Wednesday, 19 January 2011

'Scottish Politics Could Do With a Good Laugh'

So says Alan Cochrane in today's Telegraph.  He's rooting for 'Gorgeous' George Galloway in May's Holyrood elections.  Fair enough I thought, both men are Dundonians and Dundonian males are a strange breed.

However, that's not his reason at all. Mr Cochrane is a staunch unionist, a very staunch unionist.  His article this morning is anything but altruistic. It sound more like a desperate plea to keep his job.

While it may appear flippant to say so, it is such commodities that help keep those of us in the cheap seats in business.

Does the term 'cheap seats' mean they're for second-class journalists?

In the comments section there are some stotters. A couple of quotes:

Oh you are a one beardie! We get a cracking laugh every Thursday as we watch Elmer Fudd empty his magazine into his feet as he is skilfully and ruthlessly exposed by the debating skills of the indefatigable Alex Salmond.

"The London media, which knows nothing and cares less about Scottish politics..."

I am reading this in the London Daily Telegraph, yes?

Aye Mr Cochrane, Scottish politics could do with a good laugh.  I have one every time I read your column.


Joe Public said...

"Fair enough I thought, ..... Dundonian males are a strange breed."

Does SuperRosa know that?

subrosa said...

Of course I do Joe. Dundee was a matriarchal society all my lifetime and long before.

They believed the burgesses (who were all men by the way) yet they (the women) were the folk who rebuilt the city.

Dundonian women have been little credit in the rebuilding of Dundee. In fact if certain women are to believed, the Road Bridge would never have come right into the heart of the city, destroying the place.

Nowadays it's well known that it could have been built easily a mile north.

But there was too much money involved within the councils in the 60s.

Do things change?

Tcheuchter said...

If the bridge had been built a mile to the north would it not have been well on its way to Forfar? An athletic bridge perhaps.


subrosa said...

I should have been clearer Tcheuchter. There was a way to build it NE by Broughty Ferry or go west nearly a mile. They chose the cheapest option which was to knock down most of the old city centre and build new.

Since then the 'new' has been knocked down and renewed. How long that will last I've no idea. All I can say is that the whole atmosphere has changed. It's just any other city now.

RMcGeddon said...

Could you imagine the hassle trying to flatten all the seafront Victorian properties in Broughty Ferry SR ? Nae chance. Plus they would have to build a link road to connect to the A90 north to Aberdeen.
The West wouldn't be any good either. The Tay widens towards Invergowrie.
George Galloway would be a good laugh. No worse than any of the other screeching eejits that we have to suffer in Holyrood.

subrosa said...

I was out of Scotland at the time RM so I only had what was in the papers to go by.

If I remember (ok ok I know) there was talk about the land just east of Invergowrie and a skelp of it was reclaimed. From folk who now live in one of the houses built on it they said the bridge was supposed to run from there.

Then there was talk about it being just NE of the Ferry and building link roads to the Dundee-Arbroath road.

Anyway when I came back for my godson's christening, the thing was built. Right in the middle of the city.

There are a handful of decent ones at Holyrood, but not enough for the parliament to gain much respect from the public.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Cheap seats for cheap shots.

Cochrane is just a cuddly Toady Bear, playing to his gallery.

subrosa said...

True RA and he could be quite entertaining if he just managed to control his hatred of the SNP.

I suppose we've all got to make a living somehow.

Surreptitious Evil said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Surreptitious Evil said...

Even as a Dundonian male, I'm all for the odd laugh. It brightens up the world.

I'm not sure electing an moronic egomanic like Galloway is the most efficient way to provide us with a laugh or two.

But, Cochrane does have one slight point - I suspect Gail would be spectacularly po-faced in what passes for 'power' at the little-dithering-down-the-hill soviet.

Hamish said...

Alan Cochrane has an enviously dishy wife. I danced with her once.
Disgracefully sexist comment, I know. And I will compound the felony by saying that her newspaper columns remind me of Polly Filla in Private Eye.
But I enjoyed the dance.

subrosa said...

Oh SE, I can't disagree. Laughter still is the best medicine.

Well Glasgow will be an interesting place to watch come April and May won't it.

subrosa said...

So I've heard Hamish, yet her thumbnails on the MSM are dreadful.

Indeed her columns drip with a detestation of anyone supporting independence.

Glad you enjoyed the dance. Wonder if she did? ;)

Strathturret said...

For someone who started in a Dundee tyre factory at 16 Galloway has done well. His performance in the US Senate was magnificent. His anti war and pro Palestine attitudes have been consistent over 30 years and I believe proven to be sound. Universal pro-Israel support in the west has faded as the extremes of that regime have become apparent.

That said he is I suspect a bit of a rogue. I suspect he needs a regular income and the platform the Holyrood will provide.

He's more to offer than Gail.

subrosa said...

I'd agree with you that he's done well for himself Strathturret and didn't start off as a career politician as many do today. And yes, he has been consistent.

A bit of a rogue/rascal right enough who nowadays needs a fairly high level of income to meet his lifestyle needs.

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