Sunday, 29 August 2010

Mischief in Manhattan - Pat Condell

Regardless what you think about the proposed mosque near Ground Zero, it's always worth hearing Pat Condell's straight-forward opinions.

Thanks to Counting Cats


Alex Porter said...

This guy is intense Rosie. A few interesting points in a sea of angry tripe. I mean Iran hasn't attacked another country for 300 years, can Britain or American claim such peacefullness? Not the sort of fact you'll hear from Mr. Condell. Nor will he be interested in hearing that Islamic terrorism was created by the US to financially destroy the USSR by bogging them down in an expensive war in Afghanistan. Blowback from that process is what caused 9/11 - another inconvenient fact for Mr. Condell who infuriatingly claims to have the truth - a provocative and arrogant stance if ever..

Nice vid Rosie, it'll be interesting to see what reaction..

RMcGeddon said...

This vid is getting a lot of attention in the US. People have been sending it to the New York mayor Bloomberg etc.
The general concensus is that it would never be aired on US tv as they're even more subservient to muslim sensibilities than we are.


Condell is a self confessed atheist and gives all religions / governments equal treatment. Sky Fairy worshippers and charlatans is his general opinion.

subrosa said...

Aye he is intense and provocative Alex but it's always good to hear his opinions because, as you say, he usually raises a few interesting points.

As RM says the video is doing the rounds in the US and you well know, we should keep an eye on US matters. :)

subrosa said...

RM, the concensus is correct of course. No US mainstream media outlet would broadcast this. I've been searching for an article I have somewhere about the US media but unfortunately can't find it.

His take on political matters, as I said to Alex, usually has some food for thought.

Smoking Hot said...

Yes Alex, lran is a wondefully tolerant country. The West is to blame for everything and there's never been any aggressive actions by any lslamic country in 300 years either l suppose?

Billy said...

This guy is just peddling hate, is he working for the US or UK government as that is all they are doing as well.

911, and 7/7, had nothing to do with terrorists. The Twin Towers were turned to dust by Direct Energy Weapons and if the people whinging on about this Mosque just spent two minutes of their time looking at the facts presented by Dr Judy Wood in her court cases against the US government and over 20 US companies and individuals (some manufacture Direct Energy Weapons and others whose job is to spread lies) they will see that they are being conned.

Of course some people are just happy being bigots because their own religious lies are better than the others religious lies.

Smoking Hot said...

Tin hat with windmill on top for sale. :)

Anonymous said...


I won't watch any videos by Pat Condell anymore for the sensationalist, left wing bigoted tripe that they are. He is ignorant to his own prejudice and blatantly oblivious to the 'Jewish question' who have made the west the hell hole that it is.

He's one big advertisement for the Anti Defamation League and they love it when he rips into the Muslims.

Let us not forget some facts here. He's a socialist which means that he was one of the many arseholes in society who voted in Blair and NuLabour.
He conveniently forgets that his atheism is almost like a new religion as he continues to attack Christians yet forgets that he and many of his ilk are turning into atheist zealots.

He plays straight into the hands of the New World Order because guaranteed he does support the multiculturalism of the UK, the continued immigration into the UK of every third world immigrant that can get here and of course he's a strong proponent of homosexuals being allowed to marry and have children.

So in one fell swoop Pat Condell (ignorantly and unknowingly?) espouses the views of the Zionist Jews who have destroyed the west in their creations of Socialism, Communism, Liberalism, Atheism, Nihilism and they were the direct result of the rise of Adolph Hitler - semitism brought about anti semitism.

I would far rather Pat Condell pulled his head from his rectum and championed the views of millions of Americans who saw 9/11 for what it was - a false flag attack perpetrated by Mossad and the American security services, instead of continue to promote the radical Islamist attack on the USA. I mean, purleeeeassse, the evidence that rips apart the official 9/11 story is staggering. So while Condell continues to attack the Muslims for wanting to build a Mosque on ground zero as a direct attack on the USA as they see it as a victory site for the Muslim terrorists, who NEVER blew up the twin towers, the real people behind 9/11 are continuing down the road to a New World Order dystopia.

When I was in my 'anti Islam' phase thanks to continued indoctrination by the media, Pat Condell was my hero. He's the luvee of the Zionists and the whole thing's just so incredibly ironic.
I will explain:


Anonymous said...

