother

Plymouth will be a sad town this weekend having lost a further two of their military.  The men were from 42 Commando the Royal Marines and were killed in an IED explosion in southern Afghanistan.  Since that war began 368 of our military have lost their lives.

Their deaths happened on the same day as the 2011 Global Peace Index was published.

2011 Global Peace Index from Vision of Humanity on Vimeo.

Last week I mentioned the Military covenant and the song and dance David Cameron, along with Liam Fox, have been making about including it in law because they suddenly have an overwhelming desire to recognise our military's contribution to the country. Unfortunately the needs of many are - and will continue to be - neglected but, due to the tenacity of one mother who lost her son in an Army Landrover incident, common sense has prevailed for one veteran's case. There are many like Pex who suffer silently and watch their lives disintegrate but are unable to receive help.  They certainly won't get any from Liam Fox.

Credit must be given to the charity Veterans Aid which helped in the above case.  It is small but efficient and in military circles has an excellent reputation.  Should you be aware of any military veteran who may require help of any kind, please suggest they contact SVA. They have nothing to lose.


Anonymous said...

It is to your credit that you have chronicled the sad loss of life in these seemingly pointless conflicts SR.

Donation to SVA it is.

Strathturret said...

We'll be there until Boss Obama tells us we can bring the boys home.

We may get independence first!

cynicalHighlander said...

Michael Scheuer c46mins in on Shereen. Who are the real terrorists?

Anonymous said...

It's interesting Subrosa, but we never hear of the Afghans that are murdered by British/America armed forces do we? What about the Afghan men defending their lands from the western attackers? What about the women and children blown to bits in laser guided bombs?

We have no business being in Afghanistan and thus, I have no sympathy for men and women being killed in a land they have no right being in. We 'supposedly' went to war against Germany in WW2 because Hitler invaded Czechlosvakia and Poland. We've gone one better. Not just invading Afghanistan and Iraq, we're now invading Libya, no doubt with special forces and agent provocateurs in every other Islamic land.

These men and women are not heroes, dying in the Afghanistan shooting range. They are invaders, invading for the bankers, the corporations, the weapons and arms manufacturers, the petro chemical and biological companies, the telecommunication companies and here's the most laughable one, for the Queen and her henchmen to continue controlling the Opium. Do you think they'll start an Opium war with Iran as they did with China in the past?
Our armed forces, by being in Afghanistan have committed a war crime and their killing of the inhabitants is another.

You have a soft spot for the armed forces, I don't. Why? Well, because every single armed force, in every land, throughout time has eventually been used against their own people. I wonder Subrosa, how will you feel, if you're still alive that is, when marshal law is imposed and they're popping off protesters, reminiscent of Bloody Sunday in Ireland or closer to home the Peterloo Massacre?


Anonymous said...

It's always the same in any argument against the armed forces - "they're just doing their job.....they're there to protect the British people......don't blame them for doing their job...blah.....blah...blah.." Like I said, will you still think they're just doing their job when they're killing Britons, rebelling against the future totalitarianism of the government, now masters over the populous who they're supposed to be serving?

Having compassion is one of the best qualities of humanity. More so, having a conscience is something that separates the good from the psychopath. Doing wrong is doing wrong and if you are a member of the armed forces who continues to do wrong, because it's your job to follow orders, then in my eyes that makes you a psychopath or an incredibly weak individual.
Our armed forces are now a mercenary outfit, no different to the Hessians of old, whom as you know fought for the English at Culloden.

Our troops are not brave. They're murderers and invaders of foreign lands and if you can't see this Subrosa, then you're blind to the reality I've just painted. They should be saying no. They joined to defend the UK, not become an oppressive, invasion force for the bankers who control the politicians that give them their orders. I have no respect whatsoever for the armed forces. I am most certainly not the only one in the UK who thinks this way either.

subrosa said...

Thank you BJ for your kind words. The SVA has now replaced Erskine for my own contribution.

subrosa said...

You may well be right Strathurret. Did you hear about the article in the Times in which Cameron is asking advice about how to keep the Union together before he goes to his weekly chat with the Queen?

subrosa said...

CH, I do hope you're publicising that link everywhere. It's the most interesting I've heard for a long time.

I know the chap's promoting a book but still he's exceptionally open.

subrosa said...

Horato, I purposely don't post on deaths of civilians in this war or any war. There are plenty much better informed bloggers than me and also I am suspect about the figures given out by various sources. My belief is that they're far more.

Have a listen to the link CH gives above? Scheuer is exceptionally open.

I don't have a 'soft spot' for our armed forces but I do think every country needs a professional and capable defence force which protects its people. We have that at present (but for how long I don't know) and I'm proud of that fact.

Have to agree with you there Horatio, I won't be alive if our armed forces turned on the people. From my knowledge of our current forces that would never happen, but unfortunately many principled and highly education personnel are planning to leave the military because they can have a much better quality of life in civvie street - plus far higher salaries. Westminster is quiet about that, but in 10 years time we won't have the quality of military we do today.

