Monday, 23 August 2010

Today's Non-Story

The Scottish Labour chronicle, commonly known as the Scotsman, is reporting a rammy in Scottish politics.

Labour, more desperate than ever to create a headline, have informed the Scotsman that a senior SNP figure has approached them about the prospect of forming a coalition after next year's Holyrood election. A source close to Scottish Labour leader Ian Gray (remember him?) told the paper that a tentative approach has been made to one of his aides over whether he would be willing to strike a deal in a 'post-Alex Salmond era'.

It's reported the SNP firmly deny the claim. Of course they do because there isn't an ounce of truth in it. Can anyone imagine Alex Salmond allowing any of his senior politicians to speak to Labour in this way? Not only does Mr Salmond run a tight ship but one of the very reasons the SNP exists is because so many Scots grew disillusioned with the Labour party generations ago.

So the Scotsman is nominated for today's non-story although a few of the comments are entertaining.

Note: The original photograph on this post has been replaced. The photographer who took the original wants money for using it. It was not marked copyright nor was it credited by his name so I wasn't, as far as know, breaking any rules. In fact, if I'd known it was his work I would have marked it as such and given him free publicity. Unfortunately he doesn't seem to appreciate free advertising.


Dubbieside said...


I suspect this fantasy has seen the light of day due to the very good poll numbers for the SNP that came out at the weekend.

There is more than a hint of panic and desperation from the Hootsmon with this, I counted three articles, yet nothing that I could see in the comic about the weekend poll numbers.

What has changed the numbers? could it be the Lockerbie bomber stories? Could it be that Scots rather like a government who will do what is right for Scotland, rather than Gray and co who will follow the Blair, Brown example of grovelling on bended knee to anything America says.

Could it be Labour wanting to increase everyones council tax. Vote Labour for a substantial increase in your council tax, and no reduction in Labour jobs for the boys. We want the Council Tax freeze money, but do not want the freeze.

Also The Hootsmon probably had a major feature ready for today about how awful the celebrations in Libya were marking the first anniversary of the release. No celebrations, no story.

Oldrightie said...

Even as a staunch Unionist I would prefer an Independent SNP Scotland to a Labour run devolved one!

cynicalHighlander said...

First Charlie boy and now this Labour is running on empty.
Ian diary is a hoot.

brownlie said...

Read that pathetic article in the Scotsman. I'm surprised that all the comments on it was not confined to LOL.

I see David Maddox on the steamie is complaining that the poll did not ask a question about Iain Gray's popularity? I think they did Gray and enormous favour.

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Throughout the Nationalist blogosphere their is the palpable acceptance of Iain Gray becoming the next first minster of Scotland.

you can feel the sense of loss seeping out of your blogs.

Shug Niggurath said...

This is some kind of bull that is clearly related to the Kennedy fiasco at the weekend. Labour are running about like headless chickens at the minute, and Ian Gray is utterly hopeless.

I agree that next election will be a Labour win in Scotland, not only because of Salmond and co being fairly poor performers of late, but because of the eeeevil tories being at Westminster, gotta hit the liberal vote too. So Lab will pick up votes from everywhere next time.

Dramfineday said...

My God Mxyzptlk, you know how to hurt!

"Throughout the Nationalist blogosphere their is the palpable acceptance of Iain Gray becoming the next first minster of Scotland".

Arrrrrrrrrrgh, I'm away for a lie doon on the strentgh of that thought.

Anonymous said...

Niko, it will be loss to all of us if Mr Gray is First Minister, which I openly admit he may well be.

I hope you approve of the fact that he said something about looking forward to co-operating with Mr Cameron. Presuably this will be so that he can implement Tory policies here too, then get a seat in the House of Lords.

Seriously, as SR says, can you imagine for a minute that Salmond or Sturgeon would work with that shower of overpaid community councillors? (No insult intended to community councillors intended.)

wisnaeme said...

