Friday, 17 September 2010

Today's Non-Story

I have to admit to a slight liking for the banality of the Channel 4 series 'Come Dine With Me'. Yes I know it's rubbish but consider it 'light entertainment' and it's so light, I can watch a week's episodes, during gardening breaks, with the help of the fast forward button.

The other week I watched the repeat episode involving Carlos Buller (pictured). He prepared a Caribbean menu and, if I remember rightly, it didn't impress his fellow diners.

However, Carlos isn't just a talentless cook, he's a thug. He was identified, from the programme, as being part of a group of men who attacked someone in a pub in October 2008. He was arrested and given an eight-month suspended sentence and 150 hours unpaid work last week at Manchester Crown Court.

The victim, Anthony Hargreaves, suffered a broken jaw and other injuries in the unprovoked attack.

Carlos Buller is only another thug who, as well as beating innocent people up, wanted to achieve his 15 minutes of the fame so many feel is their entitlement these days. Wonder if he rues the day he applied to Come Dine With Me? Somehow I doubt it.


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That's true British justice Mark!

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