Wednesday, 7 July 2010


It seems long ago now but it's only a few months since Labour continually mocked the Scottish government for including Ireland in an 'arc of prosperity' along with Norway and Iceland. Every time Scottish Labour had a chance they mentioned the dreadful state of the Irish economy and said that was what would have occurred to Scotland if it had been independent.

Not a lot has been said about the recent announcement that Ireland economy bounced back from recession in the first quarter, with a 2.7% expansion compared with the final three months of last year. Exports led the charge, boosting hopes that cuts in public spending may not damage the economy as badly as feared.

The Irish economy has been in decline since the start of 2008 and at 14.3% of GDP, Ireland's budget deficit was the largest in the EU last year.

It's not been easy for the Irish as many have suffered by losing their jobs, but this news is excellent for the economy and if exports are taking the lead that is better still because manufacturing creates jobs. Well done the Irish while we're dragging far behind owing to bad decisions by Gordon Brown. No Scottish Labour politician will be able to ridicule a country which took hard but effective decisions.


Alex Porter said...

Excellent points Rosie!

While I think the SNP or Salmond was wrong to compare Scotland to Ireland and Iceland, it is clear that the ridicule heaped on the 'arc' was ignorant and undiplomatic.

The fools who argued this point believed in Brown's recovery propaganda. Now that shows Labour up to be foolish.

Thanks to Labour Britain is a complete economic basket-case and Scots would be advised to move to Iceland or Ireland instead of staying in 'Bankrupt Britain'.

I hope there is going to be an end to crass talk about 'recovery'. Britain is going through a long-term correction. Without oil Britain would have had an economy like Portugal's and that's where it's heading now. Say goodbye to the G20 folks.

And if you thought that 'austerity' was going to save you think again. Whilst not as moronic as 'stimulus' it is going to hit the wrong people.

'Austerity' is going to take money from the average earners. That means people are not going to be able to pay mortgages and as wages are cut or jobs lost you can say goodbye to tax for government spending.

Finally the people will realise that you can't trust banks or governments because they will never represent you. You have to look after yourself and the people around you!

You'll be gagging to get into the 'arc of prosperity' soon enough.

Anonymous said...

Another load of garbage from Spud Murphy. I remember he was asked by Eire's Foreign Minister to come and debate the Irish economy with him on RTE...

It turned out he was too busy.... too buys being Secretary of State for Scotland? Poleeeeeze!!

It's great to hear Ireland is doing well. The last I heard from my friend in Iceland, things were starting to look up big time there.

Of course Norway, with which we have most in common, just sits there counting its trillion dollar oil fund....

Oh to be Norwegian....

Oldrightie said...

Debt bad, re-payment good. Fact!

subrosa said...

Thank you Alex. It just seemed a pity Eire's efforts had more or less gone untrumpeted.

Austerity won't save me because there's little to save. The country is bust and we have a government still filling its wine cellar and eating meals subsidised by the hoi polloi.

No Alex I don't see much changing, except as you say, I'll pay more tax on my pension.

subrosa said...

I'm pleased for them too Tris. Norway's an example of good governance. Shows how poor ours has been for the past 35 years.

subrosa said...

That's the way we were brought up OR.

Surreptitious Evil said...

"No Scottish Labour politician will be able to ridicule a country which took hard but effective decisions."

Oh, don't be silly. Just because it would be a ridiculous thing to do doesn't mean they won't do it. They'll find some statistics about higher job losses amongst the transgendered or losing special privileges some other heart-strings-tugging (for a particular Labour clique) and use that, despite it is a specific spending decision taken by another government, to beat Oily Al up with.

William said...

Strange statistics. I know two firms that do business in Ireland - one in construction and one in finance - and they're both reporting extremely poor trading. In fact, the construction firm (a large firm involved in major projects such as the Olympics) has told the branch manager in Ireland that she'll need to start covering Scotland as well as there is so little work in Ireland.

Still, the statistics say differently so they must be true.

subrosa said...

You're right SE, I must stop having a sensible approach.

Eck should manage to build on this though I would have thought.

subrosa said...

William, why strange statistics? The report did say exports and I'm not convinced building and finance are major exports.

I doubt if the construction firm you know will make much headway here in Scotland. The Scottish building market is struggling as it is.

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