Saturday, 2 October 2010

Scottish Journalism and SNP Bias

Isn't it strange how two newspapers can report so diversely on one subject.  Yesterday there was a stooshie in the Scottish media about a Glasgow granny being evicted from her home as it stands in the way of the plans to make the site the athletes' village for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Glasgow City Council has offered Mrs Jaconelli £30,000 under a compulsory purchase order and she isn't happy.  Yesterday the First Minister became involved and he appeared to back the council's bid to evict Mrs Jaconelli and today the Scottish Express continue the attack on the FM claiming his stay in a 5 star hotel at India's Commonwealth Games is "unnecessary and completely excessive".  How they make that claim, when the cost of the Scottish government's official visit to Delhi has not yet been calculated, is bad journalism.

Glasgow is to host the 2014 Games.  Who do critics such as the well-by-his-sell-by-date George Foulkes think should represent Scotland in Delhi?  Perhaps George fancied a little trip himself, but I doubt if he would consider travelling economy class - the manner in which Shona Robison and some advisors flew on Thursday.

The saga continues today with the Herald doing a fine piece of investigative journalism.  It would appear Mrs Jaconelli has been offered several homes since 2002 and refused them all.  Furthermore, it's revealed that her lawyer is asking the council for a massive £380,000 on his client's behalf, £300,000 for the value of the land being acquired by the authority and a further £80,000 for the inconvenience.

As one local resident said: "Sympathy for the Jaconellis' situation would evaporate once the amount of money the family is looking for is known.

"It's a sad story, but 11 years ago, long before this Commonwealth Games business, a dozen other people took around £30,000 being offered and ran, including one family selling their flat in the block for £11,000."  Mrs Jaconelli and her family are the only residents living in the housing block.

She said: "My solicitor put in for that figure.  He wanted me to get a decent settlement.  I haven't known what the figure is.  You'll need to ask him".

There we have it.  The Scottish press desperate to tarnish the SNP government and the First Minister, yet with a little digging it appears the leadership of the SNP group within Glasgow City Council has done everything within their power to rehouse Mrs Jaconelli.  We now also know our political representatives used economy class to fly to India and Alex Salmond - being perhaps the best ambassador Scotland has had in many a year - wants to stay in a 5 star hotel in Delhi good luck to him.  I wouldn't stay in anything less than 4 star myself in a country which doesn't have the highest hygiene standards.

Three newspapers, two very different reports on the same story.  The SNP-bashing will only worsen the nearer we drift towards May next year.


Joe Public said...

As an outside observer:-

1. "....claiming his stay in a 5 star hotel at India's Commonwealth Games is "unnecessary and completely excessive". How they make that claim, when the cost of the Scottish government's official visit to Delhi has not yet been calculated, is bad journalism."

Does any politician need to stay in a 5-star hotel that someone else is paying for? I think not.

2. " It would appear Mrs Jaconelli has been offered several homes since 2002 and refused them all." Perhaps she likes living in her existing home.

3. "Furthermore, it's revealed that her lawyer is asking the council for a massive £380,000 on his client's behalf, £300,000 for the value of the land being acquired by the authority and a further £80,000 for the inconvenience."

Simple economics of supply & demand.

Why should anyone be evicted from their home just because another group want to build an atheletes' village. How would you feel Rosie, if they wanted to build that village on your land?

Strathturret said...

I would expect any senior politician visiting India to stay in a 5 star hotel. There is no arguement!

Any major project will involve compulsary purchase. One person cannot prevent a new motorway, dam, whatever.

Comments on press are too true. Scotsman today tries to downplay Salmond's role in the Scottish politicians pleas on defence spending.

cynicalHighlander said...

You'll be adding your support to Tripping up Trump then!

SB thanks I wondered why call Kaye was highlighting this story on Friday.

Alex Porter said...

The morons in the unionist press will only be happy when Salmond takes a tent with him - as long as it´s not a 4 man tent.

Though, having said that, the unionist media would tell us he was shaming Scotland.

Let´s face it Scotland, we don´t have a democratic media. We have to construct our own channels of communication!

subrosa said...

Joe, as I said in the post, I wouldn't stay in anything less than a four star in many countries. India is one of them.

Her block was due for demolition. How she can like living in a deserted, boarded up block I don't know.

3. Can't really comment because I don't know the cost of land around there.

I don't think I'd get an option Joe. What I would do is ensure I got a good deal and not leave it to compulsory purchase. They are always a bad deal.

subrosa said...

Aye I noticed that Strathturret, yet he's been in the forefront of leading the attack on Westminster. More bias.

subrosa said...

I think I have already CH - given my support to TUT.

RMcGeddon said...

Slightly off topic SR. Have you seen the parody to the eco 1010 film yet ?
A slightly religious take on the subject...

subrosa said...

I think that's what irks me most Alex, the constant 'he shames Scotland'.

Even my unionist friends admit he's a great ambassador.

subrosa said...

I have now RM. Might be a good Sunday morning post. Thanks.

RMcGeddon said...

No probs SR.
Here's some links to stories about the author Franny Armstrong. She seems to have been totally brainwashed from an early age so this may be the plan with these types of films.

Leg-iron said...

As you know, I'm no fan of Oily Al because I'm both smoker and drinker so he hates me. I might even put on weight to get the whole set.

However, the Prime Monster of any government should always be in a five star hotel. Not for his/her own sake but because anything less makes the country look like it's in financial trouble. Okay, we are, but let's not advertise the fact. Besides, five-star prices in India are likely to be bed-and-breakfast prices in the UK.

I've travelled first class to meetings when I could barely afford it, if I knew I'd be met from the train and there was a contract on offer. If the company thinks I'm struggling they'll think it's because I'm no good. Impressions matter to the impressionable. All politicians and most company directors are impressionable.