Pat Condell is a socialist. He's also an atheist. In fact you could pretty much call him a Karl Marx although he wasn't born into a Jewish family, but like Marx went from Christian belief to atheism.
Socialism is the construct of the Zionist Jews, an ideology created to make everyone equal, regardless that everyone is not; to have a state controlling the lives of all; and no freedom regardless what your most ardent socialist will say, because like every deadhead communist out there (socialism) they'll say "Communism (Socialism) can work if it's run properly...." bollox.

And so it moves on....Mr Condell quite happily voted in one set of morons in politics to replace the previous set who had wrought much damage and destruction onto our society and of course the wheel of obliteration continues to turn.
Mr Condell will of course happily promote multiculturalism (a tenet of the NWO), he will also promote homosexuality (another tenet of the NWO) and yet he will somewhat defend Britain's sovereignty by attacking the EU, but is somewhat confusing himself because he's such a strong proponent of socialism which dictates just that.

Pat Condell's take on the Jews is they just get on with their lives, dressing in their black hats, staying out of people's lives unlike the Muslims who strap bombs to themselves and killing hundreds... Convenient how he forgets the illegal state of Israel. Convenient how he forgets that every major conflict that's happened in the west has been orchestrated by the Rothschild dynasty and their many secret Jewish cabals within. Unlike the Muslims who show their anger and frustrations, the Jews merely sit in the background, planning this and planning that, that is ultimately carried out and of course blamed on the Muslims, as they did with 9/11 and 7/7.

Pat Condell's a hypocrite of the highest order and that's why I no longer have anything to do with any of his videos. Sure, he may come out with some brilliant libertarianism now and then, but most of the time it's bashing the Islamists while forgetting the very people who have caused this whole mess in the first place - the Jews.

Now there will be many people who will be offended by what I have written but that's the whole point of freedom of speech. The reason why our society is circling the sewer in rapid motion is because there is no media telling us the truth, to offend us into making our society a better place. What does it say of society when the only truth we can get is on the internet? I do not speak of what I do ignorantly. I speak of what I do after a great deal of research.

Anonymous said...

If people truly understood the direction that western society is being pushed in they'd be truly horrified but they don't because they continue to believe a media that's doing nothing but lie to them continuously. To make an analogy, our media is like the slaughter house worker with the bolt gun behind his back as the cow asks "You're not going to do anything bad to me are you?"

Our people have been lied to on a massive scale on almost everything. And in order to protect those lies more and more lies have been created.

Do you really think that Islam and the wealth of the Saudis are behind the sudden change to Islamic promotion in the West? Do you know that the wealth of the Rothschild's is believed to be half that of the world? This of course obliterates any wealth of the accumulated Arab sheiks.

Our society Subrosa is being led off the end of the cliff and it will continue to be so if people tune in to listen to the ramblings of Pat Condell.
it's ironic, but the right love him because he supports the attack against Islam and the left love him because he supports homosexuality and multiculturalism. The right does not agree on Homosexuality and multiculturalism but accept him for bashing Islam and the left don't like him for bashing Islam but championing minority rights. It's all so incredibly laughable.

It's called indoctrination Subrosa and society is full of it.

Alex Porter said...

@Smoking Hot,
My point is that portraying Islam as he does ignores the warmongering habits of the Western world which is plain stupidity really.

Anyway, Harbinger makes some very good points about propaganda. The vast majority of money that goes into 'intelligence' is subversion. One country can simply encourage another country by exploiting their prejudices. Russia was involved in that game and I'm sure Zionist organisations are too and they are sophisticated enough to do it.

I'd be careful about confusing 'Jew' with Zionist as I believe more Jews are against the idea of the state of Israel. The two are really not the same thing at all. It's like confusing Christianity with Stalinism.

Anyway, the guy is a fruitcake. Is he on the pay-roll? Maybe he is - who knows.

I do know that propanda and economic warfare is reaching fever pitch. Heaven knows where we're heading..

Apogee said...

Direct Action Weapons...

But all the twin towers films look like a demolition job, like with placed charges, I will happily agree with the demolition experts.
Direct Action weapons dont appear to pack the punch to knock down buildings. Yet.

subrosa said...

Harbinger, from where I sit all roads lead to the cliffs. People no longer take responsibility for their own actions and expect the state to resolve their problems.

I know Pat Condell is a socialist but I don't close my mind to any opinions. I'd agree most of what is pushed upon us these days is propaganda and it is hard work to find a smidgeon of truth anywhere.

subrosa said...

We're being smothered with it Alex and nobody seems to notice. Even my intellectual friends seem to think all is well. What hope is there?

I've no idea if Condell is on the payroll or not but it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he is. Would it you?

subrosa said...

