Friday, 7 January 2011

More Hypocrites

A couple of years ago did you had a leaflet through your door telling you how to reduce your carbon footprint?  I have. Whether it was published and distributed by the Scottish Government I can't remember because it was binned within a minute.  The usual propaganda of wearing multiple layers of clothing to keep warm instead of turning up my thermostat in temperatures such as it as right now (-7), made me realise I'm very detached from these people who write and/or believe that by carrying out their orders I would be saving the world.  If I remember, there was nothing in it to warn those older people who tend to suffer from the cold or the frail who need heat, that they shouldn't take the advice so strongly given.  No, lives of those people don't matter in the great scheme of things where the supporters of humans being responsible for the changes in our climate is concerned.

The Scottish Government continue to insist that climate change is one of the most serious threats facing the world.  Nothing to do with nuclear weapons or terrorists for them, it's climate change.  They say on their website 'its people and its environment is determined to play its part in rising to the challenge'.  I'm not.  In fact I'm firmly against paying hidden taxes to fund the scam.  Yet I get no choice.

Scottish MSPs have choice though.  They're not restrained from using airplanes, taxis and cars to go about their business.

What could you do with £36,000?  That would pay the winter heating bills of perhaps 3600 of Scotland's more vulnerable residents.

It is the amount of money the Scottish Government's Climate Change Division spent on flying round the world preaching their message.  In fact most of the money was spent on regular flights to and from Edinburgh to London, with a few to Copenhagen and Brussels and even Bali was included.  Those concerned squandered even more public money paying 'carbon levy' charges in a bid to offset the emissions generated as they took to the skies.

I've spent some time today trying to identify those who belong to the SG's Climate Change Division but with no success.  They seem to be invisible yet produce much information to the media about the need for everyone to reduce their use of energy.  Patrick Harvie, the Green MSP, wasn't too pleased.  Surely as he is chair of the SG's Climate Change Committee, he should be in constant contact with this other setup the Climate Change Division?

Now there is a suggestion that the UK government purposely kept the Met Office's warning of a cold winter secret because it could affect the UN Climate conference.  I don't often believe in conspiracies, but this one has some substance.

The Scottish Government needs to reduce the amount of money promised to climate change and put in into creating jobs.  There are thousands of people who would like to work for themselves, and perhaps employ others at a later date, yet there is no help out there for them.  Scottish Enterprise isn't interested in the one person business, they want the big boys who require large loans and yet it doesn't matter to then if they are ships in the night.

Windfarms have now proved to be incompetent and excessively expensive. I've no objection to the SG continuing with their quest to find efficient wave power and I think the Scottish topography is sympathetic to hydro in many areas.  Let's pursue these ends and do away with the Climate Change Division for starters. They're a joke but one I don't find in the least amusing.



Joe Public said...

"Windfarms have now proved to be incompetent and excessively expensive."

Skykon's UK wind turbine factory goes bust today!

Sad that some workers have lost their jobs, but their management took £2.4m 'from the Scottish government' to "safeguard" jobs.

Took from taxpayers, not any government.

RMcGeddon said...


" Skykon" ... How apt.


"Patrick Harvie, the Green MSP, wasn't too pleased"

Not the same Patrick who enjoyed a 14,000 mile 'trip of a lifetime' for his last hols is it ? Estimated carbon output was similar to a Scottish family for 6 months.
He went around the US to study the environment and how it affects gays, lesbians and transgenders. Bless.

Mind you the SNP are just the same. Praising the millions of pounds of 'investment' in useless windmills and useless wave bobbing white elephants when it's really just taxpayers money re cycled from the EU or some green quango.
While Jim Mather jets around the world on some climate jamboree or other we all freeze to death.
The SNP will be history in May but sadly the next lot will be just the same green fanatics.

Edward Spalton said...

All governments within the EU, including regional governments, are tied into various agendas (such as the many sided EU itself and the global environmentalist one) which are designed eventually to produce "global governance". This is a system of government quite outside the control of democracy. "Experts" and wise men will make the decisions (usually to the benefit of multinational companies and the destruction of significant local interests) and the elected governments, bound to accept supra national authority, are simply be the agents of the Project.

