Friday, 18 February 2011

Scottish Politics

Before I come to the main point of this post, I would like to state my support for this morning's post by John Souter.  His call for televised leaders' debates for the Holyrood elections is valid.  Who's feart?  The unionist parties certainly, but the SNP ought to be pushing hard for these to take place, given that they legally contested their exclusion to the UK general election leaders' debates.  It is important that our whole society has the benefit of seeing and listening to the various political parties and if that does not happen, politics will continue to be available only to those who have a specific interest.  Joan McAlpine in today's Scotsman has had her professioal and political ear to the grapevine.

Wendy Alexander is not going to continue as an MSP.  I don't accept her excuse that she wants to spend more time with her 5 year old twins.  As any mother knows babies and toddlers need their mothers more between the 0 - 5 year phase than at any other.  Once they start school there's a certain freedom a mother gains.  Or was that only in my own case?  As I said here maybe he knows more than we do.  Greenock and Inverclyde aren't far from Paisley my Glaswegian friends tell me.

The main point of this post is to inform my female Scottish readers about a Question Time entitled Women's Health in a Recession debate which is to be held on Wednesday 9 March at 7pm in the Scottish Storytelling Centre, the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.  All parties will be represented: Nicola Sturgeon, Jackie Baillie, Ross Finnie, Nanette Milne, Margo MacDonald and Alison Johnstone.  The event is sponsored by Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

I'm all for such debates although it is a shame male cancer is not included.  Also, it is a pity they've not organised a live podcast such as Weber Shandwick has, in their debates in partnership with the Scotland on Sunday.

If you wish to attend the Breakthrough Breast Cancer debate telephone 0131 226 0769 or email


JRB said...

Wendy who?

Oh yes, the face does seem vaguely familiar.
Wasn’t she something to do with that party at Holyrood; you know the one – the one with that chap Grey. Grey by name and grey by nature.
No doubt some career minded political hopeful is just waiting in the wings dying to take her place.

On a more serious note …

I would urge all female readers and their friends to take an interest in such debate, or any debate that highlights health and a greater understanding of ones health.
Better understanding leads to better awareness, which leads to quicker diagnosis, which results in much improved treatment outcomes.

And whilst you are at the Question Time on Women's Health, get your other half to make an appointment with his GP for a ‘Well Man Check-up’.

RMcGeddon said...
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subrosa said...

I wish men would view their health more seriously JRB. Women have shown them the way - particularly those associated with the breast cancer campaign - but they don't appear to be anxious to take a more public role. Prostate and testicular cancer can be treated if diagnosed early enough and the more publicity these forms of cancer receive, the more men will be aware.

Just wonder if the ex-leader of Inverclyde will be throwing his hat into the ring for Paisley.

Jo G said...

I can see some sense in what she has said but like you Subrosa I tend to think wee babies need their mums around more between 1 and 5 than once they go to school.

Personally I don't know any politician more over-rated than Alexander. But then its the MSM leading the tributes here so we must expect such things.

One of the tributes concerned the "Bring it on." "challenge" she is said to have issued to Salmond. What they miss out is that she was bluffing and not just bluffing but actually lying about a referendum on independence.

Her Calman proposals sought to isolate the existing Scottish Government and keep them OUT of the debate. Not very democratic that, was it while there was an existing forum, a national conversation, already there for the Scottish Parties to participate in along with the people. But no, Wendy was never for anything where she didn't get central billing. Nothing was ever about Scotland, only about Wendy.

Strathturret said...

Her timing of her resignation shows clearly that Wendy is not a team player!

subrosa said...

Well said Jo. It was a bluff. There's no way Brown would have let it happen.

But that's labour's strategy all along - sideline the SNP. After all half of the SNP are quite left wing with the rest being centre or slightly right.

She's not giving up for her children's sake. That's one thing that's certain.

subrosa said...

She hasn't been on the pitch since she resigned Strathturret. She preferred the convenor status.

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