Monday, 11 October 2010

Jim Swire

Nobody can fail to recognise the name Jim Swire or the face.

Dr Swire's daughter Flora was killed on the Pan-Am Flight 103 which a bomb exploded on the plane 30,000ft over Lockerbie on 21 December 1988.

Since then Dr Swire has dedicated his life to make sense of the complex web of technical, legal and, he claims, often officially-suppressed intelligence about who carried out the atrocity.

He, and others, are now petitioning the Scottish Parliament:

Justice for Megrahi
Raised by: Dr Jim Swire, Professor Robert Black QC, Mr Robert Forrester, Father Patrick Keegans and Mr Iain McKie on behalf of Justice for Megrahi on 08 October 2010
Calling on the Scottish Parliament to urge the Scottish Government to open an independent inquiry into the 2001 Kamp van Zeist conviction of Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi for the bombing of Pan Am flight 103 in December 1988.  

The closing date is 28 October but I would ask you to sign the petition now.  Thank you.


wisnaeme said...

Signed, though what good it will do other than reiterate to the powers that be, the strength of feeling, here and abroad that Scottish justice was not seen to be done in the Lockerbie disaster.
Too many skeletons in cupboards that might be more than a little embarrasing to folk in high and not so high places. Particulary those of the self interest sort.
No, the truth will not out in it's entirety for we have the reputations to consider ...and reputations have a tendency to garner about them pleasing opinions from other folk that matter in the fields of advancement. With all the advantages advancement brings,naturally.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Signed as well, Rosie. The trouble is that the truth will never come out because as Wisnaeme says above there are too many skeletons in the cupboard, not least in the CIA's cupboard and they will never come out. I'm running a poll on Megrahi's conviction and it is hugely on the side of innocence so far.

wisnaeme said...

Interesting to see on the petition the amount of signees from Malta.
Do they know something we don't?

subrosa said...

We can but try though wisnaeme. Such a shame the SNP missed the opportunity to get this investigated.

subrosa said...

That doesn't surprise me in the least DL. I voted that way too.

subrosa said...

Yes I noticed that wisnaeme. I hope it goes to the US. That would then make it interesting.

Charles said...

I've signed, though my views go further than arguing for the clearing of Mr Megrahi's name.

I've worked out the destruction of Pan Am 103 was jointly carried by Iran and the USA (a sort of late Iran-contra deal) to get HW Bush elected and give Iran its revenge for the downing of IR-655.

How do I know this must be true? Have a look at "conspiracy theories Flight Pan Am 103" in the Wikipedia.

The possibility of a conspiracy between ye US and Iran isn't mentioned, but clearly it is a feasibility -we're only talking conspiracy theories here

Charles said...


If you try to amend the Wikipedia to suggest a conspiracy between the US and Iran, it is quickly revereted.

Now, why? somebody must be doing it!

The most reasonable explanation that a theory is continually reverted, though feasible, is that IT MUST BE TRUE!

subrosa said...

In all the conspiracy theories I've read Charles, the US features strongly. Iran is mentioned in quite a few too.

Charles said...

I disagree with you entirely. When in the the Wikipedia entry on Pan Am 103 conspiracy theories is there a claim that the US and Iran conspired together to destroy an American aircraft

subrosa said...

Charles, I did not mention Wikipedia. There are plenty other sources which have put forward opinions. Wikipedia is only one of thousands.

I said 'in all the conspiracy theories I've read'. My meaning was not referring to Wikipedia. In fact if I've read the Wiki entry it was certainly some time ago. I use other information sites.

Charles said...

Dear Subrosa,

I am particularly interested in the Wikipedia because it tries to be encyclopaedic. It thus ought to mention a conspiracy theory that says "both the US and Iran carried out the destruction of Pan Am 103 jointly", but it does not, and if you try to change the Pan Am 103 conspiracy theories page to say such a thing it is quickly reverted.

Why? And there are thousands of pages out there that say "Irn and the US" did the job, and none that go into as much detail as mine.

Admittedly, I've not tried to list them all, but you have prompted me to do so.

Charles said...

Dear Subrosa,

I did a Google search on the following terms:

-Israel -Syria -Jordan -Lebanon "Pan Am 103" "US and Iran"|"Iran and US" -PFLP -GC -PPSF -Nidal -nuclear -Talb -libya -Megrahi -Fhimah.

I got just 8 results.

My own work is omitted, as it contains some of the negative terms.

I think that points to a widespread attempt to ignore the possibility of US and Iran being jointly guilty o the destruction of Pan Am 103, but I shall try again with slightly less severe restrictions.

If you care to read my piece at, you will find a perfectly coherent account of the destruction of Pan Am 103, and where there are gaps in my account, they are intelligently bridged and use an Occam's razor approach to their interpretation.

If a body is found with a stab wound and a knife and their is the blood on a man arrested at the scene, you don't make it a necessary requirement for conviction that the dead man must have screamed while he was being killed, do you?

subrosa said...

Charles, thank you for taking the trouble to explain so thoroughly. I'm going to read your piece now and I will understand even more.

Caedmon's Cat said...

I don't know Jim Swire, but some years ago I met another man whose daughter was also killed in the Lockerbie atrocity. He was a retired pastor of a Christian church, and he and Jim Swire knew each other very well. This man publicly told us 2 things I never forgot:
1) VIPs were warned beforehand not to take the ill-fated flight 103;
2) He was of the firm opinion that Libya was not involved, and Al-Megrahi was innocent.
This adds grist to the mill.

Charles said...

That Mr C cat would be the Rev John Mosey, whose daughter Helga was killed.

Why was the Helsinki warning so effective? Aircraft bombing warnings happen all the time, and yet (a) virtually no US government staff travelled on Pan Am 103 and (b) no attempts were made to stop Pan Am 103 from flying.

Further evidence that the US government knew 103 was to be destroyed and didn't really care whether it was.

Those US government officials aboard it were actively sacrificed by a US Government plot is my reasoned conclusion.

Tose places were largely taken by relatively poor non-US nationals, often students.

The mind boggling cynicism of the US government still makes me gag to the point of vomiting.

subrosa said...

I was just about to say it could be the Rev Mosey when I see Charles has replied to you CC.

subrosa said...

The US would certainly not want any inquiry opened Charles. Considering their attitude to us in the past, it would be rather a waste of time I think.

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