Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Liam Fox's Lip-Service to the Latest Afghanistan Fatalities

Liam Fox is reported to have dubbed the incident, in which three British troops where killed in Afghanistan, as 'despicable and cowardly'. That's all he had to offer when one Gurkha and two other solders with the 1st Battalion The Royal Gurkha Rifles, were killed today in a suspected premeditated attack by a member of the Afghan National Army. Several other soldiers were wounded but there is no information about the severity of their injuries as yet.

The MoD report that it is believed these were the actions of a lone individual who has betrayed his International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan comrades. The Afghan Defence Ministry spokesman said that the attacker used the darkness of night to escape.

Information relays our soldiers were killed when in their base and resting after having completed a routine duty.

I'm not in the least surprised by this because in any war the opposition will attempt to infiltrate the enemy. Certain reports on television news say the military will not be demoralised by this, but the Gurkhas will be greatly affected losing some of their 'own'. The British Embassy issued a statement saying the Gurkha soldier was a Nepali national and his family had yet to be informed.

It appears David Cameron now has Liam Fox in his sights. About time too. He made a grave error promoting the man to the post of Defence Secretary. He's beginning to make Bob Ainsworth look as if he had a slight grasp of the situation after all. It will be some time before David Cameron can commit to a reshuffle, but the first person who requires to be moved is Dr Fox. There are plenty in the Tory party with skills far superior to the inflated Dr Fox.

These latest tragedies take the death toll of British soldiers in the Afghanistan war to a total of 317.


cynicalHighlander said...

And yet another lost for sensless MP egos.


Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Fox should go now. Never mind saving face or saving the blushes of a useless prat of a cabinet minister. People's lives are affected by this man's competence or lack thereof. Good people in a bad situation.

Talk about lions led by donkeys. What an insult to donkeys.

He should be gone by 5 pm tomorrow.

He can then spend more time with his money.

subrosa said...

Oh dear CH, not another young life away. Will it never end?

subrosa said...

He's the epitome of power corrupts Tris.

JRB said...

This whole Afghan campaign is rapidly becoming untenable.

The perpetrator of this incident was not some illiterate Afghani who can barely hold a rifle.
This was a senior NCO of sergeant or higher rank, and as such must have had several years service and have been vetted at each level of his promotion.

This was not just some random shooting, as may have been experienced on previous occasions, this was the deliberate killing of the Company Commander, a British Officer and a Gurkha. A number of other soldiers were severely injured.

Whilst the politicians may wish to play this down as being some ‘rogue’ soldier, the fact that he was a senior NCO must cast doubts about the reliability of the Afghan security forces.
The bond of trust which may have existed with the Afghanis must now be broken beyond repair.

Enough is enough, bring our military home.

subrosa said...

Morning John. Yes, more information is gradually seeping out about this. This won't be the last time such happens. It was premeditated and well organised.

The Taliban boast of their infiltration into the army and police.

The Gurkhas will be very shaken but this will harden their resolve and of course we should get out of there. It's damaging our country here our presence there.

Surreptitious Evil said...

It appears that the younger officer has been named as Lt Neal Turkington RGR.

subrosa said...

Thanks SE.

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