Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Florence and Precious

I'm late with this post due to being without power for some time yesterday, but I want to show my support for this mother and her daughter.

Will has the story here. He's right of course. We allow murderers, rapists and other criminals to stay in this country because, to send them back to their own country would be affecting their Human Rights. What about this wee lassie's Human Rights? I've already written to Theresa May about her because ignoring the future of Precious is morally wrong.

I do hope the vigil was a great success.


William said...

How many times have this pair had their request to stay refused? Three? And now they're on the run! Yes, they sound like brilliant law-abiding citizens.

I really wish politicians, journalists, etc. would just back off from all asylum cases. They have absolutely no idea about the worthiness of any case or how the UKBA reaches any of its decisions. The system is difficult enough to manage without the sentimental interfering of people who know nothing about it. The courts and UKBA have fairly and legitimately ruled this pair have no business in the UK. That is the end of the matter. They should go home.

RMcGeddon said...

Yes I've been mystified by this case. And hundreds of others that get thrown in our faces by the bleeding hearts every other week. We're struggling to pay our way. Thousands are looking for work. Thousands are on council house waiting lists. The country is packed with EU citizens that we have to allow in. We're skint.

But still we've got to take in everyone who has a hard luck story.
Well I'm just fed up with it and want it stopped.

William said...

"Thousands are looking for work. Thousands are on council house waiting lists."

Indeed. One of the more bizarre aspects of this story - and others like it - is the complete ignorance of some Glasgow citizens about the pressures such moves will inevitably bring. Cranhill is one of the worst areas in Glasgow and yet here are its residents campaigning for more immigrants to live amongst them. Are they stupid enough to believe that the importation of cheap African labour is for their benefit? God help us.

Caron said...

Well I'm grateful for Subrosa's support on this one. It means a lot particularly as she is a lot less lenient on immigration than I am but she's compassionate enough to see the dreadful human consequences of deporting this essentially Scottish 10 year old girl.

William said...

"deporting this essentially Scottish 10 year old girl."

Born in Malawi. She has only remained in Scotland for so long because her mother has chosen to disregard the law and various attempts to deport her for the last 3 years.

There's no basis in law for saying that someone should benefit from their own wrongdoing!

RMcGeddon said...

Caron said..

" she's compassionate enough to see the dreadful human consequences of deporting this essentially Scottish 10 year old girl."

Look she's not Scottish ok. Say it as often as you want but it's not true.
Her family have sponged off us for 7 years now and fair dos to them they've done well.
The mum and daughter should havee been sent back in 2006 when they were no longer living as a family and entitled to use the father's student visa. She's failed two asylum claims and has cost us about a million in legal bills. She's now defaming Malawi with nonsense about female circumcison etc. I thought Scotland had good links with Malawi ? Couldn't Lord Jack investigate this torture and abuse ? Or our church ministers out there ?
The truth is they came over on a student visa. Hubby did a runner to London. She went into hiding and is now using every legal loophole and idiot politician to stay here. We don't need immigrants with nothing to give to our country in skills. We need a properly enforced asylum system. Not this nonsense that drags on and on and on.

subrosa said...

William, really, you do take my breath away at times. You say nothing about those murderers etc who claim their Human Rights would be affected yet this situation is one which does deserve leniency.

subrosa said...

RM, this mother has been placed in a very difficult domestic situation with a child who has been here for 6 years.

Just sometimes RM a case is reasonably worthy of help.

subrosa said...

Thanks Caron. I do hope though that if this case is successful, then we don't have a flood of domestic abuse situations.

I'm surprised the father hasn't been charged.

William said...

SR, how can you claim that the mother was 'placed in a very difficult domestic situation' and then go on to admit that there is no evidence to substantiate that?

RMcGeddon said...

We've got hundreds of domestic abuse situations of our own Rosie and they don't get a fraction of the publicity or money thrown at them that this nonsense has.

Looking at your area of Scotland in the last year we've had..
5 young suicides in 2 weeks.
A woman murderd and her head thrown onto a beach.
A girl doused in petrol and set alight and left to burn to death in her bedroom with boyfriend holding the door handle to stop her escaping.
A disabled boy attacked by two girls. His genitals fed to a vacuum cleaner.
I don't remember seeing so much publicity over these cases do you ?
Yes we've got enough problems in our own society that are being ignored. Don't want any imported thank you very much.

subrosa said...

I understand what you mean RM and it does concern me that this case may introduce domestic abuse as a reason for illegal immigrants to stay here, but please remember this mother and child came here legally initially. That's why I support this. They were given leave to stay here and if the family had still been together there would have been no problem whatsoever.

But yes, I do appreciate we have enough, if not too many, social problems in our own society which get no money or publicity thrown at them. One example prominent in my life this week is the number of pensioners who look after their disabled partners for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with no help. There are thousands and many of these carers aren't fully fit themselves. That's just one small matter while we thrown millions of pounds in legal aid at false asylum claims.

This problem wasn't imported RM, the abuse is said to have happened here. The husband, I understand, is being allowed to stay here and police have brought no charges against him.

subrosa said...

No William I can't claim that anymore that I can claim an asylum seeker is gay, yet it's well known that some go onto father children and have a family life (according to one barrister on radio the other day). He said there was nothing can be done in these situations.

banned said...

My best mate from junior and early high school got deported to America for being 'American' even though his dead mother was English and he was born here; his only living relatives were an aunt in Cornwall and a younger brother defending our country as a US pilot in Norfolk, England. This despite him being gainfully employed as a sports coach at a special needs school (with UCLA degree qualifications to suit) using the same NI number as when he delivered newspapers in the 70's so I don't have any sympathy whatever with anyone who similarly faces deportation.

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