Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Piers Corbyn Interview

Strange the BBC haven't interviewed Mr Corbyn when his weather forecasting has been so much more accurate than the Met Office.

If you'd like to follow Mr Corbyn on Twitter his address is piers_corbyn.


Jo G said...

Speaking of weather missus, isn't it odd that despite massive disruption throughout England, Wales and Northern Ireland due to horrific levels of snow and sub-sub zero temperatures - not one Government Minister in any of those regions has had to resign because of it? Yet in our bonnie wee country BBC Scotland and Labour were able to get rid of the Transport Minister by blaming him for all of it! And then last night what do I see on the news but New York and Washington. They're at a standstill too due to snow! Jeezo! Surely someone will resgin some time if Stewart Stephenson had to? ; )

subrosa said...

It is odd Jo but I think Stewart Stevenson had had enough, rather than felt he must resign.

At least he was honourable. How many still sit on the Labour benches who we know are guilty of fraud/corruption.

Elaine said...

I am assuming that this is the start of Labours election campaign, forget coming up with workable policies etc just dis the present Government.
Last night the beeb helped to spawn this story
Just how do Labour justify kna@*ering what was obviously a successful operation by publicising it in this way, unless of course they didn't want it to work.

Oldrightie said...

Terrific spot, Subrosa!

Jo G said...

Indeed Subrosa, but you know how the MSM make out we're all paranoid? The lack of calls for resignations from transport ministers elsewhere in the British Isles throughout recent weather chaos kind of makes you see that there is no paranoia involved: only the sick twisted excuse that passes for a media in Scotland.

subrosa said...

Elaine, thanks so much for the link. I haven't had my eye on things much today. Will do something with it later.

subrosa said...

That's the BBC's objective these days Jo, not to inform but to indoctrinate. They (including their political masters) don't like those of us with more than one brain cell and we have to be beaten into submission.

It was the media who cause Stewart Stevenson's demise. I think perhaps he was glad to get out of the fray.

subrosa said...

Thanks OR. x

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