Friday, 4 June 2010

The UN, Meat and Tipper

As an occasional meat eater I'm confused. A few months ago a representative from friends of the earth said we ought to stop eating meat and eat vegetables because that's what we're designed to eat. Of course his 'real' message was that cows and their colleagues were polluting the atmosphere more than most other processes, such as industry and vehicles and they were a real danger to global warming.

At the time I laughed, only to be struck down on the odd occasion with someone who agreed with him. Everyone's entitled to their view so I decided not to argue the point, except to say that Scottish farmers would be bankrupt within a few years if they couldn't sell their high quality meat. The issue disappeared from the front pages.

But, like all propaganda, it has returned. Strangely the Telegraph has published two articles which contradict each other, so where do we go from here?

Are you confused too or do you think, as I do, that the UN's right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing?

This isn't anything to do with meat, it's to do with ensuring the coffers of the 'soon to be divorced' Al Gore and his mates continue to benefit. Do you think the soon to be ex-Mrs Tipper Gore became weary after 40 years of listening to his hot air? It's a good a reason as any to live alone I suppose. In the meantime I'll continue to enjoy my odd chunk of Aberdeen Angus.


Antisthenes said...

"friends of the earth said we ought to stop eating meat and eat vegetables because that's what we're designed to eat."

That is a spurious argument in the light of the knowledge that we would not be as we are today if we had not been meat eater. If he said we are not designed to eat dairy products such as milk and it's derivatives after a certain age then that would I believe be scientifically accurate. However telling the truth would not of advanced his cause.

subrosa said...

I doubt if you saw this chap Antisthenes because I think it was a BBC programme he was on. Just couldn't believe my ears when he said he must stop eating meat and eat vegetables.

Then he admitted, when questioned, he was a carnivore!

brownlie said...


Do you think the "hot air" from Al Gore is contributing to global warming?

subrosa said...

Indeed I do Brownlie. That's why I mentioned it. ;)

Lovely day here now.

Apogee said...

Hi SR.
We were taught at school( a long time ago ) that humans started out as hunter-gatherers,which basically means eating anything we could lay our hands on,the technical term being omnivorous.
We evolved as humans, able to eat fruit and vegetables,as well as meat,we need both for our "fuelling" systems to function properly and efficiently.
Some people who stopped eating meat found out the hard way it was not a good idea.
This vegetarian "PC" rubbish shows no common sense whatever.
Apart from the facts that CO2 is good for plants, and methane is quite a good fuel,there are considerably more humans producing these two gases than there is cattle, so if these people are so desperate to "save the world" why have they not proposed a cull of humans? Its logical.But it would not be popular.
Or is this why in the "New World Order" there are so many wars to achieve the same effect as a cull without it being obvious?

Hamish said...

I heard on a programme that humankind descended from the trees because when they started eating meat, their droppings were less fragrant.
My (semi-detached) wife always invites Jehovah's Witnesses in for a cup of tea (that's how kind she is). She stops them when they come to the sales pitch. They assume she's going to ask about blood transfusions. She says the bit I can't believe is that the lion will lie down with the lamb: no, the lion will eat the lamb.

JRB said...

Lord save us from such environmental lunatics.

If we are to point an accusing finger at ruminants, then the worst culprits must be dairy cattle. So the future will hold no milk, no butter, no cheese no dairy products what-so-ever; equally no milk by-products or derivatives, such as infant milk.

If we are to switch to vegetarianism then where would the world derive its protein to feed its starving millions?

Currently agriculture takes up about 40% of global land use, in order to supply sufficient protein we would have to, at least, double the amount of land under agriculture.

How would we effectively and efficiently manage and farm that greatly increased area of agricultural land?
Obviously by vastly increasing the global use of modern machinery; which will have the inevitable concomitant increase in the burning of fossil fuels and production of greenhouse gases.

How would we maintain soil fertility on such a global scale?
Simply increase the production and application of artificial fertilisers; most of which are derived from fossil fuels.

The air miles needed to distribute the extra protein across the globe would be astronomical. The use of fossil fuel and production of exhaust greenhouse gases would be greater than that produced by any amount of bovines. If you though food-miles were excessive now – then you aint seen nothing yet.

Apogee said...

JRB well said. We need common sense.....not political correctness.

subrosa said...

Your last sentence says it all Apogee.

subrosa said...

Ah, a woman after my own heart Hamish. Kindness pays and also feeds the soul.

subrosa said...

Super comment John and the truth of course.

I found it rather amusing the Telegraph published both articles in the same paper. It does go to show that not even environmental journalists know what they're doing.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Nonsense of course.Chimpanzees eat meat when they can get it.
Ask Niko, he'll tell you.

subrosa said...

I will Conan, I will. Why didn't I think of that?

Dramfineday said...

I was wandering lonely as a cloud in the Pentland hills today (near tram city) looking sun scorched and interesting, when I chanced upon a host of Highland coo's (11 at a quick count). The regional park had originally introduced three to increase the fertility of the ground on the north slopes (and they have been busy by the way). Now what was the thought that shot through Dram's head as he perused the coo's, was it:-
a) I wish these beasts would stop farting as they are damaging the planet?
b) Help ma boab, them sharp horns are awfie dangerous - I'll call the health and safety people and complain lest I prong myself upon them?
c) I bet that beef, generated through eating a good herbal diet tastes wonderful and I wonder what lucky so and so will get to eat it (a sirloin, pan fried in butter with caramelised red wine infused onions, new (Wigtownshire (Drummore for preference - never mind Ayrshire's)) tatties and a whack of new season asparagus (and more lashing of butter)?
d) bloody coo's they polluting the hill environment by crapping all over the place - I'm off to the pub for a burger and chips?
You are all quite right it was A, B and D............just kidding, pass the steak and tatties!

subrosa said...

I can see you're a man with common sense Dram. Mind you, I do hope you used sunscreen before you hit them there hills.

Don't you think Highland coos stink? The bunch down the road here do. I took a photo of them not long ago. Must post it sometime.

You've reminded me I must get some Eassie asparagus tomorrow.

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