Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Gerry Rafferty 1947-2011

Unable to shake off his troubles with drink, Gerry Rafferty died at home yesterday.

He well deserves his place in pop history and I've listened to his music for as long as I can remember.

'Stuck In The Middle With You' is perhaps his best known song, but there were many others. Like this man I possibly have most of his recordings and will continue to play them until I'm unable to hear.



Dioclese said...

Wrote some nice stuff. Preferred him when he was with Stealers Wheel.

Michael Fowke said...

Probably a two-hit wonder, though.

Anonymous said...

Baker Street was a great tune, though I have to admit I'm not surprised to see him go, after his troubles with drink. Still, the last I had heard he was making progress and had started writing and recording again, so it's very sad.

subrosa said...

He had an exceptional talent though gentlemen, but he refused to be exploited.

His addiction by then didn't help his ability to provide great material. Sadly, addictions in artistic people work well initially but then they become their downfall.

Mad Dog McClane said...

And Pete Postlethwaite at the same time. It makes you think.

Exceptional talents, both of them.

Jo G said...

He had a tough young life. His mother took him walking late on Saturday nights in the hope that by the time they got home his violent drunken father would be passed out and they wouldn't face a beating.

The alcoholism he suffered with is something that would have taken others too given the chance. Billy Connolly openly admits had he not ditched the stuff he wouldn't be with us now either.

I liked him with Stealers Wheel too Subrosa but for me City to City was his real triumph. He was a wonderful song writer, vocalist and musician and a highly talented man. City to City remains the only album I have on vinyl, cassette and CD. Lyrically it tells many tales many of which I think are related to Rafferty's own personal story. "Baker Street" was about much more than that saxophone piece haunting tho it was.

I hope he's found peace. Many of us will not forget his music.

subrosa said...

Unfortunately alcoholism doesn't only affect those from a background such as his but I wonder if it affects those with an artistic talent Jo, more than the rest.

Musicians in particular seem to be prone to the need to escape reality but that's only my experience because I also know of people who use/used it for exactly that reason yet wouldn't recognise a musical note if it bit them.

It's a hell of a poison if used in excess.

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