Sunday, 1 August 2010

Poll Results, the BBC and the Scottish Government

Surprising result from the 'Has Devolution Delivered for Scotland' Poll which has been running in the side bar for a couple of weeks. Total votes cast were 239.

Of the total votes 43% think devolution is a waste of money and the other answers are spread quite evenly amongst the remaining 47%.

The surprise for me is the number who say devolution is a waste of money and has not delivered. Perhaps that question should have been in two parts because it could be some people think devolution should never have happened and those who feel it has been a total let-down. I don't see much change in people's opinion since devolution was introduced. Having our own parliament hasn't made any difference to those who didn't want it in the first place but it has given hope, (perhaps falsely), to those who consider Scotland should become an independent nation.

Thanks to all who took part. It would seem devolution is delivering - but only just.

This morning Outlander provides much needed criticism of the BBC. Just the other day I heard the end of a radio interview with a heid bummer of the BBC and he admitted Scotland was very short changed. His solution? Nothing. I too firmly believe the Scottish government must take action and now - not tomorrow, next month or next year. Outlander has provided the solutions but will the SNP listen?

Let's see if the Scottish government can stop committing political suicide. Alex widens the debate about the unionist media's manipulation of Scottish politics. His example is perfect. Anyone going into a newsagent this morning will see a picture of John Swinney beside the headline 'Scotland braced for winter of discontent' and automatically the strapline and John Swinney will be mentally associated. Job done. It's that easy. Do have a read of Alex's post because we need to know what kind of thinking the SNP is doing: devolved or independent.

Update 11.40am: Ian Hamilton chips in with his tuppence worth. He too expresses some of my thoughts. Will anyone in the SNP start listening or are we talking to the heather?


Dean MacKinnon-Thomson said...

That is tight, much more so that I thought. Mind you, how representative is that poll? It would need more than a poll of 200-300 people!

subrosa said...

Of course it would need a bigger poll Dean but I can't insists my readers all vote. Many are outwith Scotland and have little or no interest in Scottish devolution.

The poll was initiated to widen the devolution/independence discussion.

Oldrightie said...

A significant number of votes for the waste of time and money. I rather think it is very representative of general opinion, Subrosa. Just another talking shop inhabited by dubious debaters!

Dark Lochnagar said...

Rosie, I'm surprised at the vote for, 'no, it was a waste of money'. Now I don't know whether that is people who thought Scotland should have had full independence or whether it was a vote from England, who despite masses of evidence to the contrary think that Scotland does not pay it's way. What it should show however, although it is a small poll, is that independence parties in Scotland should be going for the full monty and stop pissing about with devolution.

subrosa said...

DL what it also shows is just over 10% of those who voted think devolution works (those who voted 100%).

I agree with your last sentence of course.

Observer said...

Sorry but I don't really think the results are representative of opinion. Even here in Labour mafia HQ (Glasgow) no one doubts the value of the Scottish Parliament, it has revolutionised Scottish politics & I don't know a single person who would turn the clock back.

However I feel the major issue is the position of the SNP in implementing Tory cuts. I agree with Ian Hamilton.

I came late to the cause of Scottish nationalism, I'm an ex Labour voter (and don't apologise for it, I still believe in the policies they used to represent)but I think the SNP fanny about too much trying to make devolution work.

Devolution is not what they, or me, want. It's independence, and being collaboraters with the Tories as Ian puts it, won't help to get that.

subrosa said...

Observer, this is only a tiny blog poll and, as I said earlier, the people who said it was a waste of money could be a mix of independence voters and those who actually think the parliament doesn't cut it for them.

Like you I agree with Ian Hamilton along with Outlander and Alex Porter.

I would like to see the SNP be far more forceful about independence.

Alex Porter said...

Hi Rosie,

Thanks for the menshies :O)

There's no doubt that the SNP leadership are not reflecting the views of its members. If the party does not move soon frustration may well turn into civil war. The leadership have kept a lid on the grass-roots effectively for a long time but we seem to be approaching critical mass. If they lose Holyrood the party may well turn in on itself.

Good job keeping the flame lit!

subrosa said...

It was a worthy post Alex. We can do little else but keep plugging away in the hope they waken up.

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