Tuesday, 14 December 2010


Iain Dale has decided to call a halt to blogging.  Most of his readers won't be surprised by his decision, because it was quite evident in recent months that he was struggling to find time to dedicate to blog posts.  Over the years his content has made me laugh or chunter away to myself in disagreement, but it was usually fair.

Iain and Guido were the pioneers of British blogging and well deserve the accolade.  Without their tenacity and example many political bloggers would not exist.  Not long after I started blogging I email him about something - I don't remember what - and was thrilled to receive a personal reply within hours.  To be honest, I hadn't expected any response and I was struck by his courtesy and understanding in that initial - and future - correspondence.

So Mr Dale, I thank you for your inspiration.  You mention you hate the 'character assassination' which is permanently present and yes, that can be very distressing, particularly when the most assassins don't even provide an email address on their own blogs and just wishes to kill you publicly.  You rose above these spurious accusations and in doing so, encouraged others who found themselves in similar positions, to behave with similar dignity.  For that I'm most grateful.

Tschüs Iain, bis später.


Iain Dale said...

Bless you.

subrosa said...

You're more than welcome.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Using a colloquial German vale has to be the most imaginative I've seen today ... but why German, exactly?

Nice tribute to a nice guy, Rosie, as one would expect from you. :)

Hamish said...

Dick, If you had read Iain more carefully, you would know he has studied German and worked in Germany.
But agreed, nice tribute from our host.
I notice a few snide comments on some of the blogs (he was past it, he wants to make more money from his other interests), but they are greatly out-numbered by the positive comments.
I have sparred with him on a number of occasions, and once exasperated him to the point where he told me to "go swivel". A picturesque expression which I will treasure.

subrosa said...

Iain's a fluent German speaker and reader Dick. He's often mentioned how he enjoys the language. I do too. Sadly my skills are now quite rusty.

subrosa said...

Ah Hamish, I replied to Dick before I read your comment. Sorry.

Thank you so much the two of you for the compliment btw.

He was never rude though Hamish. I noticed that and when I had an assassination done on me recently, his example kept me from being less than polite.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Tschüß, or Tscheuss if you do not have a German key board.

Anonymous said...


subrosa said...

My spelling is acceptable Furor. It's the one I've used for over 40 years.

subrosa said...

Jings rightwinggit, isn't technology wonderful. As I said to Furor, my spelling is acceptable for a non-German keyboard.

Furor Teutonicus said...

It ends in a double "s" Key board or NO keyboard.

But then I speak Hochdeutsch and not some bastardisation.

subrosa said...

Enough Furor. I lived in that country for years, studied, spoken and written the language for over 40 years.

You're being pedantic and you know that if you speak hochdeutsch.


carrew said...

Damn, he was good.....very good indeed. In the run-up to the general election Ian's blog was a "must read".

Here's a mischievous idea.....I wonder how much it would cost the SNP to give Ian Dale a 6 month contract as Director of Online Communications?

slainte to you Ian.

subrosa said...

He was good carrew.

Now that is an idea but I doubt if he would have time. The SNP could do with a master of the online art. They need one quickly too.

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