One thing we do know about all supra national or trans national agencies (tranzies for short) - from FIFA and the Olympic Games to the EU and UN is that they are invariably deeply corrupt.
The system extends to the most minute matters - the curvature of a cucumber, the way your rubbish is collected or the type of light bulbs you are permitted to buy. Whichever party you elect, you will get just the same answer.

"The science is settled" they will say - in face of the most obvious facts to the contrary.

I found this situation in a small way with local government years ago. The councillors would say "We follow the advice of our expert, professional officers" and the officers would say "We follow the decisions of the democratically elected councillors" and everything inconvenient disappeared down the void between the two - but a definite agenda and policy was followed nonetheless (aimed at getting my business off its site without having to pay compensation.A councillor was employed by a property company which owned most of the surrounding area becoming "ripe for development").

I am sure the same tricks are played at government level whether Brussels, London or Edinburgh. I am sure this is the real cause of the increasing divide between politicians of all parties and the restof the people, apart from those whose careers depend on the politicians' patronage

English Pensioner said...

A couple of years ago, I bought a 4x4 and in the subsequent months had several quite nasty notices stuck on it by so-called "greens" when I was parked in local supermarket car parks.
They have no interest in anything but their own agenda, and even if I had found who was responsible, it would have been no use explaining that having tried about 20 different cars, it was the only one which didn't play merry hell with my back if I drove more than a few miles. I dislike its fuel consumption, particularly at the present prices, but in practice it was this car or nothing.
These idiots don't understand that most sensible people have logical reasons for their actions, particularly if they cost money, and none of us would wish to do any more harm to the environment than necessary.
(Mind you, I did have the last laugh when I was able to to watch one local green trying to get his car moving in the snow!)

subrosa said...

Sadly that's been on the cards for some time now Joe. What do the unions think they can do to save it? All they're doing is posturing. Shame for the workers though because I'm sure they thought they had long term work when they started.

subrosa said...

They're all on the green wagon RM and that's what makes me realise there's far more money is this nonsense than I ever thought.

When you think about it the money just goes round and round the same groups with us topping it up regularly.

Now there's a cheery subject isn't it? :)

subrosa said...

I'm sure the same tricks are played Edward. In my experience few, if any, political representatives have paid anything other than lip service to their electorate.

subrosa said...

EP 4 x 4s are part of the scenery here. Many people wouldn't be able to travel without one. If I could afford one I'd have one because I fed up of driving on roads which aren't cleared nearly as much as they were just a few years ago.

It's been snowing here for around 3 hours now and the A road I can see from the window hasn't had one plough/gritter do either way. It's a road which is enroute to the depot to refuel/refill. Nothing will be done tomorrow or Sunday either and by then it will be hard packed ice. If it goes on all night then we'll be back in the state we were last month with the pavements stacked with piles of frozen snow which never melts.

Glad you got the last laugh and a little satisfaction. :)

Apogee said...

Hi SR, can I suggest we as a country could do a swap land for land and population for population for one of these warm pieces of land that everyone there wants to leave and come over here.It is of interest how many would want to come here if the place was peopled with their own and they only had their own efforts to survive with. Benefits, housing etc would be their problem.
Could our people make a go of it in a warm/tropical country? Be nice to find out.
Very few heating bills to start with.
And an honest political system!
Any one else think it is worth considering?

subrosa said...

Off to look at the map Apogee. Must find somewhere which produces oil and has enough drinking water to give it away...

tomandclaire said...

In most cases "hydro" is simply a method of 'storing' electricity. The water running downhill during the day produces electricity, then the water is pumped back uphill at nighttime when electricity consumption is reduced.

subrosa said...

That's it tomandclaire, and it doesn't destroy the landscape - although back in the 50s there was a stooshie here about the Pitlochry dam when people though the landscape would be ruined. In some ways it enhances it and the buildings involved are architecturally splendid.

Derek said...

Wind farms! A subject I've just been reading up on. It's widely acknowledged they are expensive and inefficient and unable to supply power when most demanded, but the following link to the writings of Eric Rosenbloom, and exploration of links within those pages just amaze me:

subrosa said...

Derek, what would I do without readers like you would are kind enough to share your knowledge. Many thanks for the link. :)

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