Sunday, 12 September 2010

Coming to a Venue Near You

Only last night I was talking to a friend on the telephone about religion. She mentioned she'd cancelled her visit to hear the Pope in Glasgow next week. Thinking perhaps she had a medical problem I asked why and her reply related to this. She felt she was being treated as a punter rather than a devout Catholic.

I'm paraphrasing but her comment was, "I don't have to travel 200 miles and spend £100 to listen to someone who treats me like a pop fan, although perhaps it's a sign that I looked more closely at my religious beliefs."

How could the largest religious business in the world could get it so wrong?


Sue said...

How thoroughly distasteful. Can you imagine the last pope advocating that?

subrosa said...

It shows the Vatican will do anything for money though Sue. They're 25% short on tickets sales for the Glasgow Gig, perhaps they think catholic Scots only understand such advertising.

cynicalHighlander said...

As dangerous to society as Al-Quieda. Should be questioned by the authorities as to his links to aiding and abetting priests and child abuse.

Joe Public said...

"How could the largest religious business in the world could get it so wrong?"

It hasn't SR. That's how it got to be the largest religious business in the world.

Many consider the phrase 'A fool & his money are soon parted' applicable.

Anonymous said...

If they want to modernise the terms I have no problem with it... (well, that’s pompous I guess as it’s absolutely one of my business, my not being catholic or Christian, but you know what I mean)

I mean it used to be in King James’ English, and it’s been in Latin which only the super educated understood, and before that it was in Hebrew or Yiddish, Ancient Greek and the language that Jesus spoke was Aramaic.

Clearly they have tried to appeal to young people who might be interested in a gig rather than Holy mass. It’s a bit tasteless but the message of the word is what counts rather than the actual words. Love, peace, charity. Although I’m not religious, the very basic tenets of most religions are still these; and they are tenets which I embrace de tout cœur.

Amazingly he is on a state visit (which means that this poor country pays and his, the richest in the world, does not. It also means that the purpose of the visit is political. So I’m not sure why he’s doing gigs at all.

He should meet the Queen, as he’s coming to Scotladn, the First minister then the Secretary of State. He’s off to England, so he shuld meet the prime Minsiter, adn with all these people there shuld be “talks”. Wide ranging usually covering political and social situations in their own and in interested countries.

I would hope, given this status, that he and his Secretary of State would take the Queen, First Minister, our SoS and Prime Minister to task about the poverty and inequality in this country and the fact that further cuts will exacerbate this. I would expect in return that the officials here would ask him about his complicity in the systematic abuse of children.

If there is, I would have thought that this was a pastoral visit and therefore the financial responsibility of the Vatican.

Still, as a head of state he is exempt from our laws and any arrests or citizens’ arrests would be unlawful. As a pastor he could be banged up.

Demetrius said...

Martin Luther asked more or less the same question. We are still waiting for an answer.

Edward Spalton said...

The Showbiz cult unfortunately infects (nearly) all Churches. They see something which generates enthusiasm and try to ape it, usually some years behind the outside fashion.

I remember the shock of going from a fairly traditional C of E parish to a neighbouring happy-clappy one. They didn't have a choir, they had a "Praise Group" with the inescapable guitars which "performed" to an audience rather than with a congregation.

The Roman Catholic Church (and most of the C of E) made the same mistake when the priest or minister stopped leading the congregation with everyone facing the altar and started facing the people, like a compere. Services stopped being God-focussed and congregations, in effect, started worshipping themselves and trying "to have a real good time".

At least Benedict XVIth has partly undone the damage done by Vatican II and made it possible for many traditional RC's to use the old rite. Such people were very much a persecuted minority under the highly "liberal" English RC hierarchy.

I am not within the Roman fold myself but am advised by those who are.

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, that's you in the biblical shite now. Reading the Mail and criticising the Head Tim will bring down the wrath of the Church down upon your head!

Billy said...


Afraid you are wrong - Jesus did not speak in any language. He was a made up myth - actually a carbon copy of the Egyptian sun god Horus, the SUN of God and many other ancient pagan gods with exactly the same story and attributes.

Even in the Bible you have the exact same story and attributes in the Old Testament with regard to

Horus has been documented by all the ancient historians and ancient Egyptian monuments - Jesus has not been documented anywhere.

These religious leaders know they are lying to the people but why let the truth get in the way of living the easy life and parting the mugs of their money in order to pay for it.

berenike said...

Was your friend originally going to go because she was being treated like a pilgrim?

Who cares if some ninny's come up with a daft leaflet? What's it got to do with anything? Complete irrelevance.

I should love to be going, but can't afford to cross the continent to come.

Keeping fingers crossed your friend does get round to examining her religious beliefs more closely. It never hurts.

A Happy Papist Repat Reader

subrosa said...

I know catholics who think the same CH.

subrosa said...

Silly me Joe, why didn't I think that way? A was going to put that saying in the post but thought I'd leave it to you to mention it. ;)

subrosa said...

The visit from the previous Pope was a pastoral one I think Tris. Hasn't Murphy had something to do with this one?

Can't find one point to argue with - and believe me I've tried. ;)

subrosa said...

Aye so he did Demetrius. Your memory is far superior to mine.

subrosa said...

Edward, I haven't paid much attention to church services for some years now since I lost interest in organised religion. Yes I do attend the various ceremonies required by family and friends, but the Humanist attitude is the one which appeals most at present.

A faith which isn't open to question isn't for me.

subrosa said...

Ah DL, the wrath's been around on and off for all my 64 years. Now I can converge all my anger on one being. Good.

subrosa said...

I think so berenike, she enjoys her religion so who am I to comment. Although as she was saying, she's glad she lives in a rural backwater because she's not impressed with the actions of larger congregations.

I must admit I encouraged her to do a little meditation. Never hurts any of us.

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