Billy, I've read much about 9/11 thanks to you and I've nearer your side than the message the US government spout, but someone, somewhere is stopping the issue of information being made public.

Surely it will come out soon.

Don't all religions believe theirs is best?

subrosa said...

Tin hat indeed Smoking Hot.

Apogee said...

Harbinger. I like quite a few others would like to know where western society is being pushed?
Gave up believing the MSM decades ago, when I found out what editors do for a crust.
When you talk about Jews are you referring to Semitic Jews or the Askenazy Jews, the people told by their king to go west and become like Jews,I read 90% of Jews come from this group,including the Rothschilds and their connected peoples.Now that is quite a thing to research, you learn some amazing things about our leaders, and not all are pretty things.
As for Mr Condell, first I have seen of him, He makes an interesting case , but then so do some others,but overall we appear to be getting screwed,by a lot of people who are taking our money under false pretences. At the moment it seems to be immigrants from the third world, and I would include parts of the EU in that.But why are our political leaders, down to the lowley councillors aiding and abetting this? I would like to know?

Billy said...


No one knows what Direct Energy Weapons these people have - them being secret.

Dr Judy Wood has proved that it was Direct Energy Weapons that turned the Twin Towers to dust, caused car parks full of cars miles away from the Twin Towers to burst into flames (the metal that is and not the paper lying round them) etc. She is actually suing the US government and over 20 US companies and individuals for putting out lies regarding 911.

Dr Steven Jones, the main instigator of the explosives theory is suing no-one - why not? Building 7 looks like a demolition job - the Twin Towers are going up like a fountain - nothing like a demolition job. Explosives would not make every bit of steel and reinforced concrete turn to dust. Building 6 has gigantic circular holes burned out of it and there are many circular holes in the ground round about as well. I will be linking to the court documents relating to these soon at Paisley Expressions.

Yes Subrosa there are lots involved in trying to hide the truth regards to not just 911 but lots of things - the facts would be out tomorrow if the press and media were to report it. But there is the major problem - they are involved.

The trouble with religions is that they are also based on a huge con Subrosa. Many of the higher ups in these organisations know hat they are lying to and conning the people but the power and easy life comes before their principles.

Apogee said...

Hi Billy. I have seen a few things about the twin towers, one in particular looks like a vertical beam cut with thermite , the cut was straight but had been done with heat.
Will look at the ref's you give when I get a chance.
Ever consider that organised religion was the first life insurance business? The priests were on a nice little earner as long as they kept prol's occupied and superstitious,not asking questions ,like why was the churchmen well off but them serf's were poor and hungry?Them sorts of questions. so diversions were called for, the Crusades was a good one,made money for both sides until the Templars got too good at it and the church saw the profits going down the tube.And meanwhile ,the Saracens were on a nice little protection racket as well. All nice people to do business with.
By and large Islam kept the prol's praying and paying with a much more rigorous business plan, stick to the program or we will behead you.
you still get to the promised land but without added benefits.When you think about it , religion has a lot to answer for.pul

Anonymous said...

Alex Porter

I'd be careful about confusing 'Jew' with Zionist as I believe more Jews are against the idea of the state of Israel.

I don't confuse anything with anything thank you Alex. Let's not beat around the bush here, the majority of Jews follow the teachings of the Babylonian Talmud before the Bible and Torah. Sure many may disagree in Israel, but they still believe themselves Chosen ones.

Anonymous said...


The very reason of Socialism is state control, hence the nanny state and the very reason why people don't take personal responsibility for their actions. I'm waiting for some muppet to walk of the cliffs of Dover and sue the council for no warning sign!

Condell's a hypocrite and many like him were the reason Blair got into power.
You'll be hard to find any truth in the MSM. Remember the saying 'the truth shall set you free.' Our masters don't want us to be free hence all the deceit.

Anonymous said...


I like quite a few others would like to know where western society is being pushed?

In one simple answer: We're being pushed into a Corporatist (the merger of Communism (Socialism [state control/state fascism]) and corporate power), one world government controlling, one world bank controlling, one world culture, one race, one language, everyone implanted with an RFID chip, to be subservients in a return to feudalism. If you want to take the religious side of it, all the aforementioned with the added fact that it's the herald of Ahriman (Satan) and hell on earth. One's definitely right and the other very possibly.

