Friday, 8 October 2010

The Shadow Cabinet

The result of Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet competition has been announced.  Of 49 who entered the raffle, 19 won prizes, but they won't know who gets the booby until later today.

The full list of successful candidates is:
Douglas Alexander - 160 votes
Ed Balls - 179 votes
Hilary Benn - 128 votes
Andy Burnham - 165 votes
Liam Byrne - 100 votes
Yvette Cooper - 232 votes
Mary Creagh - 119 votes
John Denham - 129 votes
Angela Eagle - 165 votes
Maria Eagle - 107 votes
Caroline Flint - 139 votes
John Healey - 192 votes
Meg Hillier - 106 votes
Alan Johnson - 163 votes
Tessa Jowell - 152 votes
Sadiq Khan - 128 votes
Ivan Lewis - 104 votes
Ann McKechin - 117 votes
Jim Murphy - 160 votes
It didn't slip my attention that Jim Murphy, who ran David Miliband's failed leadership campaign, has managed to jump on board so we haven't seen the back of him.  Because there are only three Scots I assume at least two of them will want the shadow Scotland Office minister's job.  Dougie Alexander may prefer the Foreign Office.
We'll know later in the day who is where but it would appear, from today's press, that Ed Balls is favourite for shadow chancellor.


Oldrightie said...

All together now, led by Jack Straw, "A THIRD OF THEM ARE INCAPABLE". 14 are from Jack's bunch!

subrosa said...

I read your morning post earlier OR. What a shambles eh? It's a bit like an employer having his employees handpicked by his competitors isn't it.

RMcGeddon said...
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RMcGeddon said...

You should have a poll on who will be sacked first SR.
I'd go for the obnoxious Sadiq Khan.
He's had 3 'inquiries' into his expenses so far and only hung on by the skin of his teeth.
Spud Murphy will prove good sport so hopefully he stays as long as possible.
Caroline Flint will probably just be there for window dressing ( not bad at £130K plus expenses).
Douglas Alexander is the gift that keeps giving. He resembles a gulping goldfish thrown out of the bowl by his naughty sister.
Fragrant Yvette Cooper. Lots of pious statements from her to look forward to. Head bowed sideways to emphasise her sincerity. Eyes narrowed and mouth puckered.
Ed 'Blinky' Balls. Hopefully he gets his eyes lasered and doesn't spend the next 4 years blinking at us again. It gets me blinking aswell. Poor Yvette. A big fat blinker on top of her all night. Yuch.
No blacks or gays. Strange. Although early days for some of them to come out I suppose ( not as a black - as gay ).
Poor Dianne Abbott. Even that was a step too far to attract the black vote.
Eric Joyce got 10 votes by the way. Now he would have been a joy. The million pound socialist parasite par excellence.

8 October 2010 10:18

Dioclese said...

What possible authority can you have if you are told who can and can't sit in your cabinet?

JRB said...

The Labour party – making a Balls of it (as usual).

Isn’t the labour party wonderful?

After the Greek tragedy that was the conference and the election of a new leader with all the fraternal machinations of Ed and Dave.

Could we now be set for the unfolding of a dramatic family feud starring Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper?
Will one win the prize and the other retire, in the huff, to obscurity on the back benches?
As these two ambitious politicians battle it out, will it be the husband or the wife that wins custody of the ‘red box’?

… and once that has been played out, the clown will appear to entertain us all – cue Jim :)

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Hello all I'm back in the fray - well sort of,once the completion of a downsizing move has exposed the
debris of 40 years of accumulated necessities which have silently andf unobtrusively adopted the mantle of rubbish.

Bit like politicians really once the mantle of power has been removed from them and their left with nothing more than mendacious promisers on how good they'll be next time.

But hey; whether you pronounce it as shit or shite; if the people buy it where's the reason to change it?

subrosa said...

Now there's an idea RM. Remind me to do it in a couple of week's time.

I believe he's Ed's closest pal is Sadiq. Sad isn't it?

Funnily enough that was said to me last night 'No gays or black people'. Not very pc - in fact not pc at all.

Super post RM, thanks.

subrosa said...

That's my question Dioclese. What's the answer? None?

subrosa said...

I don't think the Balls will be too bothered who gets what John, as long as the salary is big enough for them to live like royalty.

subrosa said...

RA - how good to see you! Glad to hear you've managed to survive. I thought I'd give you another few weeks then send in the search and rescue services. Oh we don't really have any these days do we.

Can't disagree with your final sentence.

Clarinda said...

Where exactly is the "new generation" with 14 hasbeens - including David Miliband's losing campaign chief Jim Murphy - now Shadow Defence, no doubt taking an advanced course on a 'How to Fight the Skin off a Rice Puddin' with your elbows'; Wee Dougie - failed Labour General Election chief and who is Ann McKechin? Not exactly a star line up for 'senior' Labour Scots at Westminster - the Knuckle Brothers and token woman.

CrazyDaisy said...


I see Spud chickenshit Murphy has the Defence brief. The man who was moved out of Sud Afrika to prevent him bring called up to serve his National Service.

If that man has the audacity to try and tell me how to serve he's gonna get a can of whoop ass opened up on him, pronto!


subrosa said...

It makes a mockery of our security with Murphy as Defence Clarinda. Then our security isn't uppermost in the minds of politicians.

Ms McKechin has been on Newnicht - honestly. I did see her once. Have no recall of her conversation though.

subrosa said...

Better get your tin opener at the ready CD because Murphy thinks he knows it all.

You're not having much luck between Fox and Murphy are you? My sympathies.

Dramfineday said...

Mmm hardly three live wires representing Scotland. Yes persons to the core

subrosa said...

At least Murphy won't be on the front pages every day Dram. I'm grateful for small mercies.

banned said...

Diane was robbed!

subrosa said...

She'll make more money staying on Brillo's programme banned.

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