Saturday, 10 July 2010

John Prescott's Coat of Arms

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For a detailed description by the artist please visit his blog.


Dramfineday said...

Very good SR, what's the motto - "Great Chieftan o the Puddin race"? (Thank you R Burns)

(translation for our other EU readers - Chief of the Puddings)

subrosa said...

I could think up a few more appropriate mottos Dram as I'm sure you could.

Hey, we're not expected to translate everything now are we? Nobody is interested in this man even in the UK.

DougtheDug said...

I don't know why everyone is making such a fuss about Prescott going to the Lords because it's the route that all good Labour men and women take whether they are MP's or not.

The Labour Party, especially in Scotland, are the defenders of the Union which means they are the defenders of the British establishment so even if they wanted to knock the establishment it would be very difficult to reconcile their unionism with radicalism.

However since Labour love the trappings of the establishment with the promise of a title, a good club in London, a wee pension for life, a touch of ermine at the throat and being called, "Sir", or, "Madam", at the end of their career it's not a problem for them.

With Strathclyde Passenger Transport and the Castro Centre as examples they're no strangers to living high on the hog on the public purse either.

subrosa said...

I think the fuss is because Prescott's always said he'd never go to the Lords. Now he's changed his mind making his wife's desire to be a lady the excuse.

Exactly Doug, and the Castro Centre is in the Herald's headlines this morning.

GildasTheMonk said...

"Probiscus porci in coluives semper erat"

(Rather loosley, The pig's Snout was always in the trough)

Apologies to Mr Fentham, my Latin Teacher

Dramfineday said...

GTM - very good

DougtheDug said...

I think the fuss is because Prescott's always said he'd never go to the Lords.

Quite true Subrosa but when push comes to shove the scent of money and privilege is always too much for Labour.

How many Labour Ministers in the last 50 years have turned down the chance to be vermin in ermine apart from Michael Foot?

subrosa said...

A better stab than I could do these days Gildas. Miss Cockburn would be shocked, if she's still alive, that one of her pupils couldn't do a simple translation.

subrosa said...

It's a bit of fun on a deich day Dram. Could do with a little sunshine later but seems the rain will continue.

subrosa said...

I'll take a guess Doug. None?

joe90 kane said...

An excellent and appropriate armorial escutcheon for the Lord of the Pies, methinks subrosa.

I think the fuss is because Prescott's always said he'd never go to the Lords.
- I'm sure this is a mis-quotation.
What John Prescott actually said was he "...wasn't going to lunch...". Hence the reason for the widespread surprise and fuss at the time.

here is what some of my fellow comrades think of Prescott's elevation along with some quite witty comments, such as 'vermin in ermine' -
Behold the Class Warrior John Prescott
Socialist Unity
08 July 2010

DougtheDug said...

Hi Subrosa,
I found a reference to this song in a comment on the Socialist Unity link Joe90 Kane provided so I found it on the net and thought it would be worth posting here. Verse four is especially relevant.

It dates from the 60's. Labour hasn't changed much in 50 years has it?

Battle Hymn of the New Socialist Party
(Leon Rosselson)

The cloth cap and the working class, as images are dated.
For we are Labour's avante-garde, and we were educated.
By tax adjustments we have planned to institute the Promised Land
And just to show we're still sincere, we sing The Red Flag once a year.

Firm principles and policies are open to objections;
And a streamlined party image is the way to win elections.
So raise the umbrella high, the bowler hat, the college tie
We'll stand united, raise a cheer. And sing The Red Flag once a year.

It's one step forward, one step back. Our dance is devilish daring
A leftward shuffle, a rightward tack, then pause to take our bearings.
We'll reform the country bit by bit, so nobody will notice it
Then ever after, never fear, we'll sing The Red Flag once a year.

We will not cease from mental fight till every wrong is righted,
And all men are equal quite, and all our leaders knighted.
For we are sure if we persist to make the New Year's Honours list.
Then every loyal labour peer will sing The Red Flag once a Year.

So vote for us, and not for them, we're just as true to NATO,
And we'll be calm and British when we steer the ship of state-O.
We'll stand as firm as them *
To show we're patriotic gentlemen *
Though man to man shall brothers be, deterence is our policy.
So raise the mushroom cloud on high, within their shades we'll live and die.
Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer, we'll sing The Red Flag once a year.

* these two lines sung to tune of "send her victorious, happy and
glorious" from God Save the King.

joe90 kane said...

Top man Doug the Dug!

By the way DtD,
I didn't notice you had already refered to the experienced British politician and elder British international statesman as 'vermin in ermine'.

I acknowledge it now.

subrosa said...

Joe, I certainly didn't mean it as a quote, but a general remark. Off to have a look at your link.

subrosa said...

Hi Doug. Thanks so much for going to the trouble to post the song.

No labour hasn't changed. It's not a political party for some but a religion.

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