Friday, 13 August 2010

Union Stupidity

The Unite union is threatening to bring aviation to Scotland to a halt after rejecting a 1% pay rise. Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen will be among six UK airports which will be forced to close entirely by the planned strike, leading to the cancellation of 2500 flights a day.

Leaders from the giant Unite union will wait until Monday before deciding what form the action will take and when it begins but the expectation is that the union could target the holiday weekend starting on 27 August in a bid to strengthen their negotiating hand with employers the British Airports Authority (BAA).

Along with the three main Scottish airports, Heathrow, Stanstead and Southampton would also be shut during the strike, although Scotland would be the worst affected in the whole of the UK with only Prestwick, Inverness and other minor airports open. Holiday plans for thousands of Scottish travellers hoping to travel south or abroad that weekend are also threatened.

The union insists they have been left with no option but to strike, accusing BAA of a 'confrontational' approach to negotiations.

I don't know about you, but I'm weary of hearing about strikes at airports. Of course people should be paid a fair wage, but shouldn't unions like Unite be protesting against the behaviour of the banks, some of which belong to us, rather than considering destroying the travel of those who are suffering the consequences of their very left-wing policies. Unite, just to remind you, is the Union in dispute with BA.

Since Unite began their strategy of fear with their BA strikes, I know many people have decided to travel using other forms of transport or not to travel at all. I'm one of them and I intend to holiday in my own country without the requirement of airlines.

It's common knowledge air passengers have reduced radically in the past couple of years. Without customers Unite wouldn't have a case and the airlines wouldn't fly. What then for Unite airline staff?


strapworld said...


I agree, but I do hope the strikes go ahead. It will strengthen the arm of government to take on the unions.

Unions are necessary but when they try to hold the whole country to ransom, then I think their wings have got to be seriously clipped.

For one I think strike ballots must be on an area by area basis. How many actually voted for strikes in Edinburgh and Glasgow, Stanstead and Gatwick?

Total votes may well show a majority but if taken airport by airport the result may have been different.

However, being concerned about the EU as I am, perhaps you should peruse:-

worrying developments being hidden during the summer recess?

The Last Of The Few said...

2 Million members ,each paying 3 quid a week in subs.
Union then drags in 6 million quid a week.

Simpson and Woodley in life time union supplied housing in Buckinghampshire, both earning in excess of 120k a year plus bonus each of about 40K.

What the bonus is for I have no idea.

So party of the working man eh!

County is damn as near bankrupt, industry is on its backside.

But to protect that 6 million quid you gotta do some posturing I suppose. Be seen to be 1 with the people, but all the time knowing you can go home to your grace and favour house and swill your champagne socialist lifestyle away.

Simpson has a very nice 60K Blue Union supplied Range Rover by the way with all the trimmings.

Quick not to Charliw Wheelan, 11 Million well spent on the election you prat.

Unions..........I shit em!

The Last Of The Few said...

Excuse my spelling above........raging

Sandy said...

Unite ... the union that has millions to donate to the Labour Party who left us in this economic mess which will take generations to pay off.

Compare and contrast with Germany reporting record breaking 2.2% growth last quarter, on the strength of its exports.

JuliaM said...

Since their beef is with the company, why not show up, work as normal but REFUSE TO TAKE ANY MONEY..?

subrosa said...

Ah strapworld, I didn't look at it from that angle, but certainly yours is a good one.

As for the EU developments, I'm right at this minute doing a post about it and will be publishing later this morning. Thanks for the link, I'll use that if you don't mind.

subrosa said...

Spelling excused and we're all raging LotF, at least here we are.

My plumber is here this morning and he's going off on his annual family holiday that weekend - from Edinburgh. He's very upset to think it will be delayed as they're only away for one week. That's just one person in thousands all over Scotland who will lose out.

Mummylonglegs said...

