Thursday, 3 February 2011

FMQs 3 February 2010

Why does Iain Gray, the leader of Labour MSPs, continue to question the First Minister on justice matters when he knows the SNP government has improved the policing of our streets by an extra 1,000 pairs of feet and recorded crime is at a 30-year low?

Of course Mr Gray was attempting to pin down the FM on the new Community Payback Order which was voted through the parliament this week.  A feeble effort.

Ms Goldie called the same programme 'candy floss and flim flam' and suggested community service was a joke when low-level offenders were offered arts and crafts as well as manual work.  The FM again defended the programme saying offenders were learning new skills and that was a benefit to society.

Tavish Scott questioned removal of social workers from councils to the NHS, the proposal to create a single national fire service and the proposed reductions in police forces.  Alex Salmond insisted the government judged these matters in terms of effective government.

It wasn't an informative FMQs today.  More like a practice run in one-upmanship in the lead up to the Holyrood election.


Mark MacLachlan said...

I missed it, but unless Salmond skewered Gray and Baker on a Unionist kebab over their lies or ignorance over the Megrahi affair, then I'm no watching!

Saying that, I'm glad you put it up Rosa, since the beeb are adept at hiding it.

MekQuarrie said...

And nine bills to get thru too before the dissolution.

FMQs (normally) up on iplayer within the day if you like that sort of thing...

subrosa said...

The BBC are Mark but I just managed to catch it today. Several attempts to download it as usual though.

I put it up for the folks who live overseas. They can't get iPlayer.

subrosa said...

Did I miss that out Mek? Sorry.

The iPlayer only lasts just over a week and can't be viewed by those outside the UK. Believe it or not there are quite a few ex-pats who want to see what goes on.

I upload it for them - if I can that is.

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