Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Eco Driver

Dizzy had an interesting post yesterday explaining about the Government's transparency regarding energy use at various premises.

Following 3 of his links to Department for TransportDFID and The Home Office an interesting fact is the variation in Gas Prices - the DoT claim they pay 1.5p/kWh; DFID claim they pay 1.4 p/kWh; yet the Home Office state they pay 4p/kWh, 2.8 times the DFID price.

The first two gas prices seem very low. Although I wonder if those two lower prices include the "Climate Change Levy", which at 0.15 p/kWh, its omission would not account for the difference. CCL is the tax consumers have to pay on top of their fuel cost.

Because they're all 'Government' departments, they should in theory be on the same negotiated multi-premises Gas Supply Agreement, which would apply a uniform (or near-uniform) p/kWh for all premises.  

So it seems transparency makes cock-ups (or misinformation) and poor-negotiating visible to all.

contributed by Joe Public


subrosa said...

So this is the coalition's version of transparency Joe. Typical mess. What if we complain the night use is too high, will they do anything?

I won't hold my breath.

Joe Public said...

Credit where it's due though.

Without the 'transparency', taxpayers wouldn't be aware that one Dept pays only 1/3 the price of another Dept, for the same commodity

subrosa said...

Yes there is that Joe. Will there be investigations? Have you emailed government about it? You're far more clued up than me about these matters.

RMcGeddon said...

Remember that each government department has a different carbon offset levy which depends how green each building is. The MOD sent a cheque for £100m to cover it's carbon offset for Whitehall buildings earlier this year. This £100m allows it to avoid having to upgrade to a neutral carbon building. The 'green tax' will be invested in green technologies like windmills and eco videos etc. Maybe the gas bills are calculated with the green tax included ?

Joe Public said...

Gas bills comprise just the commodity charge plus the Climate Change Levy. [Exactly as your domestic gas bill (if you have gas) does. (Domestic consumers also pay a daily Standing Charge)]

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