Thursday, 30 September 2010

FMQs 30 September 2010

The most interesting question of today's FMQs was one from Patrick Harvie who asked of the FM would support a moratorium on deep sea drilling.  The First Minister said he could not justify that at present because the conditions in the North Sea differed from North of Mexico but we have to learn lessons from the BP incident.

As I've started at the end of today's session, I'll continue to work backwards.
Tavish Scott continued on his theme of the Gathering and the small businesses who had lost money.  Once again he asked the FM to appear before the Audit Committee to answers questions.  Once again the FM reiterated he would send the appropriate government minister, but the FM insisted he was keen to attend if the subject of the Committee's agenda was the future of the event.
Annabel Goldie approached the subject of private contractors in the Scottish NHS but it wasn't a well constructed question and the FM was able to dismiss her claim.
As for Iain Gray, well least said the better.  Why does the man's researchers insist on questioning the FM on the RBS and Lloyds matter?  It's old news now.

Unfortunately the BBC video appears to be non-operational so I apologise to those of you who view this weekly session.  It has not yet been posted to HolyroodTV but should be available this time tomorrow.  Otherwise, those of you in the UK can view it on the BBC's Democracy Live.


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