Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Poll Results

Thanks to the 122 of you who voted in the Changes to Scotland's Policing poll.  A single force wins as you see, while very closely behind (on 46) are the combined votes for a three or four force throughout the country.  Surprisingly 30 of you voted for the status quo.

Perhaps someone will pass on the results to Kenny MacAskill as he makes no secret he supports the change to a single force. As the decision will not be made until after the Holyrood elections it's a waiting game.


Anonymous said...

Good example of how poor FPTP is on these sort of polls.

In fact the majority of people are not in favour of a single force. But who knows what the second choice of the least favourite option (3 forces) would choose second?

In fact, I would guess that 4 forces would win out under a preference vote. Here's why :-

Those votes discarded first, 3 forces want some sort of change, and the closest next option is 4 forces. so their vote would go and make 44, which would then eliminate the "works as it is"

Given that the works as it is clearly don't want a single force their 2nd option is most like to be 4 forces. Hence it wins.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Who on earth wants eight chief constables, when you only need one?

WV afordo...

subrosa said...

Great calculation setindarkness. I must have a look and see if anyone does an AV type blog poll although, if they do, I expect it will cost quite a bit.

subrosa said...

Who on earth wants to pay for their private wee business either Conan? ;)

Weekend Yachtsman said...

As one who voted for the status quo, I'd like someone to explain the advantages of a single force.

As far as I can see, the only results would be

(a) a huge brand new stonking great HQ would have to be built somewhere - location to be decided on some sort of graft and pork-barrelling basis - the current buildings would all be retained too, of course.


(b) policing would become even more remote and unaccountable than it is already.

Anyone who thinks the other seven Chiefs would somehow disappear, or that ACPO Scotland would cease to exist, needs to go and read Parkinson's Law.

subrosa said...

We're told the advantages are the saving of money WY.

Your reckoning is similar to mine. Little will change but more money will be spent 'communicating' with the new set-up.

Jo G said...

I'm surprised at the results here Subrosa. Most I've spoken to are horrified at the prospect of a single force for Scotland. I personally would point to Lothian and Borders' recent conduct as an example of how even the current set up shows how unaccountable Police are. Imagine that scenario throughout Scotland from one Police body and how powerful that body would be? Makes me shudder anyway.

I think along with the future structure there should be discussions on accountability. Right now Police aren't even directly accountable to the Parliament. I find that very worrying indeed.

MacAskill seems to favour Council controlled set-ups all over Scotland. I don't favour that because you'll just get varied practices all over the place. I think there needs to be a new set up altogether. No more cosy relationships between Police and Council cronies.

subrosa said...

I was surprised at the number who voted for one force too Jo. Maybe they're following Kenny MacAskill's preference.

Four services are the minimum to which any reduction should be made, but regardless, there will be no cost savings. They can't con us unto believing that.

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