Sunday, 26 September 2010

Senior LibDem to Stand Down

After 12 years as an MSP in the Scottish Parliament, the ex-leader of the libdems has announced he is standing down at the election next May.

Nicol Stephen currently represents Aberdeen South and started his political career as a councillor with the old Grampian Regional Council in 1982 rising to deputy first minister with the labour/libdem pact from 2005 to 2007.

As Iain Macwirther said some years ago, 'The nearest thing to a scandal has been the revelation that he broke the Holyrood expenses rules by claiming accommodation allowance for a house jointly owned with his wife.  Otherwise, he is so clean he squeaks'.

Since he relinquished the libdem leadership he's not been squeaking much so perhaps he thinks it's time to return to his old profession - the law.

Will he be missed?  I doubt it.  He was a mediocre performer during his spell as leader and often seemed uncomfortable in the post.  Rumour is that he's jumping now because he knows the libdems will take a beating at the Scottish Parliament elections next May.  Who will the libdems pick as the next candidate for Aberdeen South?  Time will tell.


Strathturret said...

My sources tell me that Aberdeen South will probably be won by Mareen Watt for the SNP. Nicol apparently couldn't hack it once the Civil Service support was removed when the Liberals lost in 2007. Thats why he stood down as leader.

subrosa said...

Morning Strathturret. I should have asked your opinion before I wrote this post. :)

Thanks for that information. Yes I heard he didn't like being without the trappings he'd enjoyed.

Allan said...

This guy sealed his own fate when he aacused the SNP over dirty tricks in the Aberdeen bypass. Ever since then he has been on a downward spiral just like the rest of the party.

Strathturret said...

Maybe he's expecting a nice cushey earner from his friends in the south (the Coalition) like (Lord) Jim Wallace?

subrosa said...

An Aberdonian said that to me at the time Allan that he wouldn't be electable after that. And he wasn't an SNP voter either.

subrosa said...

Mmm, never thought of that Strathturret. Quite possibly.

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