Sunday, 31 October 2010

Two Left Feet? You're Not Alone

I haven't decided who is braver, Mr du Beck or Miss Widdecombe.  Both are highly entertaining though.  So, for all you folk who think you'll never be able to dance, I hope this inspires you - one way or the other. Also I hope it makes you smile on this lovely autumnal Sunday morning.

With thanks to TT.


JRB said...

The vision of that ‘thing’ in a gold tent is without question the scariest thing I’ve seen this Halloween.

(Not a fan of Strictly Come X Factoring, or whatever that was … and why did they have to ‘kill’ the Troggs’ classic Wild Thing )


subrosa said...

Auch John, and there was me thinking I would make you smile on a lovely sunny morning. :)

I stopped watching the programme a few series ago, but it's worth recording for the few minutes of Widdicombe wonders.

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