Let me ask you a question? As you're so against our armed forces, who do you suggest will protect the vulnerable should Iran decide to attack us or Russia to turn 180 degrees?

cynicalHighlander said...

He just confirms what some of us have suspected for a long time but unable to prove.

Buckingham Palace asks Downing Street to seek expert advice

We live in exiting times.

Anonymous said...

"From my knowledge of our current forces that would never happen..."

Well, I'm afraid to say then that your knowledge of armed forces appears to be greatly lacking then. An armed force was created for the sole purpose of attack, not defence. Our military personnel follow orders, hence why they're bombing Libya today, already having invaded Iraq and Afghanistan ILLEGALLY, two lands that posed no threat towards us whatsoever. Which leads me on to this mad belief you have:

"....who do you suggest will protect the vulnerable should Iran decide to attack us or Russia to turn 180 degrees?"

Like many whom I come across in debate they believe they are knowledgeable when they are most certainly not. Should you care to go back to the reasons behind the Russian Revolution and the establishment of the U.S.S.R. you will find that it was created wholly by the British monarchy. Join the dots. Karl Marx (we are told) was penniless. This is a lie, as he was good friends with many prominent factory/business owners. More so, even though he was writing what he was, he was given luxurious quarters in London. Do you really think that he would not have been spotted by the many agents for the crown, plotting his treason? Jacob Schiff, a puppet of Rothschild, then funded Lev Bronstein (Trotsky) the sum of $40m in the early 20th century to start a revolution in Russia. Rothschild is the Queen's right hand man. Do some research. More so, communism in China was instigated by none other that Fabian Socialist Sir Bertrand Russell, again do some research on that one. The creation of the Russian superstate was wholly a British Empire ruse. The Queen today is the most powerful human being in the world, not forgetting the largest landowner. The armed forces, judiciary, police force and government all swear allegiance to her.


Anonymous said...

Britain was and never will be under the threat of attack from Russia and Iran, although I will say that should Britain attack Pakistan with America, already in the making, China has told it will defend Pakistan's sovereignty. This will bring in Russia, who have also stated they'll defend Iran.

What is happening here Subrosa is the creation of WWIII in order to end all nation sovereignty and bring about a one world government and banking system through debt.

The threats that Britain face are directly due to retaliation against them for their continuing war on terror around this world. You'd have to be a real bloody ignoramus to believe that Britain is doing no wrong. The War on Terror WAS OUR idea!!! Politicians, all over the world are puppets of the banking and business elites as well as elite families. We're being lied to terribly.

Anonymous said...

Sadly in life Subrosa, people are unable to debate because they're easily offended. It is ok to say that someone is not very good at sports, because they lack the goods and so it is therefore easy to say that someone lacks the goods in debate. This is either done through lack of knowledge on certain subjects. It means ignorance on these subjects. And when this is stated, although no offence is meant, offence is taken because people do not like the truth, hence why our society is swimming within the cesspool of deceit it is today.

For you to even consider that Russia or Iran would attack the UK without provocation is madness to say the least. I'm stunned that anyone would believe such.

What benefit does Russia have of invading the UK? What benefit does Iran? How on earth would Iran in the first place, for that matter, but more importantly why?

Islam are patsies. They are being set up in order to create western hatred so that they can destroy Islamic religious belief and take their lands, under the enforcing of democracy (laughable but true). As in Orwell's 1984, the hate figure was Emmanuelle Goldstein and this is what the Muslims are today. Net migration of the UK last year was 250k and guaranteed many Muslims will make up that number, fleeing from lands we're attacking. Yet our government promised to reduce it to the tens of thousands.

Until people realise that Islam is being set up; until people realise that our troops are murderers of innocents and invaders of foreign lands; until people realise that voting for political parties is voting for their own demise; until people realise that politicians are puppets of the banking elites, elite corporation owners and elite royal families, nothing within the world will ever change and we will continue to sink into the pit of despair. Things will continue to get rapidly worse for all. And when hell arrives, the armed forces will be murdering their own people.

cynicalHighlander said...


people are unable to debate

Forgive me you might make some valid points but by accusing people of this and that just because they show compassion is not debating anything but dictating which is what you profess to disagree with. Respect works both ways.

subrosa said...

You may question my knowledge of the armed forces as often as you wish Horatio but I will not be disclosing my sources with you or anyone else. Suffice to say my knowledge is perhaps somewhat greater than yours, which appears to be out of textbooks.

I would agree with you about a NWO and that publicly we're lied to. In fact we're lied to so regularly that people now think the lies are the truth.

Horatio, some people don't want to debate and I respect that.

The UK is not in a position to work alone in a military capacity. We never have been. Any future wars in the next 50 years will be instigated by the US and we will willingly join them.

With your mindset about the military it's no wonder you have such little respect for them.

subrosa said...

Well said CH.

Anonymous said...

"You may question my knowledge of the armed forces....Suffice to say my knowledge is perhaps somewhat greater than yours, which appears to be out of textbooks."

Really? A Dundee wifey doing politics?
Well, believe what you will.

