Friday, 30 July 2010

When A Poll Backfires

MyType, an American research company, has carried out a survey which has revealed the typical iPad owner is wealthy, sophisticated and smart but doesn't care about anyone else.

According to Kim Koelkebeck of MyType, iPad owners are six times more likely to be 'wealthy, well-educated, power-hungry, over-achieving, sophisticated, unkind and non-altruistic 30-50-year-olds'. They are self-centred workaholics with an overwhelming interest in business and finance who cherish 'power and achievement' and will not cross the street to help others, he added. He also stated that the high price was one reason why the iPad attracted such a specific clientele.

Such a pity Mr Koelkebeck wasn't present in my home last night. Four retired, very laid back individuals enjoyed a fun game of bridge on one iPad - all from the comfort of settees and accompanied by a few glasses of fairly decent wine. We had no difficulty handing the iPad round and were able to discuss reasons for our play amongst ourselves but easily flipping it over to show the others your input. All terribly civilised and so much more pleasant than sitting round a desktop or juggling a notebook or laptop. We were all over 60 and I know the other three are anything but unkind. In fact one of the company has already planned what she's having for a combined birthday and Christmas present from her family. No guesses.

Will iPad owners be concerned with these findings? Not a bit. Shame MyType didn't consider the free advertising he's given to Apple's latest gadget with his poll because Apple will be the winners.


Dramfineday said...

"and will not cross the street to help others" And the name of the people from another age that were accused as such were....?

Meantime, carry on you gadgeteers. Kenneth willims would be proud of you!

RMcGeddon said...

I'd say that the average new iPad owner was relatively wealthy, not very tech savvy, easily influenced by marketing and like someone who re marries was a believer in 'hope over experience'.
They are buying something that will quickly drop in price with all it's glitches ironed out.
Going from my experience with iphones, HDtv, digi recorders etc....

subrosa said...

I'm not too keen on gadgets really Dram but some can be useful. This one is, for me anyway.

subrosa said...

I wouldn't call myself wealthy or easily influenced by marketing RM. Of course it will quickly drop in price because someone else will come up with something slightly better. But I won't be rushing off to buy the latest gadget. The iPad fits my needs.

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