Aye, I read the scribbling.
...and appropriately commented at #81 on the site.
I mean to say, how condescendingly patronising can some folk be? Those creatures must really, really have contempt for decent, intelligent folk such as ourselves if they are prepared to consider that we're only worthy of being spoon fed such drivel.
All I can say is the "hootsmon" scribblers must really be he11 bent on creating a black hole entrance for themselves as a gateway to their total oblivion and unlamented extinction. sadly, their arrogance and stupidity appear to have no boundaries.

RMcGeddon said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
RMcGeddon said...

" Not only does Mr Salmond run a tight ship "

I doubt it. He writes letters for illegal imigrants, claims £400 food when parliament is shut, allows his MSP's to trouser £100k in taxpayers money, lets mass murderers go free, hugs the maldives president and promises to help in global warming etc....

Oh and sadly he tells lies..

He claimed on tv that the Norwegian company 'Strom' had decided to invest £4m in developing wave power in Orkney and said this was a massive vote of confidence in Scottish renewables.
He knew that 'Strom 'had been given £4m by the UK governments carbon trust to invest in Orkney and try to get the useless wave generator to work. He has truly joined the establishment.

subrosa said...

Aye Dubbie, like you I saw 3 articles, all negative.

You're not the first to mention that about Libya either.

subrosa said...

Why OR, good of you to say so. :)

subrosa said...

Aye CH, I've been reading Conan's new 'book'. Great it is.

subrosa said...

Hi Brownlie. I never get as far as the steamie these days. Sometimes I never get further than the headlines.

A favour right enough. I mean do labour really want to know that answer.

subrosa said...

Oh dear Niko, not this blog I assure you. We've not gained much so what is there to lose?

subrosa said...

What I don't understand Shug is why the SNP can't capitalise on labour's uselessness. They just don't seem to have the ability to do the cunning political moves and that's disappointing.

Salmond is looking weary and it's no wonder really but I'm not saying labour will win next time. The SNP need to up their game and shout about how well they've done in Parliament.

subrosa said...

Dram don't let Niko upset you. He's been trained by the labour party you know. :)

subrosa said...

Never thought along these lines Tris but certainly that wouldn't surprise many folk. Seems to be the labour procedure doesn't it.

subrosa said...

Such a shame too wisnaeme when just a few years ago I used to buy that paper on the way to work.

subrosa said...

Oh he does run a tight ship RM. I think you're exaggerating. He wrote one letter, he was in London during the parliamentary recess. Mass murderers? Who?

Now, can you tell me one politician who has never told lies?

Of course he's joined the establishment. He was an MP for 23 years.

RMcGeddon said...

You agree then SR ?
He writes dodgy letters. He claims money he's not entitled to, he tells lies and he's part of the establishment. Oh and it was Megrahi that he let loose.
I've not even mentioned his decision to abandon the referendum on independence or his plan to cover Scotland in useless windmills or his plan to embrace the undemocratic EU and increase 3rd world immigration and ban all deportations of undesirables.
Why would anyone possibly vote for this person ?

Mark MacLachlan said...

"Why would anyone possibly vote for this person?"

Because the alternative requires a full frontal lobotomy.

First Minister Iain Gray MSP ha ha ad infinitum.

WV Bedgie: A Morningside canary.

subrosa said...

No I don't agree with your argument RM, because you use the plural to make it emotive.

I didn't say he claims money he's not entitled to, quite the contrary.

You know I disagree with the SNP's EU policy and their climate change agenda. I haven't sighted their immigration policy so won't comment until I see the content.

Who would you vote for?

subrosa said...

Lots of FFLs have been done here over the years Mark. You can usually spot them with the 'ma faither voted labour and eh cannae let him doon' response on the doorsteps.

Splendid definition of your WV.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

If any political party wanted to coalesce with labour they'd be so dumb or desperate they'd be willing to suck a reconstituted hind tit as its emerging.

The SNP could do better but Labour has taken corruption to new dimensions of chaos on the back of poverty, ignorance and apathetic fear of change.

For Scotland the blustering rhetoric of Labour has left it a gasping asthmatic desperately fumbling for the odd moments of relief from an inhaler.

As for lobotomies? Why bother when the psycho games of propaganda, lies and obfuscation have done all that's needed and left only a harvest of despair.

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