Tuesday, 29 March 2011

EHRC Needs To Be Abolished

Trevor Phillips- chair of EHRC

Not only is the Equality and Human Rights Commission fascinated by ethnicity they're obsessed with sexuality and ensuring every child's sexuality is recorded. Those working with young people in schools, healthcare and youth services are being advised to set up pilot studies to monitor adolescent sexual orientation and not dismiss gay feelings as a 'passing phase'.

Although children should be told about the nature of the survey by the EHRC, it says parental consent, while 'considered good practice', is not a legal necessity.  The paper advocates asking 11-year-old children to divulge their sexuality because some 'question their orientation as early as eight and may begin to identify as LGB (lesbian, gay, bisexual) from early adolescence'. They advise a record should be kept of those 'unsure' or 'questioning' their sexuality.

Why are our leaders allowing this quango to continually target our children about sexual matters?

I find this latest development perverse and bordering on the abuse of children.  Let me explain why I feel so angry about this despicable behaviour from the EHRC.

When I was around 11 years old I had a massive crush on a girl in 5th year.  I wasn't alone in my adoration and I vied with another slightly older girl for the attention of my idol.  She was a very gifted musician - played piano, flute and oboe - and I truly thought she was the most wonderful person I'd ever met.  She was also very pretty with long, flowing dark brown hair.  Her nature was gentle and her patience, with my small group of peers, was infinite. Vaguely I can recall attending orchestral practices early just to set up her music stand for her.

At the age of eleven I knew nothing about LGB and my knowledge of sexuality was limited to male and female.  My brilliant Latin teacher would be known today as LGB because she wore male clothing and also sported a short-back-and-sides, yet she commanded total loyalty and respect because of her ability to make her subject intriguing and entertaining for children. None of her pupils would allow others to criticised her, although we permitted the use of her nickname 'Kipper feet' - because we used it ourselves.

If someone had asked me questions about my sexuality at the age of eleven I may have well have been tick-boxed as LGB if I had innocently mentioned my idol.  Many of my peers could have been in a similar position.  Crushes were common.

The damage the label could have caused is unthinkable. It could have created serious psychological problems which would have affected any relationships and, although I know I'm neither lesbian or bisexual, there would always have been that niggle of doubt instilled in me, as an 11-year-old child, by adults with a disturbing agenda.

Thankfully, at the age of eleven none of my peers was subjected to questions or sex education which could quite easily destroy childhoods as well as adult lives.

The EHRC should have no influence or input in the education of our children. Using children to push their LGB programme is discrimination insofar as adults are not part of this survey.  It's always so much easier to target schoolchildren though because they're a captive group. Removing the requirement for parental consent when a child is subjected to any form of sexual questioning must be confronted.  Parents must reassert their authority and stop this erosion of childhood. Why are parents not taking to the streets in protest?  Are they content to allow the state to take such control of their children?

I would willingly campaign to have the EHRC abolished.  Their agenda is unhealthy and at times unscrupulous. Although Teresa May has a 'Reform' consultation document currently in circulation, I don't think reform is the answer; mainly because the same people will be making the decisions regardless of any superficial changes.

We all know it's quite unrealistic for all of us to be treated equally; there will always be those who believe themselves to be more equal than others, but if we must have a government department which interests itself in equality and human rights, then it has to be less obsessed with sexuality and more interesting in ensuring the vulnerable in our society are treated fairly and respectfully.  Such a department should not have the right to instruct those who teach our children while willfully disregarding the rights of parents.


English Pensioner said...

As I've said elsewhere, I think the people who came up with this idea should be banned from contact with children by the Child Protection Agency and kept under surveillance as potential paedophiles. Lets face it, if I went around questioning children about their sexual interests, it wouldn't be long before I had a policeman on my doorstep accusing me of "grooming".
You are right, most children have no idea about the subject. If I'd been asked, even in my late teens, I could easily have assumed that because all my friends were male, I was that way inclined; in reality, until I went to college, the only girls that I knew were my sister's friends who had little attraction. However, when I went to college, there was a certain young lady who decided that if I wasn't going to make a pass at her, she'd have to take the initiative, and my preferences became quite clear! I suspect that this was true of many people of my generation, perhaps things happen sooner these days with more mixed education, but even so, sexuality it solely the individual's concern and not that of the government or its busybodies.
The EHRC clearly has too much money and time on their hands. Cut their budget!

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Another example of bureaucratic absurdity.

No doubt they will want -or make the excuse - to make up a 'picture' but that picture will have the equivalence of a painting by numbers (statistics) has to one painted by a master of his craft.

These are fools in authorities clothing.

Jo G said...

My goodness what ever happened to privacy.

And who will get this information? I know of one particular individual within the gay lobby who publicly declared the knowledge of someone's (private)homosexuality to be a useful blackmail tool if that person was in a position to assist in taking forward a particular agenda.

microdave said...

I am soooooo glad I don't have any children....

Dramfineday said...

Hear, Hear time it was binned

Demetrius said...

As a child who was prone to giving stupid answers that would get adults going I wonder how many children might be the same today. There is an air of utter barminess and stupidity about all this, but this time it seems to be the adults.

Joe Public said...

If any of my grandchildren (of that age) came home from school to tell me they'd been quizzed about their sexuality, I'd be straight round the cop shop with a formal allegation of "Grooming".

Francis Urquhart said...

My governments views on the EHRC are on record - see http://f-urquhart.blogspot.com/2011/03/human-rights-uk-act.html

subrosa said...

It's an outrage EP the way children's childhood's are being stolen by governments.

