Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Latest EU Policy To Cost EU Countries €270 billion A Year

She's a bonnie woman but who is she you may be thinking.  She is Danish Connie Hedegaard and she has been given one of the most thankless tasks in Brussels politics - trying to pilot proposals through a crippling dependency on oil and gas imports, deep social instability in north Africa and potentially the Middle East as well as public suspicion of leaders' number one 'clean energy' preference, nuclear power.

Ms Hedegaard's intentions are to target agriculture, transport and construction so we can guarantee food, travel and homes will be costing a great deal more in the future. I'm not talking about the 20% rises we have a present but increases which will cause harm to a large percentage of our population.

Why?  Because her plans are expected to cost an estimated €270 billion per year if the historic switchover is to become reality.  Twenty seven countries paying €1 billion a year each ensures that many countries will become third world status.  Is this what we want from being part of a European community?

Are the Greens pleased that their policies will bring many, especially those of my age, further into the abyss of so much poverty that they can't feed or keep themselves warm.  No, I don't think they care a jot even although most like me are now forced to give taxes to policies in which they have no faith. Let me say I agree with some green policies such as recycling, when it is viable, and the need to control pollution, but when many people here live in houses built long before insulation was invented, how can they sleep at night when they know that many can't afford to insulate to their specifications.  The greens have yet to announce grants for older properties; the kind which cannot accept cavity wall insulation.  It's all very well for them to say every home should have adequate loft insulation and this cavity wall procedure, but have they any conception of the cost of internal wall insulation to houses pre-1900?  No because they're not interested.

A couple of years ago I had the study here insulated (because it had none and is a strange addition to this 1800's house) and the cost was £3000.  I decided to pay it because I have little savings these days and wanted to keep myself warm.  I prefer to be warm in life because I know I'll be cold when I'm dead.

More and more I consider we need to step back from the EU and observe just what their policies are inflicting on families.  If my bills rise much further I will be forced to sell my home and apply for a council home for the elderly. Do we want a country full of people requiring subsidised homes?  Yes, of course anyone can say they know pensioners who live in big houses and obviously have income by means other than pensions.  Living in an area which is quite a geriatric paradise, I think only around 15% of the population could be called 'wealthy' pensioners and those are mainly English people who have decided to retire here.  Their wealth comes from the extraordinary amount of money they received when they sold their property in England.  Those I know admit they won't last much longer than me in their own property and will also require to downsize.

Where are the green lobby's policy about building hundreds of thousands of 'green' homes for our pensioners?  Nowhere, because they know the economy could never afford it.

I'm trying to think of a way to protest against more green taxes because I don't believe they will be of benefit to the people.  Refusing to pay seems to be the way and I quite fancy being in prison for a while - no heating or power bills and I can smoke in my cell or anywhere outdoors.



Anonymous said...

Although I now live in the SW where it is somewhat warmer, I was born in the NE (a Scotsman born in England my friend from Edinburgh always says, which I've never understood) and lived and worked in the NW. Again from my friend Bryan in Edinburgh: "The people in the 'Home Counties' (spit!) just don't know how cold it gets up here and for how long."

And that's the point really. It is cold 'up north', and darker (don't get me started), and most stuff costs more (petrol, food, gas if you have it, definitely heating oil). Something else these people on gold plated pensions don't understand is that it is often a choice between heat and food for pensioners and the less well off.

What are we to do? We have a bunch of unelected people in Brussels handing down decisions to our powerless Parliament. We have a government, which is a policy-free zone whose only thoughts extend to cigarette display bans. And a leadership of total incompetent lightweights.

As you might of guessed, I despair.

Joe Public said...

To paraphrase what Private James Frazer of Dad's Army would now say "We're f@cked, we're all f@cked"

Leg-iron said...

I've been thinking about prison too. I already have no social life, I'll be able to smoke indoors, I can write in a cell (which would likely be bigger and better heated than this little office anyway), and all the heating and food is free.

So, I'm thinking along the lines of 'I pay all these taxes so other people can sit around with free room and board, but my life wouldn;t be all that much different if I was one of those getting free room and board on someone else's taxes'.

To the argument 'Ah, but you wouldn't be free', I say 'To do what? Go to a pub that doesn't want me, a restaurant, a club where I'm not welcome? Free to sit in a little room and work for money, then hand over huge chunks of it to idiots and more to pay for food and heat? If I had a little room to write in but paid no tax, food or heating bills, why would I be less free?'

Plus I'd get a Playstation, which I can't afford, and easy access to all kinds of narcotics I've never tried.

And access to healthcare which would not turn me away just because I smoke.

Prison sounds better and better the more I think about it. No wonder so many people go there.

Joe Public said...

@ Leg-Iron

And those looking for a sexual encounter come to you............

Francis Urquhart said...

If you are considering prison, Mr Leg Iron, I suggest you read up on my government's latest proposals at


subrosa said...

I've lived all over the UK superioranalysist and, although I'd prefer temperatures a couple of degrees warmer, I've no complaints here and find it preferable to the mugginess of the SW during summer. Actually it's the lack of hills that really gets to me down there. I so missed our landscape.

These days I'm quite content for folks in the far south to think we're 20 degrees colder up here and I seldom contradict them. It makes me weary.

subrosa said...

LI, I happen to watch a bit TV last night about the women's prison. One said it was like a Holiday Inn or Travel Lodge (can't remember which), they smoke in their cells and have all mod cons. You even get £68 when you leave.

Oh aye and access to drugs. I'll pick up a few new skills - not easy at my age but I'm sure I'd manage a few handovers.

subrosa said...

Joe we may be, but we don't have to allow it to continue.

Anonymous said...

Stuff europe, we've got shale oil and gas and tons of thorium underneath us.

subrosa said...

Rightwinggit has left a new comment on your post "Latest EU Policy To Cost EU Countries €270 billion...":

Stuff europe, we've got shale oil and gas and tons of thorium underneath us.

Rightwinggit, your comments aren't getting through to here so hope you don't mind me publishing it.

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