Friday, 27 August 2010

Time for the Promised Referendum

Public support for the European Union has collapsed to a nine-year low in all of its 27 countries. The European Commission says fewer than half of voters across Europe are in favour of the union.

The 'Eurobarometer' survey - conducted in May - found only 49% of voters backed the EU, 4% fewer than last year.

Trust was lowest in Britain where only 20% of voters have faith in EU institutions. Following the debt crisis, the survey found widespread fears that EU economies will worsen. Pollster TNS asked 1000 adults in each EU country and found support near that of 2001 when the internet bubble burst.

It's time we pushed hard for a referendum. Politicians will say it's too late for change and/or it will be a waste of money. We know that is pure spin. The UK needs to settle the EU business once and for all and the only democratic manner in which that can be done is through a referendum process.


Oldrightie said...

The UK, Subrosa. What would an independent Scotland do?

Daniel1979 said...

100% agreed

Hamish said...

When I saw the headline, my first thought was, which referendum?
OK the doubt was immediately resolved when I saw the image.

But why do we to have to fight so hard to get a referendum on any issue?
Every major issue should be decided by the people. That's real democracy.

The referendum should be the rule not the exception.

RMcGeddon said...

" Trust was lowest in Britain where only 20% of voters have faith in EU institutions"

I bet it was even lower at 'Direct Line' in Glasgow where 400 workers have been made redundant due to an EU ruling. There was plenty of work but not to the EU's liking.
A hundred new jobs at £100K each plus expenses have been created by Ms Ashcroft in Brussels so it's not all bad news.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Trust in the EU is at an all time low, so how are we going to convince the electorate to stop voting tribally for the pro-EU parties they always vote for and actually vote for a party that will sort the problem out - as they want?

Joe Public said...

What we need is the expenses of all MEPs to be published.

That would really put the cat amongst the pigeons. (RSPCA invesigations permitting)

Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


Your post should of been titled


Even renowned euro-sceptic willy haque is not listening in fact he is more in the europhile camp alongside Cameron.....

who would of thought it

subrosa said...

Scotland, the media would have us believe, is more pro-EU than England OR.

The matter would have to be resolved by a referendum in an independent Scotland.

subrosa said...

Ooops, sorry Hamish. Perhaps I should have put EU in the title.

Exactly. Especially with figures such as these we should be offered the promised referendum, not have to fight for it.

subrosa said...

Yes RM, I was talking with someone about the Direct Line issue today. Dreadful and especially when work is there.

I'll be keeping an eye on how the unions handle this.

subrosa said...

That's the million-dollar question Derek. There's only UKIP and the BNP who would prefer a more distant relationship from Brussels and the three big unionist parties have done their best to pulverise them.

subrosa said...

Hello Dan, good to see you. Hope you and your family are keeping fine.

subrosa said...

Ah Joe, you really are an optimist aren't you? Some MEPs do put expenses online but they're few and far between. Also they're so redacted that reading becomes most difficult.

Daniel1979 said...

Hi Subrosa,

Everyone is good thanks, I hope you and your family are good too!


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