Monday, 6 September 2010

Is This the End of the Scottish Tories?

Isn't that a happy photograph? It was taken at last year's Scottish Conservatives conference. You'd think everything in the garden is rosy wouldn't you. But it isn't and it never will be again. The Tories made no gains in Scotland at the general election and even though Ms Goldie insists their share of the vote increased, it's of little interest to her boss.

In fact, he's so disinterested he hasn't spoken to her since the poor result. Some report the Scottish Tories have been 'cut adrift' by their London party as they've been shut out of all decision making roles and they are no longer invited to top-level strategy and policy meetings. Some of us will resist saying 'we told you so'.

All the London party is concerned with is power and when there's no power base there's nothing left to interest them.

Surely this is the Scottish Tories' chance to completely break away from their London bosses and branch out alone. Despite the many rumours that the Tories are dead in Scotland there are many who still vote for them. The Scottish Conservatives lost a considerable percentage o their voters to the SNP some years ago. Why? Because they insisted on taking their orders from London and therefore were unable to suggest policies which would benefit Scotland. There are also Tories who believe in independence for Scotland and, because their own party won't entertain the thought of it, they vote SNP.

If they reinvented themselves, decided upon policies which are relevant to Scotland and perhaps rethought their opposition towards independence or at least total fiscal autonomy -instead of supporting the Calman report which has little in the way of developing Scotland's future - then they could be a serious party once again.

Will they be courageous enough? Will they rid themselves of the old fogies who are stuck in an 80s time warp hoping that another Thatcher will appear on the scene? That will be their only saving grace, otherwise they will slip into oblivion. Their supporters will only tolerate a certain amount of neglect and stupidity for a certain amount of time. Some I know are beginning to have serious doubts about David Cameron already and that's not good news.

A decision must be made very soon or the next election will see much of their vote split between the SNP and the libdems. Maybe that needs to happen before they grasp that the writing on the wall is addressing them.


Strathturret said...

Only problem Subrosa is money! The Tory candidate in Angus lost (badly) despite spending £40k trying to unseat Mike Weir. That dosh came from London or elsewhere (murky Swiss companies I gather) not the good citizens of Angus. Even the leafleters were being paid but their costs are mysteriously not on the candidates expenses!

So while an independent right of centre Scottish party might sound sensible who will finance it? The fact is that even in their 'strong areas' the Tories have very few footsoldiers to do the work.

As for Goldie; having observed her performance at close quarters in Angus during the GE, she is useless.

In reality I would say to anyone who is right of centre and pro Scotland, join the SNP. Its a broad church containing people from Alex Neil and the late Jimmy Reid to Jim Mather/Stewart Stevenson/John Swinney.

And really in 21st century terms just as right and left are almost meaningless.

Strathturret said...

And really in 21st century terms such as right and left are almost meaningless.

subrosa said...

Jings Strathturret, £40k? Mike must have laughed his socks off. Leafleters were paid? I'm joining the next tory campaign!

The reason they don't have footsoldiers is because they have few young ones - from what I can see around here anyway. Most of their support comes from older age groups.

The SNP may be a broad church but they're not doing so well with their hike in drink prices. That's causing much negative conversation here with many older people who consider it just another way to be fleeced. Also the EU question pops up now and again, plus the renewables policy which makes folk think their utility costs will raise greatly to fund it all. Just a few things I hear when out and about.

Strathturret said...

We have to tackle the scurge of drink (and drugs). While raising the price will not solve everything it makes sense along with other policies. Police, social workers, medical profession and even publicans support it. If you are a moderate drinker 45 p/unit will make little difference to your outgoings.

From my door knockings nobody in the past year has mentioned the EU as an issue. It may be a big issue on the right-wing blogosphere but not amoungst real people.

Green measures are here to stay and most progressive countries and governments will pursue them I suspect.

subrosa said...

Strathturret, are you saying my friends and myself aren't real people? Goodness knows what going on in Angus, but I'm going to have a word with Mike.

I've had my time knocking doors and unless someone is really passionate about something they won't mention it. Also we were always advised not to mention particular issues, so I'm just not accepting the fact the EU isn't one of those concerning people in Angus. In fact I know a few folk in Carnoustie who would be very upset to know their thoughts were cast aside like that and they're no right wingers believe me.

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