Saturday, 18 December 2010

Brewer Thanks MSPs

The giant brewer SAB Miller, paid for a report from the Centre for Economics and Business Research which rejected the case for the SNP's move to have minimum pricing on alcohol introduced to Scotland.  It was this report which was used by the Labour party as the main objection to the SNP's proposal.

The brewer has sent crates of its Peroni Lager to Labour shadow health secretary Jackie Baillie, Labour's justice spokesman Richard Baker and Tories Mary Scanlon and Murdo Fraser, who shared the health brief.

The Labour MSPs moved quickly to give the booze away by donating it to Whitefoord House, a home for ex-servicemen across the street from the Scottish Parliament.

"At Christmas it is particularly important that we remember our veterans and serving men and women wherever they are," said Jackie Ballie.
North-East Scotland MSP Richard Baker said, "Much as I enjoy the occasional tipple these guys deserve it much more than me. I hope that they have a happy Christmas and a good New Year."

The Tories have yet to get rid of their 'reward' cases although Murdo Fraser said he'd been in touch with a soldiers' charity and asked if they would accept it.

They should never have accepted the beer in the first place.  It should have been returned and the brewer asked to contribute to a charity of the MSPs' choice.  If these MSPs really feel so charitable towards our veterans why didn't they quietly make a financial contribution towards one of the associations?  There are plenty around these days.

There's nothing honourable about donating ill-gotten gains to charity in an effort to clear consciences.



cynicalHighlander said...

Conservative and Labour MSPs can be bought to block laws in Scotland, I wonder if that is treasonable.
ActionAid exposes tax dodging by UK brewing giant SABMiller, owners of Grolsch

Strange that LibDems not given a case!

Apogee said...

Hi SR,this whole thing puzzles me.
It seems that a report obtained by a brewing company was used to influence legislation , and then certain legislators whose case was aided by the report benefited by 'gifts in kind'.
Is this legal?

subrosa said...

Thanks for that link CH. I had read that earlier.

Aye, I had a dig around to see if there was any report about the LibDems being offered any, but nothing.

subrosa said...

I'm unsure about that Apogee. Looking at the SG website, it would appear as long as they register a 'gift' then it's ok.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I'd have destroyed the evidence in double quick time. Problem solved. ;)

subrosa said...

I'm sure they would wish that too Dick, but I suspect some very efficient reception staff recorded every package. ;)

Demetrius said...

I first sampled Peroni at an Italian restaurant in Edinburgh. It was around the time I discovered Bailie Nicol Jarvie of Leith as well as a forebear there who was still heaving coal at 93 with a wife in her 30's. They don't make them like that any more.

subrosa said...

From one of my windows I can see a man of 84 shovelling snow like a youngster Demetrius. His wife is anxiously popping in and out and he's obviously telling her to stay inside. She's 85 so it's only fair he does the shifting. :)

Dramfineday said...

Sorry, to be repetitive Rosie, vile, vile, vile. Still, I expected nothing from the Tories (big business) and the Libdems (who knows?) BUT labour, the workers party, the party of the people, the party who are in the thrall off caffeine...message: "it's the Alcohol stupid!"
PS why should all these Herbert’s assume that our maimed and injured armed forces, "the heros" should be shoved a crate or six of strong lager....?

subrosa said...

You're never repetitive Dram.

I did think that too. The easy way out with lack of thought. Anything will do for our veterans...

Allan said...


I sincerely hope the"workers party" was ironic, they haven't been the workers party for years.

Two things strike me about this. Firstly christmas parties between the Licenced trade & their reps will be very interesting (considering that the Licencee's were all for Minimum Pricing), and what was their quid pro quo for the backing (apart from the sight of the "competition" being hampered)?

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