Wednesday, 30 June 2010

No Mobiles Allowed

The highlight of the golfers' year is the Open Championship. It takes place at St Andrews this year from 15 - 18 July with the practice on the three previous days. Thousands flock to watch the swingers and the putters do their best to win this austere trophy.

This year the R & A, which governs golf in St Andrews, has decided mobile phones will be banned from the Old Course during the Championship.

Spectators will be searched at the gates by guards to ensure players are not distracted by ringtones and camera flashes. The assistant director said the phone ban is also for security reasons. What security reasons?

To substantiate their ban further the assistant director stated " The search does, as a consequence, enhance the safety of the public, players and contractors etc.".

Ah so that's what it's all about. Public safety. Really? If they were so concerned about photography why aren't cameras being seized by the gate guards? Why aren't the public requested to put their phones on vibrate rather than ring?

My sympathy is with the few folk who take a couple of hours off to nip to St Andrews to see their hero in the flesh. They won't be able to do that because they'll be out of range from the boss and that could cause problems. Also I would be quite indignant that someone confiscated by mobile. What if the person is a doctor, the parent of a soldier in Afghanistan or someone who may need to be contacted urgently?

Bit by bit the Righteous chip away following their programme. I do hope there are plenty attending this event who refuse to hand over their own property to strangers. The event happens in the open air for goodness sake. It's not as if a golf course is an acoustic-friendly theatre.


Apogee said...

Be interesting to see what this one does to the attendance figures !

Munguin said...

Wasn't it Mark Twain that said that "golf is a good walk spoiled"? I wonder what he would have made of mobile phones?

Jayce Kay said...

"Johnnie Cole-Hamilton, assistant director championships at the R&A, told The Courier the phone ban is also for security reasons."

Can this individual point to any one incident of personal loss or physical harm that has possession and use of a mobile phone has directly caused at a prior event?
I'd wager he can't.

“In 2006 there were a lot of player complaints about photos being taken."

Oh really? Lets have there names and also the names of there sponsors so the golf and freedom loving people can show the correct response by making there revenue streams evaporate to nothing overnight.

“Following comments from players the decision was taken by us not to permit mobile phones."

So its "because I say so" with a bit of diversion thrown in for good measure then?

“We started that at Carnoustie and have done that since. The vast majority of the public support that and understand the reason."

We can set our own precedents and also abuse the loyalties of those that wish to attend the sport in person.

Good luck for anyone that is going and refuses to be searched and have there own property physically removed.

subrosa said...

Aye it will Apogee. What a liberty when spectators pay through the nose for a ticket.

subrosa said...

Exactly Jayce. Another Righteous comment of course because there never has been a problem I know of. More to the point is that mobiles on golf courses have saved lives. That's well known in the golfing community.

subrosa said...

Munguin, it is a good walk spoiled. :) Now there's a thought. Mr Twain may have welcomed them with open arms.

Joe Public said...

There might be a youngster playing.

Then a member of the public (presumed-paedo-until-proven-innocent), might take a photograph.

We must protect the cheeeldren.

Dramfineday said...

MMMM.... trust me to take another tack on this. If I could, I'd buy a mobile phone blocking device. This is because I'm a grumpy old git and do not appreciate people talking the most upmost drivel including work related stuff in inappropriate places such as restaurants, theatres, picture houses, public houses etc. Yes I'd happily sit there and whap the ignorant blighters. Hence the real reason for the ban - daft articles that don't know how the off switch works and want to talk s**** to pals despite the distress caused to others who don't want to listen to their rambling. There I feel better now.

subrosa said...

Ah Joe of course. Absolute sh!te of course.

subrosa said...

Glad you feel better Dram. Delighted in fact.

If you have a blocking device can you still use your phone and camera? Just asking.

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