Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Stuff of Nightmares

I said last week I'd bought a touch-screen phone. It's causing me nightmares. Possibly because I'm not technically minded.

So I've decided this is the phone I really should own.

Thanks to my friend Baron's Life


Anonymous said...

It took me a while to get used tot he HTC Hero- once you manage to set up you twitter, email, and facebook it becomes a lot better.

Put the applications that enable you to turn on the GPS and WiFI by one button press (so you know whether it is on, and also so you can conserve battery by tuning it off when not used).

Best tip, just play and experiment, the phone has a reset button, so you cannot do any harm :-)

subrosa said...

Thanks so much for your advice engliscdragon. I'll attempt to do that this weekend. Having it always connected has concerned me but if I can do an app business then I'll be smiling (for the first time in a few days). :)

All Seeing Eye said...

As someone who spends a *lot* of time setting other people's gadgets up for them, I dream of the days when long distance communication was only possible for people who knew how to keep either horses, carrier pigeons or fit slaves.

subrosa said...

Come on now ASE, you know me well enough. I don't like pigeons really but I admit they'd make a better job than me right now.

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