Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Scotland's Champions

Elephant: Daisy May  Trainer: L Muck
photo courtesy of L. Muck and 1st Lady

You may well be wondering what elephants have to do with Scotland.  They're not a common sight in the hills these days as I believe heather gives them indigestion. The haggi nipped their toenails with such ferocity - they walk on tiptoe because of the way their feet are formed - they could no longer bear the pain and according to L. Muck took refuge in Edinburgh Zoo, where a group called Team Scotland was formed. A local gamekeeper remarked: "I was glad to get rid of them because it was a thankless task hauling them up and down the hill.  You've no idea how many 4 x 4s were written off in recent years".

But Team Scotland have been worthy winners of the World Elephant Polo Championships in the past, winning the cup in the WEPA 25th anniversary year in 2006.

Yes I did say polo.  Back in 1982 James Manclark, from Haddington near Edinburgh, founded WEPA with Jim Edwards, proprietor of Tiger Tops Jungle lodge located in the Chitwan National Park in Nepal, where the world championships have been held ever since.

Chivas Regal Scotland appear to have a strong team too and were winners last year. Goes to prove a dram does no harm doesn't it.

If you fancy an exciting elephant ride it could be worth getting in touch with Mr Manclark to see if you could join a training session.  They take place late evenings in Princes Street.  Dodging the tramworks, I'm told, is an excellent (and inexpensive) exercise for keeping our unforgetting friends on their toes.  Edinburgh council aren't too keen on these nocturnal activities.  Can't think why.

Thanks to Edward for discovering the Scottish Diary.


Hamish said...

Subrosa, that last picture fair put me off my porridge.
The one at the beginning is a fair likeness to the First Minister but you really shouldn't have dragged the First Lady into it.
Made me laugh anyway.

Congratulations on running an excellent blog not only in content but in presentation too.
Lang may your lum reek (but don't smoke in my direction).



subrosa said...

Oh Hamish, it takes a brave man to scroll down before they've had their porridge. :)

I liked it too but then I have a slightly dour demeanor. :)

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