The fact that you believe that we're under a threat from Russia or indeed Iran, proves overwhelmingly that you know as much about the state of affair to the security of Scotland/UK as a 3 year old child does on metaphysics.

"I would agree with you about a NWO....."

If you knew a smidgen about the NWO then you would not come out with such ridiculous statements as you have. More so, if you were a woman true of heart then you would be despising the armed forces, or should I say murderers of innocent women and children in foreign lands. For you to deny that, show you're no different to the people who are responsible for your following statement:

"....we're lied to so regularly that people now think the lies are the truth."

I have a great deal of knowledge about the military. In fact, my knowledge about the military, past wars, strategies, weaponry and reasons of war, greatly surpasses anything you could possibly ever envisage.

Your ignorance is proven on the fact that you think Russia poses a threat to the west, a land THAT HAS NEVER, EVER, EVER posed a threat to the west - but then, seeing as your information comes straight from the MSM and very possibly politics, as I imagine your probably involved with the cesspit of Dundee local politics, or heaven forbid, national, then I understand your nonsensical stance. I'll say it again that Russia has NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, posed any threat to the west whatsoever. It's a mind game, all about control. Had you any clue on the reality, you'd have realised that the attack by Russia on the west has already happened, without a shot being fired. But then, hey, you were, no doubt like the rest of the automatons, waiting for the big bang. LOL

I have no respect for the military for I see them for what they are - murderers. They are the polar opposite of my fellow clansmen, who inhabited Scotland. They are not here to defend me, but the interests of the banks, big business and the crown as they've always been.

You're oblivious to reality Subrosa. You've proved that tonight as you parrot the MSM and the will of the NWO, without even realising it. ROTFLMFAO!!!!!

Anonymous said...


"Russia poses a threat to the west, a land THAT HAS NEVER, EVER, EVER posed a threat to the west"

Militarily it never has. However communist subversion tactics have been at play since the 50's in the UK and 30's in the USA.

There are very few amongst the older generation who know what's really going on, mainly because they've been indoctrinated with lies since they were young. Older generations are incredibly gullible because there was no internet then, only what you were taught at school and listened to on the radio and watched on TV.

Even with the internet you still have a closed mind, because you are unaware that the greatest danger the people of Britain have ever faced is not from outside but from within.

subrosa said...

Horatio, you're becoming far too personal. If you disagree with my views then fine, but at least don't be insulting.

The will of the NWO and parrot the MSM? Oh dearie me.

Just because I'm of the older generation doesn't mean to say I'm stupid or unable to see outside the box. Many of my age do but don't shout about it. That's their choice. Where are the younger voices?

How I wish my mind was closed at times believe me. Then I could live a quiet life and ignore what's going on, but I choose not to do so.

You haven't answered my only question. If we get rid of the military, as you suggest, how will the country be defended? Don't say our military doesn't defend us because that's nonsense.

subrosa said...

By the way Horatio, in my youth we didn't have TV.

Most of us learned from discussion with family, friends and from groups we joined. We argued face to face and learned to listen to each other's views although not necessarily agreeing.

It was called socialising.

Anonymous said...

"If we get rid of the military, as you suggest, how will the country be defended? Don't say our military doesn't defend us because that's nonsense."

I meant everything that I've written and I haven't insulted, merely stated the truth. If the truth hurts and offends then that's your cross to bear. I won't apologise for it, as no insulting intention was meant from the outset. When I call someone ignorant it's because they lack knowledge.

Who on earth is going to attack the UK? No I mean this. You continually ask me how the UK will be defended when you fail to see that the last major battle on British soil was Culloden. There is no European nation that would ever attack. As for Russia or any other, were it to, it wouldn't be by any land or air force, but more probably sea launched nuclear missiles. No defense against them. But they wouldn't attack for the simple reason that the politicians who control the lands are themselves controlled by the same elites who control the politicians in the UK and that includes the SNP and every other anti whatever party.
Britain is under NO threat of attack. More so, all nations without an armed force wouldn't be able to defend or attack. It would be like trying to play a game of chess without pieces.

"Most of us learned from discussion with family, friends and from groups we joined. We argued face to face and learned to listen to each other's views although not necessarily agreeing."


Anonymous said...

Your opinions, as today were formed from the MSM and your educational establishments. Your generation was controlled just like every generation before and after you. You may have sat down and socialised but regardless, the books you read got to where they were through the permitted release of those in charge, no different from today. The same can be said for the radio broadcasts you listened to and the education you received at school.
The internet allowed people to see the truth hence why they're moving to rapidly close it down asap. You certainly argued face to face but were still oblivious to stark reality Subrosa. I'm merely stating the truth because you had no idea about the Russian Revolution or where communism came from. It was planned. It didn't just happen. It was funded by the bankers as has every major war fought since 1649 with the English civil war.

You knew what you knew because that was all that was given you. Remember Orwell - He who control the present controls the past. He who control the past controls the future. You're nothing but a rat in a cage, amongst millions of cages filled with rats. Until you see this, you'll never realise what's going on. Again, I don't insult, merely state reality. Accept it or not. Your prerogative.

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