Society has changed since we were young and some of it, as in this case, not for the better.

subrosa said...

It has very sinister overtones Crinkly and if I had grandchildren I'd be quizzing them about what they're actually asked in school.

subrosa said...

Jo it's an abuse of children. Mind you, with all the sex 'education' they receive from five, they'll think LGB is the majority of the population.

I would really like take this further so I'm writing to my MP to ask his view.

subrosa said...

They're a delight MD as long as you keep an eye on the lunatics who run the asylum.

subrosa said...

Well past time Dram and they're using our money to pay for their disgusting agenda.

subrosa said...

I think we all were Demetrius in our day. It was called innocence. We trusted most people. Children today can't trust anyone so is it any wonder they're insecure.

subrosa said...

So would I Joe and I wouldn't be taking any excuses from anyone.

subrosa said...

Thank you Francis. I will reread it right now.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Thank you, subrosa, but being gay or lesbian is not being "boxed in". Whether a survey is a good idea or not, and I have doubts about all "tracking programs" whether it is academic or otherwise, is another question, but you are expressing some very negative views here.

I suggest a good hard look.

J. R. Tomlin said...

Your expression of concern seems to be entirely, "how dare they try to make children who identify as LGB feel good about themselves"?

How many kids do you WANT killing themselves because they are gay? We've had FAR too many in my own country. I will NOT say this attitude is acceptable whoever expresses it and that includes you.

There is nothing BAD about being gay or lesbian. Guess what. We are people. Human beings. Actually have feelings. And are hurt by this kind of hatred.

J. R. Tomlin said...

My last comment on this subject that obviously is a hot-button one for me.

You say they should protect the vulnerable, but you are willing to leave gay kids unprotected.


I could post hundreds of similar articles from the UK and the US. Why are THESE kids to be denied protection?

That's enough from me on this topic.

Elby the Beserk said...

This may cast some enlightenment on why this is happening


Woman on a Raft said...

Save £70m p.a. plus the pensions of 70 lawyers, and abolish the EHRC, maybe reduce it to two solicitors and a press officer.

Good post, Subrosa.

subrosa said...

Jeanne, I never mentioned anything about being 'boxed in'. I said 'tick-boxed' which is completely different. Tick-boxed means when someone in 'authority' asks you a question and has a list of answers available which can be ticked.

Negative views they may be, but I strongly object to 11 year old children being questioned about their sexuality.

subrosa said...

Jeanne, how many children even understand what LGB means at the age of eleven? Without the force feeding of sex 'education' in schools very few would be interested.

I think you're well OTT about children killing themselves because they're gay. Do let me know the statistics.

Never have I said there's anything bad - or good - about being gay or lesbian.

What I'm protesting at is the constant indoctrination of very young children in schools when they should be learning subjects which will help them live an independent life when they're adult.

Jeanne, eleven year old is not teenage and neither is 5 year old, the age our children are now taught about sex.

I have no objection to teenagers being given sex lessons but for some sinister quango to insist wee ones are questioned on their sexuality is a disgrace to a society which says it cares about the welfare of children.

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link Elby.

subrosa said...

Great idea lovely lady who floats.

Apogee said...

Hi SR, why is the EHRC asking LGB questions of eleven year old children without their parents being required to be present. The EHRC is a very well funded, wasteful and inefficient organisation .
there seems to be intimidation of minors involved, some one earlier suggested that it looks like possible "grooming" and what is the reason it being done for?
This is a quango that the Government is trying to put a collar on as they seem to be out of control, this is the Quango that a couple of years ago stated smugly that they would "take down" the BNP.
Early this week in the press it was stated that the BNP won the case with all their costs awarded to them and the ECHR seemingly was chastised from the bench.
So where is the information going that they collect about the sexual views of children, will it be available to social workers, police, etc, and what guarantees of accuracy and security will be given.
Will the processing of this data be secure, or will it be available to other Administrations?
Can some one tell me how this comes under human rights?
Seems the element of the children's Human rights is the first thing in the bucket, with a compulsory inquisition into a subject which should be private to the child.
And will this information be available to police and Social Workers, Possibly to appear in court cases etc years down the road, to the probable detriment of the people concerned. Not to forget the possibilities of criminal use,like blackmail!

subrosa said...

These are the questions many of us are asking Apogee. Parents should be the first in line.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Are the two related? I think my money's safe for a small wager ....

Not so long a go in a land not so far away If any toddler turns his nose up at your cooking- you might have to report him/her It would all be for the best reasons of course!!!

And look where they are funded from:
Annual Report

The likelihood of the Coagulation collectively growing a pair in this area is beginning to look increasingly remote.....

I was hoping for a "not found" but damn ... almost a year later the arses are still there

subrosa said...

Gordon, I'm rather loathed to type what I think about set-ups like this because I try not to use expletives in the blog.

I've had a little look at some of the reports they produce. Unbelievable.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Rosie, I can see where you're coming from. I think even Obo the ex potty mouthed clown blogger would struggle with a suitable vocabulary to do this lot justice.

This bon pensant tax eating "charity" can't stop themselves from jumping on *any* passing trendy left bandwagon no matter how ill conceived or batty.

They are transparently (and nauseatingly) of the idiot braying sneering loopy left, funded by tax, not a government body - but wholly funded by government - why - ohhh... why hasn't somebody in gubmint pulled the lever that cuts their sinecure subsidy??

subrosa said...

You're quite right Gordon, even Obo would struggle. I'm hoping my MP will forward my comments to the 'consultation' but of course I'll hear nothing from them.

It's only by inundating the powers that be that any notice will be taken.

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