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The Scottish Parliament

Three Westminster committees are to audit the impact of devolution on education, health and justice to find out whether it has delivered for people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The select committees for the three Celtic nations will gather results in these devolved areas to see how they rate among the best in the world.

Many MPs consider devolution has not always delivered better outcomes in important services and the investigations could be embarrassing for MSPs and their Welsh and Northern Irish counterparts and raise questions about the point of devolving power beyond being more democratic.

One major study carried out by the Centre for Public Policy for the Regions in 2009 suggested school results in Scotland had flatlined since devolution, despite up to 20% more being spent on education compared with England and Wales.

It's understood the proposal to assess devolved public services has come from Scottish Labour MPs and is to be put to the new Scottish affairs select committee by its chairman, Glasgow South West MP Ian Davidson. Mr Davidson as been asking for comparative figures for some years in his roles on the public accounts and Scottish affairs committees and is keen to proceed with a series of inquiries and studies.

Surely the data is already in the public domain and only needs collating, rather than money spent on inquiries and studies or is there an ulterior motive?

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Indyanhat said...

Funny how it is labour who are calling for an inquiry into the systems that they set up in the first place innit?

How exactly will they blame the Tories for that I wonder?

Anonymous said...

My first reaction is that they have a damned cheek. We have governments in our coutries to monitor these things. If we are not happy we will elect another government... in Scotland and Wales at least... and over the period there have been changes in governments in both these countries. It's called democracy, and it actually works.

Get out of our hair Westminster... Look after the things that you are supposed to look after. We're not children. Butt out!

In any case is everything at Westminster run efficiently? I seem to recall that not so long ago hospitals were found to have patient dying in their own filth for lack of attention...

I really suggest they stop setting up inquiries and get on with their damned jobs.

Arrogant b******s

Clarinda said...

Subrosa -imagine you even thinking there may be an "ulterior motive"?

With results being published before the Scottish elections in May 2011(?) - poor outcomes may indicate the need for our Westminster masters to hitch the 'Tartan Shawl' of devolutionary quantity around our shoulders a shred more nippit.

If the outcomes look promising the same masters will flatter themselves on the quality and cut of the Tartan Shawl they have so generously bestowed upon our dependent scrawny frame.

Whether Scotland has won or lost we will be reminded just how grateful we ought to be for Westminster's largesse. Whatever - we will be soundly reminded just how silly we would be to attempt fending for ourselves without the wiser counsel of our betters.
"Ulterior motive" indeed!

subrosa said...

It's a wee bit iffy right enough Indyan. Now, it's a big bit iffy really.

subrosa said...

Well said Tris!!

subrosa said...

Oh Clarinda, how can you be so cynical. :)

I'm angry because of the cost of this. These figures are already in the public domain. Can't they just sit down for a few weeks and do a spreadsheet? Of course not, that won't cost enough.

Oldrightie said...

How exactly will they blame the Tories for that I wonder?

If The Coalition announced a £50K payment to all those earning less than £25k, Labour would scream it was unfair and should be universal. It's how they are. Blind, bigoted and stupid, for starters.

Billy said...

Surely they should be having an inquiry into Scottish MPs and whether the tax-payers are getting value for money since Devolution and whether these people are a hindrance to having a better Health Service, Schools etc in Scotland.

£35 million for a bunch of unemployed wasters doing nothing but interfere in English matters.

Anonymous said...

No liquid lunches in a spreadsheet Subrosa.... A lassie in the office can do that.

Apogee said...

Seems that arguments against devolution can equally be used against Government of the UK from Westminster and so Mr Davidson and his pals will be all for Direct Rule
from Brussels in the near future and early appointments at the Job Centre for themselves. Oh....sorry , I forgot their solid gold pensions.

Lets have a FULL public enquiry into Westminster government for the last 20 years on the same terms,and lets have honesty about it.

Dramfineday said...

It would appear from the comments above that I'm not the only one that smells stinking fish. LABOUR MP's want an enquiry? LABOUR? The party of corruption, drugs and graft? You couldn't make it up.

Would this have anything to do with the fact that they are out of power in London and Edinburgh and think because they scared the scottish public into voting for them (More LAB, more Cringe as AS didn't say) they can get some leverage for their Holrood pals for next year? Scotland is LABOUR and that's final? Aye right!

If the ConDems had requested the review I could understand that but what makes this shower of weery willies think the've got the authority to proceed? And who authorises the expenditure of monies on time wasting like this?

Clearly they have nothing better to do, having once again fallen in to the feeble fifty role - we can't do much in Westmonster so let's get in the way of good governance in Scotland.

As the late Terry Thomas put it: "what an absolute shower"

Joe Public said...

"Three Westminster committees are to audit the impact of devolution on education, health and justice to find out whether it has delivered for people in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland."

Perhaps they should also audit the impact of devolution on the English Taxpayers.

subrosa said...

Ah Billy, very good point, yet will the coalition government turn the tables about this? We can but hope.

subrosa said...

Sadly that's true Tris.

subrosa said...

Honesty Apogee? Erm, from politicians? They're only concerned with their jobs not the general population - unless you harass them with letters of course and they know many just can't be bothered, because so few MPs reply.

subrosa said...

Terry Thomas was too polite Dram. This stinks because the information is there yet they're insisting it is not.

subrosa said...

I think quite a few studies have been done of that Joe, not least by various 'independent' organisations. Will have a look in my disorganised archives and see what I can find.

subrosa said...

OR I've no idea why they want this inquiry or is it to harden their support in Scotland?

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

I'll try again.

Devolution is a half baked conception that by any definition can only produce half baked solutions.

Devolution by design protects the sovereignty of Westminster irrespective of costs or effectiveness. Just as the voting system invoked by Westminster was designed to weigh the odds on the Westminster parties favour.

The new cabal in power have no answers other than to wallow in the failures of their predecessors, by inflicting penury on the poor while protecting the fraudulent rich from prison and bankruptcy.

Independence would give Scotland a chance (I'd rate it as no more than that; and that depends on sovereignty resting with the people)of being governed by democratic rather than global corporate free market capitalist principles.

I recommend the viewing of Micheal Moores film - CAPITALISM - A LOVE STORY. While solely filmed in America it is not without relevance to the aspirations, intentions and practices of Westminster.

earthtracer said...

Unionists. Shoot the lot. They are an impediment to Scotland's progress and have been since 1707 if not even 1603.

subrosa said...

RA, are you having problems?

It is half baked and I think that's why some will vote for the 50% idea in the wee poll at the side.

You're not the first to suggest Michael Moore's film. I'll try to watch it.

subrosa said...

I think N Irish unionists are the worst though earthtracer. Perhaps it's the history over there.

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

Problems Rosa; Mwa!

subrosa said...

Did you press the wrong button RA? ;)

Crinkly & Ragged Arsed Philosophers said...

The last post was merely to confirm the problem had been solved Rosa.

But please watch Moores film, there's less of his usual gimmickry and more substance. And you may be delighted by the revelations. Especially on the disclosure of the major corporates and their involvement in the DEAD PEASANT INSURANCE POLICIES. Surely venality at its best.

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