Saturday, 3 July 2010

Take Your Pick

Two bloggers have hung up their keyboards recently. Both were on my regular reading list and will certainly be missed. They are Ian Hamilton QC and Yapping YouSuf who has now made his blog invitation only. I'd like to thank them for contributing to my knowledge and for providing access to quality debate.

This week's choices:

Alison Prince - The proper use of hot air

Slate - Why e-books will never replace real books

Burning Our Money - Game Changers

Taki's Magazine - Prince Charles saves Chelsea Barracks

The Cynical Tendency - Affairs of State

All Seeing Eye - A New Scottish First Minister

Tim Ambler (ASI) - The Coalition has its head firmly in the EU sand

Aangirfan - Teach Us To Sit Still

The Idle Pen Pusher - Prison Fails

Police Inspector Blog - Shine forth upon our crowded hills

Power and its Minions - 'Significant' UK Scientific Breakthrough

If anyone has written or read a post they would like mentioned in this weekly listing please email me. I do my best to read as many blogs as possible but often many good posts are missed.


Idle Pen Pusher said...

Thanks, SR - glad you approved...

subrosa said...

IPP, it's not a matter of whether I approve or not, it's because you put forward a good argument imo. :)

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