Saturday, 24 July 2010

More About BP

BP has confirmed it will begin drilling off the Libyan coast in the next few weeks. This follows a deal signed in 2007 with Libyan oil and gas development.

As the US has a very large stakeholding (oh how I hate that word) in BP, why haven't these 4 very vocal senators been on American television decrying this project.

Today Scotland has seen William Hague enter into the fray about the release of al-Megrahi. "It was wrong and misguided".

All I want to add is that the Westminster government should not involve themselves with our laws. That's a step or two too far. Of course, the new coalition government's aim is to bring the last labour government into disrepute regarding the al-Megrahi release and while they're at it bring the SNP government down.

At times like this I think the 'list' system of election in the Scottish Parliament is wrong. Each of our MSPs should be elected by the people regardless of the outcome.

The Scottish government's handling of this affair has shown me how my country's independent government would behave. Our government, with our own legal system if little else, has shown the world dignity and assertiveness in the face of four US senators who are seeking approval from their own fading electorate.

William Hague has joined his boss Dave to denounce the Scottish government's decision. He would be better occupied learning Scottish law rather than jumping on the bandwagon to appease US politicians. Shame on him too.


Mr. Mxyzptlk said...


'our own legal system' thats whats left after the E.U' Legal system and then the U.K.(English) legal system

Mind can't even fly the saltire in Edinburgh Castle even with a snp(minority) Government

William said...

It must have been a different Subrosa who said "if Cameron had been here then fine - let him say what he wants. To do this in another country is wrong."

So now that William Hague has said it in this country then, erm, he's also wrong and should go in the big, bad fire, so he should.

subrosa said...

Our own legal system can't be amended by the EU I don't think Niko, although it can be questioned.

There are questions to do with the Megrahi business but I wouldn't say they're to do with Kenny MacAskill's decision.

subrosa said...

Auch William, I never said Hague was wrong did I? Where do I say that in this post?

Hague is defending his boss's cock-up in the US and trying to look important.

Sadly, Hague has been a disappointment since he took on this job. I used to admire him but then again, that's another issue.

All Seeing Eye said...

Our own legal system can't be amended by the EU

Just about anything involving a point of law can be appealed above the UK Supreme Court, Privy Council etc etc to European level as long as you can find a lawyer with a sufficiently cunning legal crowbar - 'uman Rights being the tool du jour.

Remember that evil scumbag who killed an old woman with an axe and then went to Europe to get the right of prisoners to vote? There was no say in the matter at Westminster or Edinburgh level.

subrosa said...

Now you mention it I do remember that ASE. I'm not clued up on the system, but surely a country's legal boffins can represent the country involved or has that all been given to these unelected people over the channel?

RMcGeddon said...

I've just looked at the 1998 Scotland Act ( yes I know I should get a life - but the hangover has just kicked in and I can't get moving today ).

Oh anyway the act says..

" Even when acting within its legislative competence, the Act further constrains the powers of the Parliament by inhibiting it from acting in a manner incompatible with the European Convention on Human Rights or European Community law "

More here if you can take it...

Alex Salmond did a good interview on Sky News this morning about the Megrahi affair.
Excellent setting and dress. Looked like a country gent out for a stroll in the glens of Scotland. Conveying the David versus the US Goliath image.

subrosa said...

So the 'wise' men who drew up that Act had us sold by that too RM.

Aye I saw him on Bolton this morning. He was excellent.

Hope the head's feeling as if it belongs to you by now. :)

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