Friday, 2 July 2010


The Ministry of Defence has announced the death of another Royal Marine in Afghanistan yesterday.

There is no further information at present.

The death toll in this war now stands at 310.


Dark Lochnagar said...

Too many young people have died. Time we were out. We'll never beat the Afghan. They've won wars against everyone for centuries.

Oldrightie said...

DL, I agree totally but how do we get the thicko politicos to wake up? This soldier is reported to have been Royal Marine SBS. We need our finest back home to counter the threat here.

John said...

We are not our own masters. Fox says one thing, Hague another and Dave yet a further variant. In fact, we are tied to the coattails of the Yanks and they are also uncertain as to what they will do. They offer a start date for withdrawal but not an all out by... date. In the meantime, we show our weakness by offering talks when we are not in a position of strength. The general public of UK do not really care what is happening so no pressure will be brought to bear on the government more interested in how we vote to get pigs nearer the trough. The only way out is by unconditional surrender - something the terrorists do not do.

Munguin said...

S/R this war has been a catastrophe all round. And that idiot Fox looks set to be another one. As if the UK would stay after the US has left. The sooner we face that the sooner we can get our boys home and stop this needless slaughter.

subrosa said...

True DL but it makes you wonder if any politician has ever read a history book.

Dark Lochnagar said...

OR, If we and our 'Nato Allies' can beat some natives armed with some antiquated weapons, what's the point of being there. Move to the north of Pakistan and hold a bridgehead there, with Pakistan's permission of course.

subrosa said...

Exactly John. And as for telling the Taliban the withdrawal date - that astonishes me.

I do wish more people would protest about this but it's a 'head in the sand' issue for many. Of course I understand that to some extent. If you don't have/know anyone connected with the military then you seldom think about it. It's another world then.

subrosa said...

Munguin, I'm still seething from that comment of Fox's this week. Will do a post when I calm down. He's a fool and a dangerous one.

subrosa said...

Aye that's reported now OR. I thought it was when I read the brief noticed on the MoD site.

Anonymous said...

We'll be the last out according to that well known bigot and moron Fox. WHAT? We'll show them, we're British! We don't give up till there's not a man of us left.

Someone needs to remove this fool before he does any more damage. He's only there because he came second third to Cameron in the leadership race.

Now there's a scary thought to make our parlous situation seem a little lighter. Laim A Fox as PM.

If it's disrespectful to turn a post on this poor young lad's death into a rant against Fox, I swear I do it in despair for him, and for the other boys like him who have and will die in this idiotic war started by madmen who thought that the power they had gained made them gods.

May they suffer for that stupidity.

The lad's parents and friends should know that he died doing his job and his duty. It’s a shame that his bosses were not half so dedicated.

subrosa said...

Oh Tris, don't get me started on Liam Fox. Nor Last of the Few. We both think he's not a good person for that position. I'm being polite here.

Anonymous said...

Very polite Subrosa, as was I out of respect for your blog.

Whilst I'd break sweat to save a moth from drowning in a pond I'happily pour some more water on Liam Fox.

I think he shoould show what he's made of and lead from the front, without any of the armour and equipment that the boys don't have.

Anyway, that's vented a bit of anger.

LOL Last of the Few don't care for him too much either, I know...we've talked.

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