Friday, 10 September 2010

Take Your Pick

Two bloggers, Scunnert Nation and Rantin Rab, have recently decided to give up honing their touch-typing skills. I'd like to thank them for providing a wide variety of interesting posts. SNP Tactical Voting has decided to close his blog and move on to a joint venture with other bloggers. I wish them all the best.

Nile Gardiner - Barack Obama has bowed before the UN

Last of the Few - He's angry (quite rightly)

Land Matters - Lochhead and Moore to work closely on crown land rights

Universality of Cheese - Ignore the title, the post is excellent

Bella Caledonia - Gullibles Travels

Stumbling and Mumbling - A Low-Stakes Election

Ambush Predator - Where's the Police When that "Crazy Frog' Ringtone Goes Off?

Munguin's Republic - Britain plummets down list of 'educated nations'

Caron's Musings - John O'Groats a carbuncle? - How very dare they!


Demetrius said...

I suspect there are more changes to come. C'es la vie.

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