Monday, 14 June 2010

Precious Few Heroes: The Case for Scottish Independence

Whether you support Scottish independence or are a staunch unionist, this light-hearted, modest film, written by Jack Foster and Alan Hunter, is a must see.

My thanks to Newsnet Scotland.

Part 2

Part 3


Alex Porter said...

Hi Rosie,
Thanks for this, I´ve posted it too.

If you want all of them on your blog then seach for them on youtube and take the source code from there. Maybe that´ll help - I hope..


Indyanhat said...

Great set of films, telling it like it is.
All my sympathies lie across the border with you, and I would happily live and work in and for an independant Scotland!
I have NEVER considered myself an Englishman, even though born there, the family came from the Hebrides originally, and as I say my heart is still there!

subrosa said...

It seems to have worked this time Alex. Usually I can't do more than one at a time.

Thanks for the encouragement.

subrosa said...

Aye they're not had Indyan are they? I know a few like you who consider themselves Scots although born in England or elsewhere, usually of Scottish parents.

Jeanne Tomlin said...

I was annoyed by the inaccuracy about the Bruces. (They had hardly "played the English against the Scots for generations" since for about a hundred years before Edward I invaded Scotland ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND HAD BEEN AT PEACE. No need to play them against each other. WHY do Scots find it necessary to denigrate -- so often falsely -- their own heroes?) The same with tourism. You know, tourists love Scotland. I happen on occasion to be one and I don't know that I appreciate a slap in the face for it.

I mainly come for business but you know with that attitude I may re-think.

CrazyDaisy said...


A fantastic collection that was raw true and engaging. The most poigniant piece was replacing Scotland with Black, nuff said!


Indyanhat said...

Rosa, if the parents had changed their name to Smith and never mentioned the family history then I may have grown up thinking I was an Englishman, but they didn't, they saddled me with a strange(to the english ear) name and taught me the family history/geneaology and told me to be proud of where we came frae, to fight for the right to bear my name with pride, and fight was all I did everywhere we moved to in England. I don't hate the English for that, that is what tribalism is and does, but it made me a lone Scot in a foreign land and it will always be thus for me, Scots first, in the heart and blood, Welsh second by adoption of the good celtic people here, and British last, English?... only by accident of birth!

subrosa said...

Jeanne, your knowledge of the Bruce dynasty is obviously far in excess of mine. From my dismal recollections the Bruces played the game both sides of the border.

Sorry you didn't feel the film makers were honest. I actually thought it was a light-hearted look at independence with a few minor points I thought not too accurate either. But they didn't stop my viewing.

subrosa said...

Yoohoo CD. Calm waters I hope just now.

subrosa said...

Indyan, I truthfully don't know one person who 'hates the English'. That's a fallacy. The Scots' feelings for the English are far more complex than hate.

Hate is bitter and demands revenge.

Well, saying that independence... ;)

CrazyDaisy said...

Yoohoo Madame!

Yes, going to dinner tomorrow with quite a few media types! EBC, Sun Editor etc etc, me is going to catch a fish!

Kilt is at alert 5!

Penang next month, cattle class 17 hrs I know how to save taxpayers £3k:)

subrosa said...

Wowee CD.

Can't you get an upgrade up you're flying for over 11 hours or is that just on commercial airlines? Email me if you want more info.

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