When I speak of the Jews, I speak of the descendants of the people of Khazar whom all converted under the orders of their King Bhulan a pagan king in the 8th/9th century to Judaism. Yes, they are the Ashkenazi Jews, the Jews who have been evicted from every land they've gone to, are not semitic, not of Shem and the House of Juddah and have no right whatsoever to any land in the middle East. These people follow the Babylonian Talmud, their God is not the God of the Bible and the semitic Jews but instead Moloch, a Babylonian deity and many others (Baal, Satan/Ahriman, Lucifer, Mephistopholes, Beelzebub/Lord of the Flies etc etc). Those who worhip the Babylonian Talmud despise the Christians and all other gentiles (non Jews - even the Semitic Jews especially the Messianic and Sephardic) and see themselves as the chosen ones and everyone else as cattle. It's quite ironic because the similarities between the Talmud and Qur'an are quite staggering, although I will say that the Muslims see Christ as a holy prophet while the Talmud worshipers see him boiling away in faeces in hell.

Our society is going the way it is because it's been planned to go this way a long time ago. It's completely up to you but the rabbit hole is very, very deep and should you choose to start tumbling on down you will discover secrets that will make you incredibly angry, understanding that your life and those of all those around you have been built on nothing but lies. The Jews play a prominent part in all of this because Liberalism, Socialism, Communism, fascism, Nihilism and atheism are all constructs of the Jews. Communism was created in order to destroy the west and we are today living in a communist state.

What can we do about it? Nothing at all, I'm sorry to say. The indoctrination within society is far too deep to veer it around back onto the road. Things in Britain are going to get a lot worse and Nuclear war is beckoning against Iran meaning in the destruction of millions of innocents. Again this is all planned.
I never grew up religious. I was always a believer in Christ though as a good man and whether or not you believe in Biblical prophecy or religion, what is said is all coming to pass.

Alex Porter said...

As for 9/11. I'd urge people to check out the architects and engineers for 9/11 truth and watch the video on their site. It's fascinating. The case goes that military explosives using certain compounds can cut through steel in a fraction of second allowing for the type of collapse we saw. The compounds found in those explosives were discovered at the site. Buildings simply don't collapse into their own footprint - that's not how they fall - ever..

Then there is building 7 which collapsed into its own footprint but which wasn't hit by a plane at all..

There are certainly good reasons for the destruction of the towers such as trillions of dollars of paper trail relating to derivatives contracts etc.

If there was a demolition the big question is who did it?

That is explained very well by investigative journalist Greg Palast -“ought-not-to-know”/

The US trained Islamic terrorists to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. They were trained in Saudi Arabia, given false passports and sent to Afghanistan. Previous presidents were close to this process as much the same thing happened in Serbia.

Those they trained then turned on the US. However because various presidents and intelligence figures were personally involved in their training and financing their connection with them could not be brought to public attention. This is why no proper investigation has taken place. I don't think the US government were involved directly although some highly placed people may have been. The real cause for the cover-up is the close ties the powerful had with the culprits.

That's my take until something else comes up.

subrosa said...

Harbinger, today's politics are based on fear not hope. There's so little difference between the three main parties that it's only the colour of their rosettes which identifies them.

Anonymous said...


On my blog there's a video on the left in the video section under the 'On the NWO and Loss of Liberty' called "The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear". I can't disagree with a word you say and this three part documentary explains your beliefs.

Apogee said...

Thanks Harbinger and thanks Alex
for your thoughts.
Harbinger, I have seen similar in other places, so I think I understand where you are coming from.There seems to be a plan, but who or what? either something is missing or is so obvious we are not seeing it.
Alex, one report described two complete floors being cleared to install new internet cables, just weeks before the collapse, also a report that the buildings insurance had just been renewed for considerably more than the buildings were worth.Investigation seems patchy at best.
It has been said,"who would kill so many for money." Many more have been killed and tortured for far less, and of course there is religion, and revenge over things done hundreds of years ago.
Thanks both, for your thoughts.

Smoking Hot said...

I love conspiracy theories ... one has to disprove they are not real which is an impossibility.

Direct Energy Weapons? ... be specific! Laser? Sound? Particle Beam? Star Trek? :)

Power source?

l'm going to have to go into mass production of tin hats with windmills on at this rate!

subrosa said...

Many thanks for the link Harbinger. I will read it in the morning if you don't mind. Too tired to read anything other than the Mail right now. :)

Billy said...

Building 7 was brought down by explosives that is why it was still sitting in a pile in it's own footprint - The Twin Towers were turned to dust with Direct Energy Weapons that is why they dsappeared. Here is an excellent link that shows this fact:

subrosa said...

Many thanks for the link Billy.

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