Monday, 25 October 2010

Another Mini Swinney Arrives

A few years ago I was informed Derek Brownlee was nicknamed 'Mini Swinney' by his parliamentary colleagues.  For those of you who have little knowledge of the Scottish Parliament, Derek Brownlee is the Tory finance spokesman and John Swinney is the SNP government's Finance Secretary.  The nickname is a compliment to Mr Brownlee as Mr Swinney is held in high regard for his skill at dealing with the finances of Scotland and I'm not alone in thinking Mr Brownlee, of all the shadow finance spokes-persons, is the most able.

However, now he's been usurped because John Swinney and his wife Elizabeth Quigley have announced the birth of their first child, Matthew Kenneth Swinney, who was born on Friday.  John has two other children from a previous marriage.

Elizabeth has multiple sclerosis and has done much to promote further research into this disease which is more common in Scotland than anywhere in the world.

I'm sure the voters in North Perthshire would join with me in sending best wishes to our MSP, his wife and new baby son.



Anonymous said...

...and further afield.

I've had the pleasure of meeting John in his office at Holyrood. A nicer, kinder bloke you couldn't hope to meet.

As for competence. I think the man is a financial wizard. How he manages to find the money for the things that he does is quite beyond all of us.

I looked for a printing press in his office and failed to find one... so it must just be sheer brains.

I'm delighted to hear the his and his wife's news. Good health to the little lad, wee matthew. And congratulations to John and Ms Quigley.

Demetrius said...

Nice one, but Sky TV radio, 0165, RTE Lyric FM tonight, Prom Mahler 8 if you are on Sky.

Dramfineday said...

Well done to all three but especially to Elizabeth having a little one while suffering from MS must have been a great strain for you so - all together now "Nice one JS, nice one son, Nice one ES, let's have another one.......or not as the case me be! Best wishes to all, especially the wee scone.

subrosa said...

He is a charming man Tris and very highly thought of in the constituency.

subrosa said...

Demetrius, I've missed that. I'll look for it on tape somewhere.

subrosa said...

Yes, it can't have been easy for her with her MS Dram, so well done both of them.

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