Saturday, 14 August 2010


Yesterday another British soldier was shot and killed in Afghanistan

He was a member of the Queen's Gurkha Engineers and was killed in Nad-e Ali, Helmand province. The psokesman for Helmand task force said the soldier had been serving with 21 Engineer Regiment when he was killed.

"Part of a Sapper team rebuilding the security infrastructure in support of the 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Battle Group, he was engaged and killed by small arms fire.

Another family suffers the grief of losing a young man to this unwinnable war and his death takes the number of fatalities to 331 since 2001.


increasinglymiffed said...

The world is filled with so much hate. It makes me angry and sad.

subrosa said...

Unfortunately so miffed, but if each culture was left alone to solve their own problems, it could well improve.

However we have other countries giving money to help those we consider less fortunate, then as in the Iraq example, the world powers think they don't want to do that anymore so decide to kill the man they supported for many years.

It makes me angry too. No country deserves to be invaded unless they are a real threat to ours.

Oldrightie said...

331, Subrosa?

subrosa said...

Yes of course OR. What a typing error to make. Thanks for informing me.

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