As for the woman, if I lived in a flat worth 11,000 and you offered me 30,000 for it, count your fingers after I'd taken the money. You won't have seen it leave your hand.

The value of the land... is that the land under the entire block of flats? She doesn't own it all. Only the area under her flat divided by the number of flats above that area. So with that approach she could end up with a lot less money than the offer. Plus, the lawyer will take most of it.

Oily Al is not my favourite person by a long way but I'm only going to bash him for what he's really doing wrong. This isn't it.

subrosa said...

Many thanks for these links RM. She does seem a fanatic doesn't she.

subrosa said...

Now now LI, don't go putting on weight or I won't organise your book signing.

Of course he should stay in a five star hotel but it does go to show how petty the unionists really are when we have far more serious problems ie attracting manufacturing etc.

I think the compensation business has backfired for this wifey. She perhaps thought if she stayed until last the council would pay her whatever she asked just to get rid of her, but she didn't bother to find out about the law.

You're a fair bloke I know that and Maximum Eck is a good ambassador for Scotland.

Jo G said...

Agree Subrosa although there are local concerns about the disposal of all these newly built houses once the Games are over and what exactly the local communities of Bridgeton and Dalmarnock will gain. Probably precious little. In the main the new houses will be sold and not cheaply either. Someone somewhere will make a killing. As for land costs around there, it won't be expensive, it is, after all, the East End.

subrosa said...

Jo I didn't write from the local angle because I'm not acquaint with the east end, Fully understand that someone will make a killing but for this woman and her family she's had bad advice - being told to stay until the bitter end.

Surely she should have taken advice on board. She's perfectly capable of doing so if her interview on TV is anything to go by.

Yes, the new houses will be well out of the reach of the locals. Happens everywhere now.

Allan said...

Ms Jaconelli appeared on the "Call Kaye" programme on Friday morning. From what i heard before i went into work, she was offered several homes. However she owns her own home, where the council were offering either rented accomodation or part owned/part rented housing with Ms Jaconelli owning only 80% of the home, and paying 20% rent on the property. Not so clear cut as is being reported, and reminiscant of the story of the family who Renfrewshire Council were trying to force from their owner occupied home 6 years ago.

Mr Salmond has not covered himself in glory by backing Glasgow City Council, but at least he hasn't resorted to the dirty tricks that Glasgow City Council quite clearly have.

subrosa said...

Allan I understand she was offered several homes with the last one being the one you mention. It was an expensive place which was worth far more than her present home so they asked here for a 20% rent. Nothing new there if you're upgrading. We all have to pay more in those circumstances.

William said...

I'm surprised so many people are quick to disregard this woman's property rights in pursuit of their ideological aims. I guess this is what happens when nationalism takes hold - nothing can get in the way of The Project.

Mrs Jaconelli can claim whatever the hell she likes and Glasgow City Council and the SNP can go and whistle. It is her property, not theirs - her rights trump theirs.

This should not to be explained in a free country.

subrosa said...

So William, there weren't any people displaced to build the M8, M74, all these link roads around Edinburgh and Glasgow. Nobody inconvenienced. Not one road went through someone's home/business. Wonderful planning from labour wasn't it.

There are laws about when compulsory purchase can be used. She obviously didn't bother reading them or getting advice early enough.

William said...

I'm sure it did happen. Were people fairly compensated? I'd hope so. If they weren't, they'd have a legitimate grievance - just like Mrs Jaconelli.

Let me get my head round this - the State is using laws to force a private property owner from her home so that they can build something for a multicultural jamboree that will benefit no-one and you're applauding this?

I sincerely hope Mrs Jaconelli screws Glasgow City Council for every penny that she can. Mrs Jaconelli's only 'crime' is to imagine that as a homeowner in an unfashionable area that she has rights. Of course, councils and the SNP would treat a homeowner in Bearsden or Milngavie in exactly the same manner. Of course they would. Everyone being equal under the law an' a' that.

The SNP and GCC have gambled on this 'little person' rolling over and doing what she was told. That gamble has blown up in their face. Hell mend them.

subrosa said...

I'm not applauding anything William. My main point of the post was the media are doing their best to pin this on the SNP when that, of course, is nonsense.

There are strict laws covering this type of thing. The decision was made to use that land for the 2014 Commonwealth Games way back when Jack was FM.

Let me tell you, a homeowner in Bearsden, Milngavie or wherever will be treated the same. If councils get permission to build something, they will use the law to do it.

You're letting your dislike of the SNP cloud your judgement in this William.

RMcGeddon said...


" The SNP and GCC have gambled on this 'little person' rolling over and doing what she was told. That gamble has blown up in their face. Hell mend them."

You seem to hold the misconception that citizens have a right to land. This isn't true. If the state wants to take your land there is nothing to stop them. Under Scots or English Law.
And it doesn't matter how wealthy you are. This has been shown by the Trump golf course, M77, new Aberdeen bypass, new high speed rail link, new London Olympic stadium etc. All these projects forced people out of their homes whether rich or poor.
This lady should have taken the money years ago when the rest of the tennants were given 3 times the market value. The state will ruin her and not care a jot.

William said...

RM, the fact other people may have been forcibly displaced to make room for vanity projects across the UK does not make it right that Mrs Jaconelli should be displaced - or that Salmond should so bizarrely accept it as perfectly alright.

Displacement, disorientation, dislocation - are these not the tactics of Guantanamo Bay?

RMcGeddon said...


I'm with you on the unfairness of the situation but things are what they are. At the end of the day the state can just take her house and all her land and all costs for their inconvenience if they wish to.
You rent your land from the state via taxes and your heirs take up the burden when you die.

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