Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Take Your Pick

Dick Puddlecote -  A Libertarian Case for CCTV

Cranmer -  Katharine Birbalsingh

The Sheridan Trial

Think Defence -  SDSR in 10 Easy Pieces

Jan Boucek -  University funding deja vu

Pseudepigrapha - Hootsman Headlines

Lallands Peat Worrier -  We're the Jury!  Dread our fury!

Welcome to my World -  Seal'ed Documents

Dr Grumble -  Competing on Tax Rates

Old Rightie -  An NHS Experience

All Seeing Eye -  Gunboat Diplomacy

Another Side of Lesley Riddoch -  Megrahi Returns


Conan the Librarian™ said...

I see that yourself and Darkie (well that's me condemned) have been ostracised by some SNP posters that I have barely heard of.
As ye ken, I'm a left winger, we that are for Independence should wait until we have it *before* having the usual civil war...

PS. Thanks for the plug as always:¬)

RMcGeddon said...

That Tommy Sheridan blog is interesting SR. Hard to guess how things will pan out.

The comments on that Bella blog are funny Conan. Gasp .. subrosa even lets 'climate deniers' post comments. Says all you need to know about them really. Totally brainwashed and without original thought.
They probably think the BBC is unbiased and the EU is a good thing.

subrosa said...

Aye Conan, but I disagree. If you want to sell something you've got to have a superb front window. No point in having a sale without advertising it and so many people ask me 'what about x,y and z if we did decide to vote for independence'. People are thinking about it. We have to put some flesh on the bones.

There are plenty people around here who are far more right-winged than I'll ever be yet they vote for John Swinney, because they consider him to be centre-right. They want their questions answered before they put any cross on any referendum paper and they're the ones who may make the difference between a yes and no vote.

subrosa said...

It is RM. I think it's by a lawyer and was recommended to me.

Aye that was amusing RM, me letting deniers comment on here. Imagine that. There's nothing like shouting 'she's a racist' to get the hard left going. Pity, because they do more harm than good for the SNP. Pity too the writer of the post didn't even bother to read past the title of my post.

Never mind RM, I'm a reasonably tolerant person who is happy to have discussions from every angle as long as the writer doesn't cast personal insults on others.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Thanks awfully for the link Rosie. But did Elmer Fudd write libebertarian? ;)

RMcGeddon said...

Yes it's amusing and also strange that they get so worried about small blogs and unfavourable comments.
Pat Kane gets unlimited access to the BBC to give us his views on green issues, the 'nasty ' Tories etc... All done in flowery language that even Stuart Cosgrove would envy and all without anyone having the chance to rebuff his claims.
Yet any unfavourable comments or publicity are deleted or shouted down.
Examples are The Guardians CIF section which deletes comments that don't conform to their agenda.
Or the the '10 10 no pressure' snuff film that was 'innovative' and 'cutting edge' until it was shown to be disgusting. They then went into overdrive deleting it and any spoofs of it.
They're similar to religions. Allowed to pontificate all they want and anyone who challenges them is labelled a denier, racist, little englander, bigot etc...

subrosa said...

What a fool I am to rely, at times, on Blogger's spellcheck. Amended now Dick and thanks for pointing it out.

subrosa said...

Small blogs RM? I'll have you know I've been the top Scottish blogger with Wikio for many months. :) (Wikio checks something technical which is highly rated by bloggers I'm told).

Maybe they're just a wee bittie miffed that a one woman blogger (and an older one at that) can reach such dizzy heights when they themselves have a Who's Who in Scotland of contributors.


RMcGeddon said...

Ha ha. My apologies SR.
Wikio are very wise in their blog ratings.
I usually avoid blogs that have household names as contributors. You know they will just spout the usual lefty luvvie line that will ensure they keep getting invited onto Kirsty Wark's comfy sofa.

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