Here's a question. If I purchased a holdiday from a certain holiday firm, that booked, on my behalf, certain flights with a certain airline, yet certain flights and then said holiday was ruined by the strikers would I have grounds to sue Unite?. If not, why not?.

I love to imagine every stranded holiday maker issuing a case against Unite et al for monies lost.

subrosa said...

That's the one Sandy!

subrosa said...

Oh Julia, then they wouldn't get their handsome salaries to fund their luxurious lifestyles.

subrosa said...

MLL, that's exactly what I've been discussing with my plumber. Of course he'll have to wait until Monday to know what's happening.

It's ridiculous in this day and age, that unions can hold people to ransom like this. We're going back 50 years in time what with now trying to develop an 'obesity' pill etc.

Elby the Beserk said...

It should not be forgotten also that it is loans from Unite that prevent the Labour Party from going bankrupt; in essence, they own the Labour Party, which is not a good thing.

The Big Dollop said...

Off topic Rosa.

I was in Dundee the other day and had dinner at Jimmy Chungs.

It was superb.


INCOMING!!!!!!! said...

SR if one looks very closely at the whole business you'll find that Unite and the guys running Easyluft and Ryaneire have been briefed by the mob that want human mobility destroyed. They are all working towards Heathrow, Gatwick, Schipol etc. being turned into agrarian estates with a ziggurat in the middle.

subrosa said...

The unions have always owned the labour party haven't they Elby? But what's worrying these days is the amalgamation of unions into huge businesses.

subrosa said...

Ah BD, it's a couple of years since I ate there but you've now given me an idea for when I meet some friends at the end of the month.

subrosa said...

Interesting theory Incoming. I certainly haven't looked at it from that angle but, knowing the intensity of social engineering which has occurred in the past 40 years, it wouldn't surprise me in the least.

John said...

I thought that Maggie T had stopped all this nonsense. If Unions are meant to attract public support for their members - they have lost mine with their stupid confrontational attitudes.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

There's a lot to criticise and despair of in the hegemonies of unions.

But beware the false righteousness of the right who protest and wail in order to own and control all the playing fields.

Joe Public said...

Perhaps the BAA & BA strikes could be simultaneous to minimise disruption to the travelling public?

RMcGeddon said...

They should have a pillow fight and sort it out properly.

Big D ..
Jimmy Chungs ? Do they still serve seagull curry ?

subrosa said...

It's playground politics John. But still very rewarding financially.

subrosa said...

I take that comment is with your tongue in your cheek Joe?

subrosa said...

Thanks for the link RM. Yes indeed but I doubt if any are mature enough.

Seagull curry? Argghh.

RMcGeddon said...

SR. The seagull curry story was in the tully so it must be true : ) .....

subrosa said...

RM, oh dear, I missed that. With not living in Dundee but in rural Perthshire these days.

Can I tell you a wee story. The editor of the Tully used to lodge with my granny back in the 40s, 50s and 60s until she died. His sister also stayed (she was headmistress at Blackness Primary) but she died around 1954 I think. I still miss her; she was my mentor and tried so hard to make me like crosswords. :)

Anyway old Ray died a few years ago now at the age of 101. He never married even once he had to leave the care of my grandmother. These were the days when single people couldn't buy homes of course and had to go into lodgings.

My brother and myself were spoiled because we received every comic and annual D C Thomson's published. :)

Back to your link. He would never have allowed such articles in his paper, I'm sure of that.

RMcGeddon said...

Yes I was brought up with comics from DCThomson's aswell and loved them.
I often wonder why DC's didn't exploit their brand more. Could have made a fortune with Desperate Dan etc
The tully is just changing with the times I suppose. Have you noticed that they've stopped giving you the whole story online ? Telling you to buy the paper for the rest of the story. I can see their point. Why give away free stories ? Murdoch at The Times has closed the whole paper off unless you pay up. Maybe that's the future of online newspapers. Could be expensive though if you subscribe to a lot of papers.
It's strange that lodgings for single people issue. I hadn't realised that was what happened in the old days.

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