Saturday, 2 October 2010

Choosing My Religion

Thanks to Aangirfan


Sue said...

Mr MV and I were having a similar discussion yesterday. The question was, if adopting a religion were made compulsory which one would you choose?

We thought the Druids looked rather cool and they don't believe that a big omnipotent bearded bloke sits in the sky constantly judging us.

RMcGeddon said...

Religion is strange right enough. The film highlighted the double standards that we all accept. It's ok for young jewish boys to be circumcised against their will but not for young muslim women. It's ok for animals to have their throats slit in kosher killings but not ok in halal killings.
In general I've found that your religion depends on what country you were born in ( mid east - mainly muslim, West - mainly christian etc) and /or who got to your young impressionable mind first.
Having said that I would like to know where the Universe came from. I agree with Darwin's evolution theory but can't figure out where all the stuff came from to make up the Universe.

subrosa said...

I quite fancy the Druids Sue. A few weeks ago I met a couple of them but we didn't get round to speaking much about it. Now we're in email correspondence and the two of them were prime players in the decision to recognise their beliefs as a religion.

subrosa said...

Have to agree with you RM. There's a big gap in Darwin's theory that makes it difficult to 'join the dots'.

Religion is full of double standards. Like sales persons they tell you anything to get your contribution - money is what they're after, each and every one of them.

Sue said...

We know a few back home and I must admit, they are a lovely bunch of people :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious SR.

I'd choose the ones with the best biscuits... and if they had good cake too that would swing it.

I'd go for Hinduism or Buddhism I think. They seem fractionally less factional and a good deal less self obsessed than the ones we have in reasonable numbers here.

One thing I wondered about was that in a survey something like 70% of Brits said they were Christians. I found that interesting given not just the lack of churchgoing, which I accept often has little to do with Christianity and much more to do with social standing; but much more importantly, the lifestyle of ‘greed’ and ‘self’ and ‘drunkenness’ which seems to pervade.

It chokes me up that so many of our political leaders (I accept with some notable exceptions) claim Christianity as theirs and act in ways which are so incredibly devoid of any Christian attribute.....

(WV: Mental)

Apogee said...

Hi SR, Religion and Life Assurance/Insurance all seem to have the same end, just minor differences in proceedure, Religion has the advantage that non of the customers have ever been known to come back and complain they were lied to.
Life insurance/assurance at least says the payout is this side of the wall,religion is wholly (holy ?) on trust.
So the question is, do you?
It ticks all the boxes for a scam.
Remember that all religions work the same basic system. And they are all run by Humans, think about it !

Anonymous said...

Sorry SR regarding the gap in Darwinism. I don't think there is one although many people have tried to find it.

What you and R McG is talking about, namely the creation of the Universe, has nothing to do with Darwin as evolution is about living matter and not about the former.

Science is never final and finished, despite what Al Gore tried to railroad into us, with respect to anthropomorphic global warming.

Theories are just that and if new information arrives, that could affect a previous held theory it will be examined and tested to see how much it affects or refutes the current theory. The accepted wisdom is alaays open to re-examination and retesting. If it doesn't stand up today and tomorrow it is unproven and fails.

We are a long way from understanding as completely as we can the creation of the Universe as we cannot easily test the hypotheses because they were a one off event. We can make experiments to validate aspects of say, The Big Bang Theory, but we do not have as much evidence as we have on Darwinism to have a similar degree of certainty. Darwinism is always still a theory but at the moment there is nothing better which can be scientifically tested.

To say it would be too impossible for us to understand this and thus it must be ascribed to some sky pixie or variant, is what allowed religion to come into being and allowed it to control our whole existence by stopping the search for evidential truth.

The creation of the Universe and biological evolution are different theories although there is a degree of logical sequence.

Incidentally, I have penned a couple of article on developing your knowledge of wine over at NewsnetScotland in the Interests Tab.

If you know a bit of the technology of wine production you can have better understanding of why some wines are better than others. Then you not have to leave your choice to the anointed ones who believe that the wine we get is the wine that god wants us to get (honest position within the French wine industry about 20 years ago) and the wine we chose is what they have chosen for us to appreciate because they have been paid to say so (no names here but you can guess.)

Wine like religion is a business, no more no less so, beware the anointed ones in both cases.

John said...

Re Darwin. Check out 'The Third Chimpanzee' by Jared Diamond.

RMcGeddon said...


I didn't make myself very clear. I accept all of Darwinism theory. From the beginning of life through to the present day.
What I can't understand is where all the matter that makes up the Universe came from. Was it always there ? How can something always be there ? Even if it started from the big bang what was before the big bang ? Where did all the material come from that came out of the big bang ?
The infinite size of the Universe is another mystery. It must be infinite because if it was finite what would be on the other side ? A brick wall ?
Being infinite means that there is a subrosa blog out there in the Universe. Well infinite numbers of them actually. And hundreds of Buggers aswell. Maybe it's called Planet BBC ?

Anonymous said...


I agree that it is buggeringly, confusingly complicated.

Yes, the question about what was there before the big bang is, as yet, unfathonable for minds such as mine and those much more equipped are among those who share my bewilderment.

I just don't have sufficient information and sagacity to process what is known into any workable theory.

For me it is infuriating that I cannot yet, and will probably never will, be able to do so.

Another problem I cannot yet get my head around is that of sub atomic particles that be in two different places at the same time. Does this open up the possibilities of there being parallel universes?

What is see is a seemingly infinite (if we can progress below and electron) myriad of micro satellites forming shells around spinning particles reflecting what we see when we look upwards. A reflection in the shies of what we see in microcosm when we look down.

Maybe it is an infinity of them and has always been?

I am sure that someone has ascribed this infinite type of mandelbrot as being the body of god?

Who knows and who will?

All I know is that I am a Panda.

subrosa said...

I don't know if the Hindus or Buddists have coffee and biscuits after their rituals Tris. :)

Where religion is concerned I think many people call themselves Christian because they can repeat the 10 commandments - or at least some of them.

Wonder how many of our politicians can.

love the WV

subrosa said...

You are a cynic Apogee and all the better for that. :)

subrosa said...

Bugger, sky pixies are not included in my reading of books relevant to Darwinism. The interest for me is the scientific approach, which you may agree is varied yet the results are similar.

I've read your writings at NS and enjoyed them. Will keep them in mind should I decided to become a wine drinker again. Somehow it hasn't appealed to me in the past year or so.

subrosa said...

Thank you John. You've just reminded me I gave someone a loan of my copy a long time ago. Must get it back because it could do with another quick read.

Anonymous said...

These posts on Newsnet Scotland could go on for some time, unless I a given the bum's rush.

I know that you don't participate in the dark arts.

Enjoying a cup of Ricoré whilst watching Foyle's Law.

CrazyDaisy said...


We do have tea & biscuits, sometimes before hand. We also have vegetarian lunches!

Although I do eat meat and drink alcohol, I give thanks to the animal for giving up it's life so that I may eat. Other Buddhist Monks drink alcohol, so take it or leave it ;)

Raining here!


subrosa said...

CD, I'm coming to your church. Veggie Sunday lunch? Sounds right up my street.

Live and let live is the most peaceful way.

Heavy showers here.

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